Judging from the situation in Princess House that day, it seems that the two people are not so unbreakable, and they have great differences.

In the ghost castle, every time I think about this Chu madman, I can’t help but hold my left hand.
There is a scar there. Chu madman was injured twice after he became famous, both by ghost castle people and both in purgatory. Ghost claw was once by Xiao Yiren and this time by Ye Lingfeng.
It turns out that Ye Lingfeng should be the highest achievement brother of Ghost Castle, but the day after that, the Chu madman found out that he was wrong. The four brothers of Ghost Castle were almost the same, and Xiao Mo seemed to be stronger than Ye Lingfeng.
"Report to Elder Jian Ge Tian Yu for an audience!"
A phone call outside the tent interrupted Chu madman’s thoughts.
What’s he doing here
Chu madman decided to see him after thinking about it.
Soon Tianyu approached the tent and sat opposite the Chu madman.
"Brother Chu, don’t be ill!"
As soon as you sit down to Tianyu, throw out an irrelevant sentence!
Chu madman’s brow wrinkled. "I have met with Zhang Jian!"
"Hum!" Tianyu sneered, "Elder Chu is so forgetful, but he turned his face and denied people after one night of parting!"
Said the day feather suddenly!
"What do you mean by Tianyu’s sword?"
Chu madman knife-shaped eyebrows a vertical has moved to murder!
"Hum tried to kill me. Do you have that?"
Tianyu waved his hand, and a short red knife about a foot appeared in his hand. The knife was thick, not like a knife, but more like a piece of iron. Although it was the most conspicuous red in all colors, the knife was dim, as if a person who had lost all aura had no vitality.
However, when this knife appeared in front of Chuqinghe’s eyes, it was always arrogant. Chuqinghe actually had a little trembling and was afraid for the first time.
"I should have thought that the sword of blood river was put out in Jiange’s hand. How could you let it go?"
Talking Chuqinghe carries his left hand behind him and has condensed into a bodhisattva handprint, ready to make moves at any time.
The name of the blood river sword to destroy the magic knife is Ye Jia’s misty rain pavilion. It is the blood river sword in the thirteenth hand. Reagan didn’t exert much strength. One is that the strength of the sword is not good. The other is that Ye Jia’s things are purely seeking death in front of Ye Jia’s method.
But Tianyu is not a madman of Jian thirteen Chu nor Ye Lingfeng.
He doesn’t have a unique way of protecting himself, and he can’t directly seize the control of the magic knife like Ye Lingfeng.
"You want to!"
At this moment, the madman in Chu has to put Tianyu at his own level. With the magic knife, Tianyu can threaten his life.
"It’s good to know you’re scared. I came here today to tell you that we and Liushuang are good for us for the time being, but if anyone wants to fish in troubled waters, don’t blame me."
Said the day feather for a while out of the magic knife tent chu madman as if moment was taken to another world.
Wait until he turned to the day feather has reached the door of the tent.
"Don’t send!"
Chu madman coldly spit out these two words and his face could not be ugly.
Turn your back on Chu madman Tianyu smiled coldly and said nothing from Chu madman’s big account.
But he didn’t see the Chu madman frightened by his magic knife. When he turned around, his mouth crossed a strange arc.
No one would have thought that Chu madman, who has always been known for his arrogance, would show his weakness. It seems unexpected but reasonable. How can Chu madman live to be a foothold in Zhongzhou today? The so-called arrogance is just a mask of bluffing!
"So this is how you lifted the restriction on life and death!"
When I saw the magic knife, the Chu madman understood how Tianyu escaped last night.
To flow frost and Ye Lingfeng together according to the original plan. Chu madman is responsible for dealing with Tianyu Xiao Mo and dealing with Tianyun.
Two people have this life-and-death contract, one of them will not die, and the other will not die, but there is still a limit to the life-and-death contract, that is, two people will face the exhaustion of life at the same time, and one of them will sacrifice himself to keep the other alive. That’s what the madman is thinking.
If the two swordsmen in Jiange are both dead, the Chu madman will have a chance to annex the remaining brother in Jiange, and the main purpose of the Chu madman is that Xiao Mo can kill the big brother of Ghost Castle, Liu Shuang and Ye Lingfeng’s alliance will inevitably collapse, killing two birds with one stone, sewing the clothes. At this time, Ye Lingfeng and Liu Shuang are not here, and he has the final say on what to do.
So he will send heavy troops to ambush Xiao Mo when attacking Tianyu.
According to Ye Lingfeng and Liu Shuang’s plan, their goal is to keep the balance of power among the three parties, but Chu madman doesn’t want it. He wants to expand his strength, so he will not hurt Tianyu as planned, but really understand how to kill his heart.