Dae-il tried to eat David West with the ball on his back. Although West is black, he is not very strong. Plus, he is old and weak. How can he stand up to Iraq’s potential?

Dae-il pushed West straight to the basket and then turned around. Compared with West, he was tall and had fewer arms. He held the ball in his right hand and put it in the basket easily.
Pacers point guard George Hill finally couldn’t hold back. He didn’t shoot much at half time, and now the team needs his fire support.
The projection outside the three-point line is really cold. Owen didn’t expect that he would shoot three points at this time. It should be two points to catch up steadily. George Hill is still very accurate. After hitting the basket with the first three points, he bounced back into the basket. The guy’s heart is not small
Owen wants to return the favor. He is the top scholar, and he has not been afraid of anyone.
Although George is well defended, Owen tries to break through George and then stops directly. George has retreated a long way because he wants to defend Owen’s breakthrough. Owen and he have pulled a lot. He directly jumped a standard two-point shot. It would be unreasonable if he didn’t score.
Roy hibbert didn’t play much at half-time, and now the ball has finally reached his hand. It’s not always lang, is it? Thompson is shorter than him, but he still sticks close to him. hibbert hands in the air paint area twisted and threw basketball for a long time, and finally scored the goal. It’s really confusing
Yi Qianjin once again eats West alone. Who told that guy to be so easy to pinch?
Dae-il pushed him to the frame again, then suddenly turned around and took off strongly. Through West’s one-handed chopping, West held his head with his left hand and shrank his neck. He even seemed to take three steps back. There was nothing he could do. He was too lost. He didn’t hide. Sixteen cameras had already captured wonderful shots. It was really eye-catching compared with the soft background.
There was a deafening sound in the audience. The stadium broadcast shouted "Yi …"
A few guys on the bench can finally get up and sit for a long time, and they are tired enough. They are shaking white towels and shed tears of excitement. They are shouting in their hearts, "God, let’s play. I have sores on my ass every day. It’s really not good. Give me a shot."
Danny Granger has been holding back for a long time, but it’s a lot of disgusting shit. He broke through Alonzo’s basket in a hurry, and as a result, the basketball went straight to airball’s basket and didn’t touch the basket. It’s really rare for a guy to smash a lot of guns last night. Is it because he was exhausted?
Owen gave Thompson the ball. He hasn’t played for a long time. You have to give him a chance. After all, there is no data on defense to show that he needs a little score or something to keep up appearances.
Thompson’s basketball shot was actually covered by a big burly hibbert, but Thompson grabbed the covered basketball again. He was shorter and had an advantage in grabbing the face basketball. Although he didn’t score, it was not bad to brush a rebound less.
He threw the ball out, Owen didn’t have a good chance to catch it, and he gave it to Alonzocchi. Alonzocchi always caught a godsend opportunity. He didn’t aim to throw the basketball directly and hit the front frame, but it wasn’t a bad touch, but he slipped into the basket in a thrilling way
The Pacers are out of control. The offense can’t get into the defense, and they can’t keep an eye on the other side. The Cavaliers are 11 points behind and the Cavaliers are 6453 ahead.
Coach Naidi called a timeout again, and he was almost mad. Is this the same team that is tough and gives several opponents a headache?
"Can you fight like a man? It’s like dying, a bunch of soft eggs. "The coach roared, and his lungs were almost mad, and his mouth kept swearing."
"Taylor Hansbrough, change to West. You have to be strong and resist that guy named’ Yi’. The speed will always be close to him. Don’t be an impotent man." The coach continued to arrange tactics with a fire tone.
West sat there with his head down and pretended not to hear what the coach said. In fact, everyone was in vain. The coach meant to scold West for his poor defense, which was simply impotent.
Hans Blue is one of the strongest defenders among the whites. As soon as he came to fight actively, he clung to Iraq and didn’t give Dayi any gear.
The coach gave a thumbs-up on the spot and boasted repeatedly.
"Well done is the way to defend. You all have to learn."
Dae-il is thinking that it is impossible to get rid of his opponent quickly and then create a shot opportunity or cut into the basket, because Hansbrough is not slower than Dae-il.
Owen threw a shot, but the ball hit the rebound. hibbert Hans Bruthompson grabbed the rebound together, and Hans Brue grabbed it. He really worked hard. The coach changed players early or better. His defense was really strong, but his attack was a little worse
Pacers’ ball line Roy hibbert scored a 45-degree cricket goal in the two divisions. I heard that he learned this skill from Stone Duncan, which is quite tube.
The 475 Pacers are nine points behind, and there is still half a quarter left in the game, which is six minutes.
Owen saw that the Pacers had the momentum to chase points. Of course, the core of his team should step forward and the team should stabilize the lead.
He swayed from side to side, then dribbled with his left hand and accelerated past his opponent on the left. He bravely rushed into the line, one step, two steps, two jumps, three steps to prepare the basket, or two or three left-handed walkers rushed to prepare the block.
Owen used his quick wits. He didn’t want to rashly take a blocked shot, but it was not good to attack once. The opponent failed to grab the rebound, but it was another counterattack. He dared to be busy with the ball. At this time, in the two divisions, Hans Blue was already attracted by Owen’s breakthrough basket and caught the ball. His fingers easily dialed the ball into him. He was no longer "Wu Amon" and he was full of confidence. Now it is already his trademark.
Pacers and Cavaliers, you came and I attacked, and it was also a game. In the last ten seconds, Owen calmly carried the ball. He dragged the time to the last second. Pacers 594 were 9 points behind, and they were too lazy to let go of the rules.
At the end of the game, the Cavaliers slaughtered the Pacers happily. Yi Qianjin played well. He scored 1 point, 5 rebounds, 4 rebounds, 26 points and 9 rebounds at half-time. It’s a pity that Owen got 25 points and 15 assists. This is the top point guard data in the league. In fact, he has entered the top point guard ranks.
If you want to know the funeral, please listen to the breakdown.
Chapter 1 Nightclub Carnival
Chapter 1 Nightclub Carnival
A long-lost victory made the Cavaliers keep their winning percentage at 5%, so they are temporarily ranked first in the regular season.
More than ten people of the team proposed to go to nightclubs to play, and this victory was once again squeezed into the top place to celebrate. Of course, the coach would not go, and he had to maintain his dignity. The players also wisely did not invite a coach.
More than a dozen people went into a crowing nightclub, and the appearance was scary enough. Besides, they were all big and tall nightclubs, and there were many places and small people. As soon as they entered the room, it was particularly crowded, but it was all right to come here. If there is such a wretched man, you can also take the opportunity to show your hands.
Gibson Thompson Alonzocchi … A few guys have been sitting on the sofa staring at the beautiful girls dancing on the stage for a long time. Those girls are rich in ru fat buttocks and naked, which is just what these guys like.
Owen took a look at these guys and said
"Are you here to watch the show? I think reality striptease is more suitable for you guys to drink. You have to call the waiter first."
A few guys this just suddenly realized that they put away the bedroom eyes and drooling mouth shouted
"Member to wine ….."
A black girl came running, but she was quite straight and in good shape, but she was a little dark. In the dim light, people always wondered whether her teeth were made of jade or that shiny jade.
"What kind of wine do you want, handsome guys?" Black girl asked and smiling.
"I’ll have a good laugh now. Grandpa is a gentleman." Several wretched men thought to themselves.
"There are so many cards in wine that I don’t know. It’s the kind that makes people feel good and dreamy." A few guys said with a sly smile
"Oh, can I get you three bottles?" Black girl really said.
"Do you want to kill for money? Can we each drink more than two bottles, sister!" Gibson quipped.
"You said you were going to get high. How can you get drunk if you don’t drink too much? You men can’t watch you grow tall and powerful. You can’t drink this wine. Others, I will take four bottles and I will know that you can’t do it." Black girl said with a bad smile that he is a woman anyway, and men can’t say that it’s not illegal to talk nonsense.
A few guys are stupid. Who dares to admit that they can’t?
"Okay, bring 30 bottles of white wine. It’s okay. If you drink too much, you should be careful. Stay with your brothers later. Hehe …" Gibson threw caution to the wind regardless of the willy-nilly.
"Fuck yourself. No one will collect your body. We don’t want to drink to death," Owen said, pointing to Gibson.