"Don’t don’t I beg you, I don’t want to die! I beg you, please give me a chance to live. I can’t stand it! "

Seeing that Qiu Di refused to throw a long sword at Yu Yan, he panicked. He knew that Qiu Di already knew the truth, but he didn’t want to die. He really didn’t want to die! He knelt before Qiu Di.
"Qiu Di, I know that you like me. You give me a chance. Ranyue, the thing is that I don’t forgive you once. Please give me a chance!"
At the moment, Mo Qiudi felt a twinge of heartache. At present, the man is how many people he once liked in a blue, ethereal and dim light.
"Qiu Di is so handsome!"
"Yes! You won’t be looking at him! "
"What is it?"
"I also said that my face is red!"
"Qiu Di, I don’t want to be that holy goddess. Moon City is not good at all. I want to go back to Zhongzhou!"
"Ran Yue, you know some things can’t be changed!"
"But I beg you, will you help me escape? It’s that ceremony. Help me!"
Vaguely, the dark dungeon was ravaged by several men, and Ran Yue lay weak in the cold prison.
"Month speak out! Bitter? "
Weak RanYue shook his head and forced a smile.
"You go! I’m sorry I got you into trouble! "
"Tell me who that man is! I will plead with the little Lord! "
Month or shook his head!
Three days later, he mysteriously disappeared, and he became a little personal bodyguard of the Lord. Strange things can’t be said!
Yu Yan is still crying, but Qiu Di seems to have lost his hearing. This time he is every cloud has a silver lining, right? You are the man who won’t tell the truth and suffered so much! You are willing to let this man be defiled by those animals and refuse to bring him out, but look at him! What is he?
Qiu Di was angry and asked her to hate herself for helping Ran Yue escape without being with her. It was anger from the bottom of my heart. If it weren’t for this chance, I’m afraid I would never know the truth of this matter.
"Qiu Di, you really won’t save me!"
Suddenly, Yu Yan calmed down. This change made Qiu Di one leng, but it was at this leng kung fu that Yu Yan suddenly and violently grabbed the sword around him. A face of golden characters appeared on the sword, followed by a golden chain rising from Qiu Di’s foot. This change made Qiu Di unprepared. She hurriedly defended, but she rallied her strength and Yu Yan was badly suppressed by Yu Yan for many rounds.
"This is you forcing me to deify my soul!" A peerless skill broke out in the reverse road construction of Yin and Yang in heaven and earth, and its powerful murder enveloped Qiu Di in the golden chain, and took the opportunity to reverse the form of Qiu Di’s restraint again.
"Ha ha, you are still inexperienced! As stupid as that idiot Ran Yue! " At the moment, forcibly suppressing ecstasy and detonating it was sent to Yan, who couldn’t help but burst out with a mouthful of blood, but his face was full of victory smiles and suppressed toxicity. Yu Yan rushed at Qiu Di crazily, and women and venting were the only things he needed at the moment. Seeing that he was getting closer and closer to Yan Qiudi, he struggled, but the golden rune formed a chain, but he got rid of her more and more tightly. At this moment, he turned to despair and completely enveloped Qiu Di. Is it really true that good people don’t live long and bad people live forever?
Red tickets, collections and everything! ! ! !
Chapter one hundred and ninety-seven, after the session
At night, Qiu Di curled up in front of a corner of the cave in a red cloak, and the fire was burning, reflecting her gaunt face but not serious. Obviously, Qiu Di did not suffer the disaster as expected.
"Not bad!"
Ye Lingfeng came in with a wild wolf and put his prey aside and stretched himself against the stone.
"Don’t be busy with the cloak, just wear it first. If you feel sorry for waiting for you, clean up this wolf so that I can bake it!" Ye Lingfeng stepped out first and said when he saw Qiu Di want to save his life and return it.
"Shouldn’t you be chasing the little Lord? How can you save me? We are supposed to be enemies! " Although Qiu Di kept his head down, he stole a few glances from time to time. A handsome boy sitting not far away would not believe that this man was a man if his chest was flat and his Adam’s apple was not there!
"ah! Save you from saying that I am so great. Even if I meet a kitten and a puppy when I pass by, it will help me. I am kind-hearted! "
Ye Lingfeng doesn’t seem to want to continue chatting. Get up and pick up the wolf that you just threw and walk away!
Looking at Ye Lingfeng’s back, I can’t see through it. According to the data, this man is a heinous devil. He is a rebellious and unscrupulous person. He has been bloody all the way, especially hating the demon clan, and he is very lewd. There are also several beautiful women around him, but this person’s background is also shocking. Ye Lu, a descendant of Ye Family, is an orphan ghost castle. Xiao Yiren, the owner of the ghost castle, became famous as a teenager. He claimed to be a thief and became famous as a thief. In the first world war, he challenged Jiange in Zheng State. Knowing Princess Zheng and planning the sword burial plot caused several practitioners to kill each other. Later, they were arrested and disappeared by two elders in the divine domain for a while. However, I heard that the skeleton changed in Shan Yao domain and there was a maple in Ling Ye. Later, Ye Lingfeng reappeared and established the Yin Frost Pavilion for three years. Later, Ye Lingfeng transferred the members of the Yin Frost Pavilion around Lianghe. It seems that he intends to move Yin Frost Pavilion into Qin. I heard that this person did things by hook or by crook, but let Qiu Lingfeng give up and die outside Lianghe city. Curious or Ye Lingfeng and Liu Shuang get along with each other these days. Qiu Di feels that the amorous feelings of Liu Shuang don’t seem to be like what it seems. Although there is no basis, it seems that Liu Shuang is not that kind of person!
Soon Ye Lingfeng has come back with the cut wolf meat and put it on the fire barbecue. Thunderbolt Mars interrupted Qiu Di’s thoughts.
"Thank you!" The man who watched the barbecue carefully said thank you although he was reluctant.
"You’re welcome. Don’t forget that we are enemies!" Ye Lingfeng smiled at the sight of this girl, which made him feel guilty. If she was pretending to be pure, Ling Ye Feng would play with her in the end. But this girl in front of her is really pure, and whether she is angry, angry, sympathetic and puzzled, it is a real expression. He is not white, so the child will be involved in this confusion between right and wrong!
"It was the enemy, but you saved me!" Thanks Qiu Di stubbornly. This time, Ye Lingfeng was in distress situation.
"Well, do you want to drink water!" Ye Lingfeng smiled and raised the lotus leaf that had just been called to dress up the river. Looking at some chapped lips, Qiu Di asked.
"Yes, I want to drink!" Autumn soil also not to be outdone looked at Ling Ye maple waist hung wine sac and said.
This time, Ye Lingfeng paid some attention to the girl in front of her. It seems very interesting. Is it strange that he would like her? It seems hopeless, but in fact, some things are sensitive and out of control.
"You have long known that Yu Yan is going to hit your hand or hit it right!" Ye Lingfeng threw the wine sac and flipped the fire to barbecue and changed the subject.
"Of course, it is a genius who knows that he will give me a hand at this time. You don’t know that you scared me to death just now! By the way, did you deliberately come to save me! "
I don’t know if it’s because of the wine or Qiu Di’s natural invitation. Just now, she kept saying that she was an enemy, but now she is talking to Ye Lingfeng, which is nothing like thinking about the Cold War.
"Someone told me that you were a friend of his, and I followed you when I saw Yu Yan take you away today. After all, I don’t like that person very much!" Ye Lingfeng said with a smile
"Who is the friend!" Qiu Di asked puzzled.
Ye Lingfeng smiled and shook his head without explaining it, but he thought in his mind that he called six senior brothers Yan Yi. The scene may be that the incident was too severe for Yan Yi. Ye Lingfeng has never heard from Yan Yi. How can you say that you don’t care? Fortunately, one day Ye Lingfeng’s ghost castle news method received the news of Yan Yi, probably asking him to check the trend of the moon city and a girl named Qiu Di. At first Ye Lingfeng thought there was something wrong with it, but Yan Yi didn’t say that he couldn’t ask it. It was when Ye Lingfeng confronted the people of the moon city during the day. The name of Qiu Di asked by Ye Lingfeng was not that he was used to chatting up girls. It seemed vaguely similar to Yan Yi’s description of himself, but Ye Lingfeng also knew that it was not his turn to say less.
Ye Lingfeng doesn’t talk, Qiu Di doesn’t ask, at the moment, her eyes have been attracted by Ye Lingfeng’s fragrant barbecue and handed her a piece of meat with a smile.
"Don’t ask what happened to Yu Yan!"
"Yes, yes, what happened to Yan? You killed him!" Like Qiu Di, he realized that there was such a person as Yu Yan and asked while eating meat.
"This!" Ye Lingfeng said with a bad smile, "He seems to burn himself like that, and he can’t vent it. I, a great man, naturally can’t bear to watch him die, so I found something to help him extinguish the fire!"
"ah! Aren’t you a scourge? " Autumn plough pursed mouth and said
"It’s not?" Ye Lingfeng explained, "I saw a wolf den not far away, and there seemed to be several female wolves in it, and then I threw him in. I didn’t expect that he wouldn’t even let go of the beast. You didn’t see it. At that time, he grabbed the female wolf like crazy. I can’t even say what poison you had. It was so powerful and lasting that the death of those female wolves was really residual! Hey, why don’t you eat? Don’t, why do you throw up! "
Before Ye Lingfeng could finish, Qiu Di had thrown the wolf meat and vomited violently, which was really terrible!
It took a long time to recover. Qiu Di looked at Ye Lingfeng with a face of resentment and couldn’t wait to eat him. Previously, this person was good, but now those data say that it must be true. This person is heinous and unscrupulous. Ten-year-old people and three-year-old children are all punished.
"Then this is for you!"
Ye Lingfeng threw Qiu Di a jade slip and motioned her to have a look.
With the experience just now, Qiu Di carefully punched the jade slips for fear that it would suddenly explode. But after reading the things in the jade slips, Qiu Di suddenly turned red-faced. There is no other reason. The jade slips are just a piece of martial arts formula and pictures, which explain various postures in detail one by one. Isn’t it strange to prevent this little girl from blushing?
Looking up, Qiu Di wanted to say something, only to find that Ye Lingfeng had fallen asleep against the stone wall, and the cold wind blowing from the hole was blocked by him.
Smiled, Qiu Di put away Yu Jian, got up and put the blood wing back on Ling Ye Maple, then leaned over and said something in a low voice and then disappeared into the mouth of the cave.
Seems to be asleep. Ye Lingfeng smiled after hearing Qiu Di’s words. This girl is still quite clever!
"Thank you barbecue girl owe you one, I’ll pick up you and say thank you to Yan regression for me! There will be a post-session! "
Dear friends, can you let the red ticket give some strength! ! ! !
Chapter one hundred and ninety, Bibo
There are a lot of records about the location of Shenyue City, but it’s a pity that many people have confirmed that the elusive records are the root of Shenyue City. So far, the only outsider who has ever been to Shenyue City is already dead. Ye Lu, maybe the dragon has been there, but who knows if he is still alive!