Leaf tilting at once eyebrows a wrinkly heart secretly complain unexpectedly met Chen Yue again! I really don’t know if this is the fate before I made it clear to Chen Yue that Chen Yue disappeared for a while, and then I met Chen Yue in a shopping mall. At that time, worked as a salesman in a shoe store, and then they lost contact.

It’s been a long time, and Ye Qing will never meet Chen Yue again. It’s impossible for two people to make any more friends. Who knows that I actually met myself again today. If I didn’t come to K, I wouldn’t have met it. I have my own arrangements. Some things can’t escape.
Seeing Chen Yue’s surprised face, he said, "I’m looking for a friend. Where are you going so early?"
Chen Yue smiled very kindly and said, "Is your friend in my class around here?"
"Yes, it’s in the next building. Where are you in class?" Leaf tilt freely asked.
"Is that coffee shop see? Did you break up with your girlfriend? If I break up, I’ll introduce my colleague to you. She is a beautiful woman. She has a very good figure and her skin is very white. You must like it! " Chen Yue is very happy tunnel
Ye Qing was a little embarrassed. I just saw that little sister cleaning the glass door coffee shop turned out to be a colleague from Chen Yue. He hurriedly said, "Can you chat? How could I break up with my girlfriend without introducing me? How did you change jobs again? "
"That bastard Arqie is looking for me everywhere. I’m afraid he’ll find a good job and change jobs. In fact, I’ve changed three or four jobs in this period. Your relationship with your girlfriend is really stable. It seems that I really have no hope." Chen Yue said with a smile. There is no sadness. She has actually let go of her feelings for Ye Qing.
Ye Qing smiled awkwardly. "You’re joking. You are so beautiful. You can always find a handsome boyfriend. It’s better to be that kind of person who is handsome and has more money than flowers."
"There is such a man? Handsome people may or may not spend a lot of money, but handsome people with a lot of money will definitely spend a lot of money. You see, the male stars in the entertainment circle usually show their love everywhere, and some of them are regarded as model couples. As a result, once the scandal broke out, they became everyone shouting at love rat, who is a model of handsome people with a lot of money! Alas, I have seen through now that I don’t want to find a boyfriend for the time being. I will pay some money first and then do a small business in my own shop to stabilize my life. "Chen Yue is very impressed."
Ye Qing was still very sympathetic to Chen Yue’s experience and felt that this girl was really not easy. At that time, Ban Hua had such a fate. At that time, he felt that he was not worthy of Chen Yue, and he believed that Chen Yue would definitely marry very well in the future, and an excellent man would love her.
He thinks so because he thinks that if he marries Chen Yue, he will love her well and won’t let her get hurt, so will other men. After all, Chen Yue is so beautiful.
Sometimes, people’s fate will change once they meet someone who is not good. Chen Yue may live a very happy life if she doesn’t meet Arqie, but she is obviously unlucky to meet someone like Arqie, so that now she has lost confidence in her feelings, which may affect her marriage outlook and values. No one can say for sure what her future fate will be like.
Ye Qing looked at her beautiful face and said, "Still have hope for love. You will meet a man who really likes you and take care of your generation."
"I know what you want to say, but that man is not you, right? Hehe, I’ve given up waiting for fate, and I don’t want to take the initiative to do it again. Now I’m going to be a leftover woman. Many friends introduced me to my boyfriend and asked me to go on a blind date. Hehe, Chen Yueshi was reduced to the point where I needed a blind date. I didn’t go once. "Chen Yue wry smile way.
Chapter 19 Status Quo of Chen Yue
Ye Qing doesn’t know how to continue the dialogue with Chen Yue and go to Chen Yue. Now this person is a little pessimistic, disappointed in feelings and has no passion for life. If you want to live in a small shop safely, then life will be nothing exciting. For this only one life journey, it is a ronin. If you live, you must live wonderfully.
Shao Yeqing thinks so. He doesn’t want human beings to make much contribution, and he doesn’t want the earth to make much contribution. He thinks he can get something wonderful and mediocre. If he is allowed to live a stable life in a small shop, he will probably be suffocated.
However, most people in this world are pursuing a stable life, and a few people know how to make their lives passionate and challenging. They all have an active soul in their bodies, and they need to take risks everywhere, see the scenery, try various projects, do what they like and never stay in one place to die.
There is a saying called "Choose a city and meet a person with a white head", which seems to be the pursuit of most people to choose a city to die. That was when things were old, and when they were young, they naturally had to go everywhere to have a look.
Ye Qing can’t help it now. He must realize his ideal first. When he retires in the future, he must make his life wonderful and colorful. He feels that his previous life was too rough. The longer he spent with Su Yanbing, the more he liked Su Yanbing’s attitude towards life, which made life quality. This is the pursuit of life.
Chen Yue was very enthusiastic when he saw that he didn’t talk. "Let’s go to the store and let me buy you a cup of coffee. I personally prepared it, but I trained for a week."
Ye Qing picked up the phone and watched it for a while. It was estimated that the nb team would not come until more than ten minutes later, so he ordered a head and followed Chen Yue into the coffee shop.
When the salesgirl saw Ye Qing coming in, her eyes still showed that kind of disdain unconsciously and made no secret of it.
Ye Qing knew that the girl was still in his aggressive eyes, but she didn’t have a good face for him. He was a lecherous. Chen Yue introduced Ye Qing enthusiastically, and the female colleague’s expression was very cold.
Chen Yue didn’t notice that she called Ye Qing to find a place to sit and then put her bag on her own and got busy. The female colleague found an opportunity to gather around Chen Yue in a low tunnel. "Your classmate is not a good person. You must pay attention not to go drinking with him."
Chen Yue looked up in surprise and asked in a low voice, "Why do you say that?"
"He kept staring at me when I just cleaned the glass door!" The salesgirl is very uncomfortable tunnel
"That’s because you are beautiful, he will see you more? If you are ugly, do you think he will stare at you all the time? Men have this problem. Is it a bad person? I know him. He is a good man. "Chen Yue chuckled and didn’t think this problem was serious at all.
"Anyway, I don’t think much of him. Pay more attention to yourself and don’t go drinking with him. Be careful not to lose your virginity after drinking." The salesgirl woke up very kindly
Chen Yue smell speech can’t help yan mouth laughed, "if only that were the case … it’s a pity that I don’t automatically devote myself to others …"
"Isn’t it? You like him? " The salesgirl was so surprised that her mouth almost closed.
"Once … forget it. Do your thing!" Chen Yue a little sad tunnel
Ye Qing observed a coffee shop, which is obviously a chain with Mediterranean style decoration, but it is not as good as Su Yanbing’s coffee shop. They just don’t know if the coffee tastes as mellow as Su Yanbing’s coffee.
Chen Yue quickly walked over with a cup of coffee and put it on the table. She also sat down opposite Ye Qing. She tied her hair in a bun and wore a clerk hat. She still looked beautiful but much simpler.
She smiled at Ye and said, "Have a taste!"
Ye Qing lit one end just because he didn’t fall asleep last night. Today, he needed to drink some coffee, so he took the cup and took a sip. It tasted good, although it was not far from making coffee with Su Yan Bing.
"Good drink thanks" Ye Qing put a cup. He didn’t notice that there were several scars on Chen Yue’s neck at this moment as if he had been scratched by something.
Feel the leaf tilting eyes stay in his neck Chen Yue hurriedly way "are you looking at my neck scar? I had a dispute with a woman the day I was caught, and that person scratched my nails as soon as they were particularly long. "
"What caused the dispute?"
"I rent a house on the first floor. There are four people on the first floor. A few days ago, I saw that the weather was fine, so I took it to the top floor to dry it. As a result, the woman dragged me to the ground and said that she was usually drying clothes in that place. Of course, I was not happy, so I theorized with her. As a result, she started to scold me …" Chen Yue said and bowed her head.
Ye Qing heard that Chen Yuezhen had a bad life. It is not easy for a weak woman to live alone without her boyfriend’s protection, especially when she meets that kind of wicked person. There is no way to be wronged. If she has a boyfriend’s support, she must not be so arrogant.
He doesn’t know how to comfort Chen Yue, and he always feels that all this is not only caused by Arqie, but also has some responsibility. Now he has an impulse to come out and care for Chen Yue so that she won’t be wronged. After all, this is the girl he once liked.
If he can become her boyfriend, then she will never be so displaced by his side and will never suffer any injustice. She also likes him, and he soon gave up the idea in his heart. This is really ridiculous. He has indeed rejected Chen Yue and things have not been solved in Pearl Krabs. Isn’t it enough trouble to have another Chen Yue?
Ye Qing thought he must be crazy. How could he have such an idea? He tried to calm himself down and looked at Chen Yuedao. "Maybe you can try a blind date. I think you might meet a nice man, too."
Chen Yue obviously didn’t expect Ye Qing to suddenly say such a thing. She stared at Ye Qing with straight eyes and then said, "Do you think a man who needs a blind date to find a girlfriend will be excellent? Do excellent men need blind dates? Blind date men are either divorced, have children or are obscene men. "
Ye Qing was right. "Well, if you are so beautiful, there will definitely be excellent men who like you, but you are not in a hurry."
"Do you believe in fate?" Chen Yue asked with big eyes looking at Ye Qing.
"Believe it or not, fate is actually fate. For example, I originally planned to eat hot pot, but I changed my mind temporarily and decided to eat Chinese food. As a result, I met someone I like. This is called fate. For example, I originally planned to return to China by Malaysia Airlines, but I failed to board the plane because of something, and then I took another airline plane. As a result, Malaysia Airlines disappeared and I was lucky enough to make the wrong flight. This is called fate!" Ye Qing very seriously tunnel
Chen Yuexiao laughed "very good interpretation! In fact, I quite believe that you and I are predestined friends. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have met me again and again selling shoes in the mall, and I could meet you in the coffee shop class. Maybe once we will meet you in other places. Do you think this is fate? "
"I didn’t go to the club for training today, but came here to ask a friend a question, and I happened to meet you. This is really fate," Ye admitted honestly
"If I hadn’t been here, I probably wouldn’t have met you, and it happened that your friend was in the building next door. This kind of meeting seems inevitable. Fortunately, you and I can be ordinary friends, otherwise I will feel extremely excited about this rare fate." Chen Yue lowered his head and became very light
Ye Qing picked up the desk phone and watched it for a while, then got up and said to Chen Yue, "My friend should be here. I have to go find him. Thank you. The coffee is delicious. Maybe, like you said, we may meet somewhere else!"
With that, he walked towards the outside of the coffee shop without looking back at Chen Yue. It is a fact that he is running away. He feels that he is facing Chen Yue legally and he is worried that he will be soft-hearted and want to care for Chen Yue.
Chen Yue looked at the opposite seat with wooden eyes. It seemed that there were people in that place for a long time before she came to her senses. Then she took the coffee cup and walked back to the bar. She put the cup in the sink to vent and washed it violently like a tap.
Ye Qing felt relaxed when he walked out of the coffee shop. Sitting in front of Chen Yue made him feel a little overwhelmed. He felt that he couldn’t handle emotional things well. He collected his mind and went to the building where nb team was located.
After arriving at the floor of nb, Ye Qing saw that the nb team’s signboard was very kind and made lanterns, but there was no front desk reception door. Ye Qing went straight in and found the training room. He knocked on the door and someone called in, so he pushed the door and went in.
Everyone in the training room turned to look at him, and Jiang Yuhan was among them. Jiang Yuhan was surprised and quickly took off his headphones and got up. "Why are you here?"
"Come and observe the training method of the first team of a country. You are going to steal the teacher. You should not drive me out as a spy, right?" Ye Qing joke tunnel
Chapter 11 Test Success
Jiang Yuhan didn’t drive Ye Qing out as a spy. On the contrary, he was very willing to watch Yuzryha Qing. The players all showed their real strength and shocked Ye Qing. The first team in China was really awesome.
Ye Qing once again felt that the gap between his team and this team was too big. I don’t know how long it would take to catch up with it. It seems more and more difficult to surpass this team, and his self-confidence has also been shaken.
When the nb team members stopped to have a rest after a little training, Ye Qing found K and chatted with akk, who was naturally the most controversial spokesman. Ye Qing hoped to discuss with K, just like breaking through the bottleneck. K asked inexplicably, "What is the so-called bottleneck? Come and tell me how I feel! "
Ye Qing also knows that it is difficult for people to understand how specific he is just by his mouth, so he nodded his head and found a place to sit down with K. Both of them are masters of ak, and it is probably hard to see the second time in their careers. Immediately, everyone in the team was attracted to watch the game around them.
Ye Qing was quite nervous when he faced K for the first time, because K was, after all, his idol at that time, and he had always feared people, but now he is not nervous at all, because his strength has been on an equal footing with K. Even if he can’t win, he won’t fall off the wind.
K is a little nervous because he is afraid that he will capsize in the gutter. If Ye Qing abuses him, it will be too faceless. Besides, in front of so many teammates, Yan Yue might laugh at him.
However, although he is a little nervous about his long-established figure, it will not affect his exertion. His marksmanship has been practiced freely, and he can still exert 70% strength even if he feels bad. Idle people will not last long before him.
Today, K’s feel is very good, and he can feel it during training. Moreover, he has been practicing the gunner’s feeling just now. It was a hot time, and Ye Qing had not touched the mouse this afternoon, so he immediately entered the competition. I believe that the feel is definitely not as good as K.
K also don’t want to take advantage of the leaf inclined way "need to go to melee to warm up? Look for the feel and we’ll call again, otherwise I’m a little suspected of bullying. "
Ye Qing smiled, which is the so-called tunnel. "It won’t be like this for a while before I have an excuse to lose. I can say that I lost because I didn’t warm up. Hahaha …"