"Grass, who do you say is a rat?" The war ghost suddenly got up and roared. He knew that Cupid was still alive and heard the words of Poison Lotus, and immediately thought of Poison Lotus, which has never appeared today.

"War Ghost" Jeremiah quickly grabbed his words.
"No one, you heard me wrong," said Poison Magic Lotus with the wave and didn’t care.
Just then, a cold mountain stabbed the poisonous magic lotus, and the cold stabbed the forehead.
It’s Hiro
Poison magic lotus is powerful! Everyone’s game!
Poison magic lotus is powerful! Everyone’s game!
The third volume I have sold my soul to the ghost Roland’s strongest warrior Bite VS Poison Magic Lotus!
Roland’s strongest war repair bit VS poison magic lotus!
Poison magic lotus held the cold thorn in her arms and laughed. "Whoa, whoa, what do you want?"
"Nothing is to want to compete with your woman." Ah Hong’s cold hum instantly completed the solution and stabbed the ice cold chest very quickly.
"Let me go." Ice cold pricks and pushes the poisonous magic lotus, but it floats to hide from Ah Hong’s knife. A glittering dagger appears in the palm of your hand. "Do you want to compete with me?"
Ah Hong said very seriously, "Why not?"
The cold eyes are not as cold as before, but very calm. "It seems that you haven’t found our gap yet."
"The gap? I really didn’t see that thing. "Acer’s figure is like a flash in front of the ice cold sashimi.
With a light sound, Ah Hong found it hard to believe that Zangetsu was easily blocked by that tiny dagger less than a foot long.
"How is that possible?" Ah Hong jumped behind in disbelief and gently stroked Zangetsu in his hand.
"Haven’t you noticed? This is the absolute suppression of power. "Ice cold pricks the feet and the body lightly floats to Acer’s hand. The dagger conjures up a glittering and translucent lotus flower. Seeing the real blade there, she seems to inadvertently push the crystal lotus flower to Acer.
Law resistance
This is the only idea in Ah Hong’s mind.
So he can get away, but Ma Bing’s cold stab is not inferior to Acer’s speed, and the crystal lotus in his hand is also close to Acer’s chest distance without a pull.
Ah Hong’s eyes are latosolic red and his left hand is pressed quickly. When he takes it again, his face is covered with a mask as white as a skull.
After the blur, Ahong’s speed is faster, and everyone can hardly see his figure. But even so, Ahong still has a hard time knowing that he has become faster because of his speed.
"What I want you to do is to force out the ice cold stab skill, even the most common skill."
Yuan Yifan’s voice echoed in Ah Hong’s ear
(Are you kidding? Not only does strength absolutely suppress me, but it is also much faster than me. It seems that she hasn’t contributed yet.)
Ah Hong gritted his teeth and bit his feet, and his body flew to the middle. At the same time, Zangetsu held high in his hand.
"Ghost … Wang … Yi?"
Ahong continued to lock the energy day. Zangetsu hasn’t cut out the icy stab, and his body has disappeared in front of his eyes for a second. He felt a dagger with freezing cold in his throat.
"What … what?" Ahong stopped moving and never dared to move easily. The poison magic lotus shot instantly and killed Radyov. He didn’t dare to bet on whether the cold thorn had the same ability.
"Do you know …" The cold thorn sounded gently in his ear. "I really want to send you to hell. Surely you should be able to be honed a little stronger there?"
"Acer" war ghost roar loud and Theseus haze will be rushed forward, but the poison magic lotus body is in the front of them, and the black ruby eyes instantly emit a dark and ghostly light, and both the war ghost and Theseus haze are in the same place.
At the same time, Poison Magic Lotus reached out and stopped trying to rush over to Qingyue and smiled, "Don’t get excited. I said I wouldn’t kill you, but I’ll say I’ll stab her in the cold. She’s fighting that brother to play."
Said the macro and cold thorn two people have been falling back to the ground cold thorn light hum a light floating back to the poison magic lotus.
Poison magic lotus smile was about to turn away from the eyes suddenly left to Yuan Yifan hand is holding Leona at the moment, apparently she stopped the latter.
Poison magic lotus is full of meaning, smiling at Yuan Yifan, pulling the cold thorn away and sitting back on the vine sofa.
Yuan Yifan corners of the mouth at the moment also become warped but the horse du up again.
"See anything?" Macro back to the original sample walked beside Yuan Yifan low asked.
"I see" Yuan Yifan stamped her foot with a jerk, and Acer immediately jumped up on her toes. "What are you doing?"
Yuan Yifan walked beside the poison magic lotus with a cold hum and said, "I have found out who the fake is."
"Oh?" Poison magic lotus smiled with great interest. "Then tell me who that fake is?"
"I see, but I’m not in a hurry. Are you in a hurry?" Yuan Yifan gently laughed
"Me?" Poison magic lotus thought, "I’m not in a hurry, but if you say these words to me to pretend to find out and then force the fake to make a first move, I think you have miscalculated."
Yuan Yifan smiled confidently. "Do I look like that to you?"
Poison magic lotus yawned. "It’s hard to say. When do you want to reveal the answer?"
"Well …" Yuan Yifan laughed. "I don’t know. Maybe I will tell the answer when you are interested in this game."
Poison magic lotus fell back on the vine sofa with cold thorns. "Then I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for a while."
Yuan Yifan pouted and suddenly turned around coldly. "Hum, I am afraid you can’t afford it when I have time."
"What does she seem to have found?" Looking at Yuan Yifan, she turned around and lay back in the arms of poison magic lotus, and suddenly she said.
"I think so." Poison magic lotus nodded.
"What a clever Xiao Ni"
Poison magic lotus laughed. "If it were you, you could guess, right?"
"What do you think?"
"I think it will."
See yi-fan yuan go back beauty * female squad all around to Jeremy asked "what? Did you find out who is a fake? "
Yuan Yifan said in a low voice, "It’s not practical. I want to find the ghost by catching his eyes when I say this to him, but his eyes always look at me without any fluctuation. Do you think it’s because he is actually stalling us?"
Jeremy shook his head. "I don’t think so … but maybe it doesn’t matter if the ghost can be found in his eyes?"
Yuan Yifan nodded. "I think so."
War ghost way "that how to do? Are we just wasting it with him? "
Yuan Yifan sighed, "There is no way to fight and fight, but people can take it one step at a time. Play it by ear."
After this episode, two days passed. In these two days, the frequency of cold stabbing was much higher. Every time I brought back the news, the face of Poison Magic Lotus was full of smiles.
To everyone’s surprise, the poison magic lotus said that it was true that the blood moon had been hanging in the sky. If not everyone’s watch and biological clock were accurately displayed, it would have been two days, and everyone would have extended it.
In these two days, Yuan Yifan is also keenly aware that the frequency of poison magic lotus looking at the sky and blood moon is becoming more and more frequent, which makes Yuan Yifan more sure of his thoughts.
Finally, when the blood moon looks a little dim, the poison magic lotus sits up from the vine sofa and walks to the front of everyone and laughs. "So it’s time for me to make a reservation for myself … should you announce the fake answer?"
They all followed his eyes to Yuan Yifan.