The audience all agreed that Club I could still create miracles. In terms of strength, the whole city was weaker than the ag team. In the China-Korea Masters Invitational Tournament, the ag team was not very strong, even the weakest among the super strong teams. However, after their array adjustment, they soon showed a strong momentum. After fpl completed its hegemony, 7kg stayed in the ag team for a short time, and then left ag for the whole city. Who knew that the ag team would become so strong?

If 7kg is now in the array of ag, then the ag team will become weak and can’t be defeated by the I club, but there is still hope for 7kg in the I club of Qingcheng Competition.
The whole city seems to be strong, but it has been blocked in the fpl finals for many times. Foreign competitions have also been runner-up for many times. Although 7kg really wants to win the championship, they are still a little weaker in overall strength every time.
7kg and three machine gunners went to the corridor. 7kg aimed at the direction of point A, and the three machine gunners quickly outflanked. At this time, Thomas flashed out of the suspension bridge hole and aimed directly at 7kg temple. Because 7kg was aiming at the temple sideways, he could blow his head.
"bang!" A sniper rifle shot 7kg and his head was blown off. He was startled when he remembered his opponent’s drawbridge hole. The two men couldn’t help but regret it. He was also in the drawbridge hole just now, and he misjudged the other person. The two men may have gone to point A to help defend, but they didn’t pay attention to it. I didn’t know that Thomas had picked up a bargain here.
Thomas excited inexplicably even tunnel "I was killed 7kg! Haha, I am not dreaming! "
"It’s just a sneak attack in an ostentatious manner. I’ve been killed to deal with several other machine gunners!" Ye Qing didn’t good the spirit tunnel Thomas hurriedly left the pie mouth and then moved to the corridor to mirror each other. The three machine gunners had already been scared by the sniper rifle, but there was no bunker in that place, and they could look behind the corner boulder.
Thomas has been aiming in that direction, and Ye Qing has also moved from the river to the steep slope to ambush Pearl Krabs. 4 They have already installed it, and they are in no hurry. It is better for the other party to hide behind the bunker all the time, so they are much easier.
7kg is desperate at this time, and there is no chance of winning this round. Although he doesn’t know how the other side’s defense is arranged, it is difficult to make a comeback as far as the current situation is concerned. As soon as he goes out, he will be stared at by the other side’s sniper, and there must be an organic gunman ambushing him. This is definitely the best charter gunner. The ak gunner still doesn’t know where to hide, but it must be nearby.
When the three machine gunners knew it, they waited for no one. They flashed out from both sides, so that the other sniper could choose one side of the target and the other side could rush to point A. Thomas directly chose the target that flashed out on the left side. He was fully prepared, and it was absolutely impossible for the other side to escape him.
He has finished the basics and left them to Ye Qing and Pearl Krabs. He believes that they can cope with each other with two machine gunners left and Ye Qing is still wretched. The Yin people can’t fail. The two machine gunners rushed out from behind the boulder and rushed to point A to pass by the big slope. When they were directly injured by Ye Qing, they got a fright and immediately stopped rushing forward.
Pearl Krabs also rushed out at this moment while the other party was in shock, shooting up directly. The two men immediately took up the challenge by posing as Ye Qing, who rushed from the big slope. The two men were unable to resist being killed by Ye Qing and Pearl Krabs.
Club I took a 2-0 lead over Qingcheng in the second round. They played so strongly that the audience felt that this team was amazing. Their overall strength was not strong, but they were always ahead of the strong teams, which made people stunned.
What does a good conductor and a good gunner mean to a team? It can be seen from the I club that these two means that a team can be changed and a team can be held up. R is to hold up a team by himself. Without him, that team is a dirty team. After he retired, that team gradually disappeared into the competitive circle.
Although F pays attention to teamwork games, if a person’s ability is strong enough, he can defeat a team, just like the last round of the ag team. If a person leans over, he will destroy the ag team. His madness is actually the embodiment of his ability.
If you don’t have the ability, you are just going to eat bullets until you are full. I club has been weak for a long time. Although it has been reorganized, Thomas and Zhao Xiayang have never played professional games before. It is a rookie in the professional circle with insufficient experience. There is also a gap between strength and those top professional players. So is Dong Laoer.
Although Pearl Krabs has had experience in playing professional games, he has not achieved any good results after all, and there are still some gaps between female players and male players in the top strength, and there are not many who can help Ye Qing.
This team still depends on Ye Qing to win the game. Without Ye Qing, this team would have been blocked from the semi-finals. Although it was not as miserable as before, it was eliminated in the first round, but it certainly could not survive the second round.
He was able to win the whole city for two rounds in a row by Ye Qing’s strategizing. His ability in command has become more and more outstanding. This guy is really gifted. He came up with many tactics in a flash, and the feasibility is very high, and it is also very careful. It is simply a machine to make the opponent endure.
He also took on a lot of responsibilities in the attack. It can be said that he is a person who can do this very well as three people. In fact, the players are the major teams vying for the goal. After the Qi Lele Cup, there will definitely be a lot of giants to dig the corner. It is estimated that Ye will pay a high price, perhaps even higher than Jiang Yuhan’s annual salary. For example, ig Sports Club will definitely get a high price.
This doesn’t mean that Ye Qing’s value is higher than that of Jiang Yu’s cold, but some teams would rather dig it at a premium when they get a good player, which means they have to dig it even if they know that the other side is not worth so much money. Besides, even if they don’t, they can’t let him stay in other teams to give their enemies. This is obviously a local tyrant’s line. There are not many professional teams in the F world who can do it.
"Bad bad! I can’t find the words to describe this guy Ye Qing. In the face of Qingcheng Competition, he can still lead the team by two points. Seeing Qingcheng Competition’s defense is just like being immersed in the other side’s defense. Even 7kg was killed! " Loli irrepressible heart excited voice trembling tunnel
Her partner coughed, which means that she deviated from her position and completely fell to the side of the I club. loli also seemed to perceive it and smiled awkwardly. "I’m sorry that Ye Qing and I are very good friends in private, but we couldn’t help but praise him when we watched him grow up."
The audience was already boiling up. At noon, most of these people held the Tiger Brothers Refueling or ag Refueling cards, but by noon, some people changed their cards to "I Refueling!" , "a city of people and then a team of people! Kill the team again! " kind
Club I is ahead of the whole city by two points. Who would have expected that no one would dare to buy the lottery before the game? They all think that Club I is a tenacious team and must catch up with the backward situation. It is normal that it is impossible to lead as soon as it comes.
At this time, the game of Tiger Brothers Alliance of ag team also went into the third round, and coincidentally, their score was two points ahead of that of ag team. After being defeated by Club I, ag team held its breath and wanted to vent Tiger Brothers Alliance. Unfortunately, it became the object of their venting, and they were beaten back at half time.
Even firepower and even the style of play have changed. It’s more fierce to kill than before. It’s quite a bit of a m4 gun god’s blue style. He will play the Tiger Brotherhood gunner with confidence. When he sees him, he will die without fighting. If he doesn’t fight with him, he will be shot in the head.
Although bare tactics are subtle, they can’t restrain the fpl king. He was blown by even once, and Li Sinan also played quite well in these two rounds, so they couldn’t take advantage of it and lost two rounds in a row. The strength of the ag team was really too strong.
What I can’t figure out is how the I club won the ag team. Not long ago, they defeated the I club, but they were defeated by the ag team and they were beaten by the ag team. This is really ironic!
Chapter 735 Keep it down
The third round of Qingcheng I Club also quickly decided the outcome. This time, Club I did not continue their magical attack on the suspension bridge and the river, and both were frustrated at the same time. 7kg played quite well. This time, his position moved to the suspension bridge hole and he killed two people in succession when the other side attacked the suspension bridge.
Ye Qing, who walked along the river, and others lost smoke bombs, but the other party was on the shore to guard against them. When they rushed, they were swept to death by the fire of others. Thomas did not play too big a city. The competitors were fully prepared to annihilate the I club before one person died, which showed their great strength.
The score became two to one, and the tactics were readjusted. Now the other side has made the defense very tight, and there are almost no loopholes. Ye Ye thinks that the diversion plan has also worked. He has made the idea of wooden doors, and that place has never been attacked head-on. Although it is terrible, it is not that no one has attacked from that place, throwing smoke bombs to block the view across the river can make the other sniper very dangerous.
Ye Qing thought of a way to attract the sniper’s attention, that is, throw a smoke bomb on the river surface. If the other side wants to deal with the wooden door, then the river surface people will take the opportunity to sneak attack on the river surface. Ye Qing arranged that Thomas would harass them alone. After the smoke dispersed, all four machine gunners entered the wooden door, and then three people dealt with the enemy in the corridor and one person dealt with the enemy in Package A.
There won’t be too many people defending the wooden door and point A in the whole city. At most, there are three people because there are two people who have to defend the suspension bridge hole. Three people’s strength is not too much. Ye Qing invested four machine gunners to attack the wooden door. After the fire is over, it does not belong to the opponent and can instantly suppress the two machine gunners in the corridor.
After all, the sniper firepower on the opposite side is limited, and one shot at a time can serve as a deterrent. If each shot can take away one, the attack of Club I will definitely collapse rapidly. In fact, 7kg still has the ability, but he dare not keep staring at the wooden door. After all, Thomas is harassing the river. If he is not careful, he will be killed by yin.
After the implementation of Ye Qing’s tactic, an accident happened. Although there was smoke barrier after the four machine gunners rushed into the wooden door, due to the narrow place, the machine gunners directly swept the other corridor and knocked down one of them, and the other two were also beaten to blood.
This is that Ye Qing didn’t think that he couldn’t help feeling a little regretful that he didn’t consider Zhou, even if there was smoke blocking the other party’s aim, once it was aimed at the enemy, it would turn red, so the other party could also hit people in a small range.
Forced by Naiye, he rushed out with the remaining two people and fired directly at the two gunners in the corridor. At this time, Thomas had lost a smoke bomb in the river, and his attention was attracted by the smoke bomb on the river surface. He did not dare to make a move or flash out from behind the stone to deal with Ye.
Suspension bridge cave people don’t know how many places the other side attacked the wooden door people, and they dare not rashly leave Ye Qing. They plan to make a time difference, kill two people in the corridor before the other people react, and then approach point A to kill the sniper.
Two gunners in the corridor were rushed out by Ye Qing, and one exploded directly. The other wanted to resist and was killed by Pearl Krabs and Zhao Xiayang. Without saying anything, he was swept to death in the wooden door. The gunner was Dong Laoer. This guy was unlucky and was hit by a bullet in the head and died directly.
When two machine gunners in the corridor died, 7kg at point A became a lone army. He immediately hid behind the stone pile and ordered the man in the suspension bridge cave to go around point A directly from the base to help defend, but Ye Yegen didn’t plan to attack point A. The ultimate goal was point B because of Ye Yeqing.
Ye Qing expected that if the two men in the suspension bridge hole didn’t come to help, they would definitely go around to point A from the defender base to help defend, so wouldn’t point B be it? It’s hard for them to attack point B now!
7kg flashed out and took a look and found that the other person was rushing from the corridor to point B. He suddenly realized that he had to let the two machine gunners go back to point B halfway. At the same time, he tried to stop the other person from going to point B, but when the sniper also missed, he failed to hit the fast-running enemy with this shot.
Thomas also shot at him on the river, but he didn’t hit him, but he surprised 7kg into a cold sweat. He almost forgot that there was another enemy in the river, Thomas, who didn’t sneak attack successfully, so he could continue to lurk in the river. Anyway, the sniper of the other side is still at point A. If the other side chooses to run from the wooden door next to point A to point B, he can also land on the right slope from the ground.
If 7kg intends to go to point B from the corridor, Thomas can aim at the big slope to close the road. Of course, 7kg can’t go this way. He certainly doesn’t want to make any mistakes at this juncture, and he will definitely choose to go there by wooden door, which is safe and fast.
Ye Qing took the people to successfully receive the site at point B, and then guaranteed the other party to return. Two machine gunners tried to make a sneak attack, but Ye Qing knew that the other party would definitely return and had been on guard.
As soon as the two men flashed out, they were hit back by Ye Qing’s fire. Ye Qing’s power and tide wait for no man rushed directly, and then chased the other person directly to sweep a gunner who was hiding in a bunker to death at close range. Another wanted to fight back and was rushed to Pearl Krabs to give him a shot in the head.
7kg saw the news of death in the right corner and found himself a loner again. He sighed rather naively. It seems that the other team became more and more powerful after finding confidence in the game of ag team. After that, it was not a fledgling team. They accumulated experience in the game and improved their strength. With a good conductor and a good gunner, this team has become a daunting role.
7kg didn’t choose to give up the game after he entered the defender base. He experienced this situation. At that time, he was not as experienced as he is now. At that time, he had the idea of giving up, but he was confident in his marksmanship and felt that he could handle the mess himself. So he successfully reversed the game and made his opponent stunned.
Today, he still feels that he can handle this mess. You know, his ability to handle this mess is one of the best in China. Although there are many other people, he can rely on the bunker to kill Thomas one by one. At this time, he has reached point B from the river surface, and he is aiming at the stairway at the mouth of the suspension bridge.
Ye Qing and others were also lying in ambush on both sides, waiting for 7kg to appear and 7kg to flash out to observe the situation. As a result, they found that the other party had already seen him in the package point. He quickly took a shot and retreated. Ye Qing jumped directly from the right stone seam to the defender base, and then directly fired at 7kg at close range. If 7kg came back, it would be swept away by Ye Qing.
Club I once again took a one-point, three-to-one lead and expanded the score to two points. This momentum is very good. On the other side, the Tiger Brothers League has been abused by the ag team and tied to four-to-even. They took it out on the Tiger Brothers League and beat each other hard.
Bare still keeps a cool head at this time, and the other side is as fierce as taking medicine. Now they can’t lose their minds. They must find a way to contain the other side’s attack. He is the disciple of the sniper, and the sniper rifle method is the best, followed by the command ability. At the beginning, the sniper was called a tactical master. He gave his tactical thoughts to bare, and his command ability was quite strong.
Zhou Wei’s face flushed at this time. She was shot in the head by even in a row, and her self-confidence was greatly hit. You know, he is a disciple of K, and his marksmanship is extraordinary. He has already been a master of series with even, but he really found that there is still a gap.
Even is more fierce than she thought. Her playing style is quite conservative, and she is not as aggressive as even. She is repeatedly shot in the head in the middle of even’s gun fight, and she lacks the courage to fight hard.
"Vivian, it doesn’t matter. I believe you can beat him and want you to stop being afraid of him! Think about who your master is! " Bare, a certain look at Zhou Wei nodded, and the in the mind was full of courage.
Her master is the first of the five gun gods, the ak gun god K, and the vertical and horizontal F circles have never met each other for many years. It has always been a banner of the ak machine gunner. Who is the strongest ak machine gunner has never stopped arguing, but the position of the K five gun gods has been laid for many years, and people can shake his understanding of ak, far from others.
Zhou Wei’s apprentice should naturally be shine on you and better than Lan. If he can’t defeat even, it will lead to the team’s trouble and lose her master’s face. She must fight bravely.
In the fifth round, Club I has once again adjusted its defensive tactics, dispersed its forces and expanded its defensive area. As a result, a gunner’s defensive corridor has been arranged in a number of suspension bridge holes, and there is also a gunner’s defensive corridor on both sides of the river. Point A is still defended by 7kg alone.
Judging from the distribution of troops, Qingcheng Competition has strengthened the defense of the river and directly blocked the river surface so as not to let the enemy have a chance to rush in. In this way, 7kg can concentrate on defending the wooden door suspension bridge hole, and the gunner can retreat if he can’t resist it, but he must see clearly how many people are attacking the other side, so that Qingcheng Competition can make tactical adjustments.
Chapter 736 Hold the wind.
In the fifth round, Ye Qing concentrated his troops to attack the suspension bridge, while Qingcheng focused on defending the suspension bridge hole in the river. A machine gunner was defending the suspension bridge hole, and he was afraid to come out one after another by the flash bombs of Club I to see how many people were attacking the suspension bridge, but judging from the number of flashes, the main force of the other side was at the suspension bridge.
Ye Qing remembered that Xiao Ran had told him to avoid 7kg for a round. When Thomas forced 7kg on the river surface to attack the wooden door, he achieved good results, but it was actually a very risky turn. To be on the safe side, he still avoided 7kg. Attacking the suspension bridge is the only way to avoid 7kg, and it is quite time-consuming for 7kg to come to support at point A.
Successfully entered the suspension bridge hole. The gunner has already withdrawn and stuck to the corridor to be aided at point B. The gunner immediately rushed to the other side of the hole in an attempt to prevent the other person from entering point B and relieve the pressure on his teammates at point B.