Chapter one hundred and ninety-seven The devil
After Fang Ping brushed gently, the ore rose slowly and was suspended two feet away. Then, Xi Fangping’s fingers kept dancing, and hundreds of handprints were pinched out in the blink of an eye. A light blue flame shot from his fingertips and directly hit the ore. The temperature in the room suddenly rose a lot, and the fire spirit in the room kept surging. XiFangPing to be sure, such a big noise outside peep people must have now. However, this is quite normal. Before the decisive battle, it is natural to sacrifice your magic weapon. They never thought that there was such a thing as Huang Yuzhu in Xifangping. Otherwise, they would definitely try to destroy it.
The blue flame wrapped the whole ore, and the burning ore creaked. In the noise, the ore gradually shrank, and countless black slag fell and scattered all over the place. Xi Fangping didn’t want to clean up these slag. What is certain is that when he walked out of the door, the other party would come in and take the slag away and take it back for inspection. Once they learned that Xi Fangping was smelting azurol ore. I guess I’ll laugh my teeth off.
After a column of incense, the slag fell clean. Suspended in the air, only a drop of azurol sand the size of a soybean is left. Xi Fangping took out an arrow from his belt. Then, pointing at the droplet, the droplet slowly flew over and landed on the tip of the arrow. XiFangPing hurriedly hand a finger, a white light bursts from the fingertips, shot on the droplets. The strength contained in the white light is not great, hitting the droplets at a certain frequency, slowly guiding the droplets to drill straight into the topaz bamboo, and at the same time, the three flavors of true fire also moved to the arrow, baking the arrow tip and droplets at the same time. It took four hours. The liquid drop was completely integrated into the tip of the arrow, and the tip of the arrow changed from golden yellow to pale yellow. It sparkles with metallic luster, but it’s quite beautiful.
XiFangPing breath a sigh of relief, the liquid droplets into the topaz. In fact, it is not difficult, the key lies in the strength of the white light. If the force is slightly heavier, the topaz may burst; The strength is a little light, and it is impossible to press the droplets into the topaz. Between the light and heavy, you can only master it by yourself. If you are not careful, you may lose all your efforts.
Fortunately, Xi Fangping learned from the ancient books that the required strength was large and he mastered the frequency of self-light, so he was successful in the first trial production.
It took four hours to successfully integrate an arrow, which is too slow. It would be much easier to make it if we could summon the thirteen-order red-faced snow suit. That red-faced snow v. has the cultivation of deification period, and its control of spiritual force is much stronger than that of Xi Fangping. Plus its spiritual wisdom is high, it is easy to learn this method. Not only that. As long as it is more than ten orders of red-faced snow complaints, it can be completely done. Xi Fangping’s only concern is that the success rate may be lower. But … For Xi Fangping, this is not a big problem. Huang Yuzhu is a native plant, but it is a little harder to make arrows, and it takes more lingshi. Azure sand? Azure sand is not difficult to get on the planet Arcturus, even if it is wasted. There is no need to be too heartbroken.
After the successful fusion of one shot, Xi Fangping breathed a sigh of relief and put the arrow into the storage bag. Then, after taking out a drop of jade bee pulp, I stood up. Forcibly blending azure sand into topaz bamboo is both laborious and exhausting. In such a difficult place, he has to keep his vigor at all times. Only in this way can we cope with the ubiquitous danger.
After the ban was lifted, Xi Fang was flat. It’s getting dark, that is to say, the beard is coming to deliver LingShi. Xi Fangping laughed. He deliberately walked out of the room and strolled outside. Then, he shouted that the man would bring him some pots of good wine, and then he walked back to his room. Sure enough, after coming back, Xi Fang was flat, and the slag on the ground seemed to be a little less. Xi Fangping has been peeping around with his gods just now. He has already shown up. As soon as he came out, a man walked into his room. He walked in almost openly, you know. Around his room, at least dozens of scattered practitioners have been staring at the door. It’s really hard to do something petty in so many places of monks, unless this guy has a training in the late Yuan baby. Even at the end of Yuan Ying, you can’t escape the gods of Xi Fangping.
XiFangPing smiled, he also don’t care, if the other party can’t get the pile of slag, they won’t rest assured. It’s better to be single, let them go, and save them from thinking of other ways to deal with themselves. It is estimated that after this visit to the slag, they should lose interest in Xi Fangping’s behavior in the house. At that time, they can blend Huang Xiaozhu’s arrows for a long time.
After the other party took the slag, Xi Fangping didn’t go back to the house immediately. He was waiting, waiting for the arrival of the beard. Although he didn’t know the name of the beard until now, he didn’t bother to ask. Anyway, they are all enemies. What does it matter if you are surnamed Zhang and Li? When you have the chance, just kill them together.
Sure enough, just stroll around the courtyard for a while, Zhang zhen appeared, behind him, followed by four guys dressed as disciples of the True Spirit Gate, all of whom had the cultivation for the end of Jiedan. Judging from the way it follows suit, it should be a close friend or disciple of beard or something like that.
Zhang zhen saw XiFangPing as soon as he entered the courtyard. Eyes a stare: "Fang, you have been waiting for me? Just training!
Xi Fangping laughed: "That’s natural. Your old boy sent me a lingshi, and there are very few lingshi in my pocket now, just waiting for your lingshi. "
Zhang zhen also smiled, it seems. It’s right for them to supply azure ore on a large scale. Anyway, as long as Xi Fangping can’t leave Naive Spirit Island, the things in his storage bag will fall into the hands of Tianling Sect or Zhenlingmen sooner or later. It’s also good to take a look at the way Xi Fangping eats turtles first. Zhang zhen sneered, "Ha, it’s really rare that the famous Fang Xi even has a lingshi."
Xi Fangping did not think differently: "It’s okay. When the decisive battle begins, I will have a lot of Lingshi. I feel comfortable when I think of smashing a monk in the middle stage of Yuanying, a true Lingmen, into a pulp with one hammer, squeezing out his Yuanying, and then taking the contents of his storage bag as the existing scene. I am looking forward to the decisive battle coming soon. "
Xi Fangping’s words are obviously just to get a little cheaper in his mouth, and there is no other meaning. However, he noticed that after this was said, Zhang zhen and the three disciples behind him all showed angry expressions on their faces, but the expression of another disciple was quite strange. He seems to pay no attention to the fact that Zhenlingmen once ate turtles. Didn’t show the true spirit door disciple should be angry, his mouth, just hung up a faint sneer, that looked at XiFangPing eyes, as if looking at a dead body. Xi Fangping moved slightly in his heart. There was something wrong with this disciple. However, something was wrong there, but he couldn’t say it.
This is a … The monk in his prime looks very red, although he is dressed as a true disciple of Lingmen and behaves properly, he looks quite gentle. However, there is an indelible arrogance on his face. Looking at Xi Fangping’s eyes, there is no hostility that a true disciple should have. Xi Fangping also noticed. Although he stood squarely beside his beard, there was another true spiritual disciple who studied like him. However, that true spiritual disciple always stayed away from him intentionally or unintentionally. It seemed that this person’s status was much higher than that of other true spiritual disciples.
After Xi Fangping frowned, he said loudly, "Old guy, let’s trade here. I didn’t entertain you in my room. Tea and wine for people. "
Zhang zhen paused, then said, "OK, it’s in Yun Li, and I don’t want to go into your room."
Xi Fangping noticed that after hearing this, the man. Eyebrows a wrinkly, as if there are some dissatisfaction, but. That posture. Still the same as just now, standing upright, with a respectful and abnormal appearance, without any difference. Xi Fangping smiled. He took out fifteen magic weapons from the storage bag and seized them from the disciples of the True Spirit Gate, like throwing a pile of garbage, and then threw them in the past. When the other three disciples of the True Spirit Gate saw it, they held out their hands and picked it up without thinking. However, that guy paused at the beginning of the network, and he hesitated until the other three picked up most of the magic weapons. Took the only magic weapon left. What makes Xi Fangping feel strange is that the other three people immediately looked at it carefully after receiving the magic weapon. After confirming that there was no damage, this was a slight sigh of relief.
And that man, after receiving the magic weapon, didn’t look at it. I casually threw it into the storage bag. As if these magic weapons are valued by the True Spirit Gate. In his eyes, it is not worth mentioning at all. XiFangPing nodded slightly, the heart has a dispute.
Zhang zhen ha ha laugh: "Good, frank. Fang, I appreciate a frank person like you. If you hadn’t fought against the true spirit gate. I’m afraid I can still make friends with you. For your sake, when you die, I will keep your body well and put it somewhere. Let all the practitioners have a look and do the right thing with the True Spirit Gate. This is the end. "
Xi Fangping laughed: "All right, old man, let’s wait until you kill Lao Zi."
Zhang zhen no longer speak. With a slight nod, the four monks at the end of Dan untied a storage bag from their waist and threw it in the past. Xi Fangping then took it, and then poured out the Lingshi inside. After the details were clear, he nodded: "Yes, 75,000 pieces of Chinese Lingshi, you didn’t play sloppy, okay, now you can go back, and Lao Tzu has to go back to work."
Zhang zhen didn’t walk away directly, and said simply, "Boy, do you think it will work if azure sand is integrated into Fa ‘an now?"
Xi Fangping laughed: "It’s neither bright nor bright when you get cold feet. I think the so-called Xuanyuan black hammer is too light to handle, so I have nothing to do anyway. There is no place to put azure sand on hand, so it is better to integrate azure sand into Xuanyuan black hammer. It will be more brilliant to pick up people at that time. "
Zhang zhen ha ha laugh: "OK, you can practice slowly, if the azure sand is not enough. I can also provide a lot. Remember, you said that you would buy all the azure sand on Zhenling Island, but don’t break your promise to the world. "
Laughter, Zhang zhen turned to go, four disciples followed closely. XiFangPing looked at the figure of five people go away, with a smile on his face. Such a situation, a few, two sides expect.
He has just noticed that when he walked to the door, Zhang zhen seemed to subconsciously pause and lean slightly, as if asking the mysterious monk to go first. But … He estimated that he immediately realized something, hurriedly stepped up and walked out of the door first. Such a subtle movement has confirmed what Xi Fangping is thinking.
Such as five go out of sight, XiFangPing this just stopped smiling, face a meditation. This mysterious monk is obviously sent by the heavenly spirit. Otherwise, there is no need to respect a monk at the end of Yuan Ying in Zhang zhen so much. From the arrogance of the mysterious monk’s face, we can probably analyze it. As a master, there is no need to respect them too much, no matter how high the servant’s cultivation is.
If Xi Fangping’s judgment is correct. So, what are the Tianling people doing here? There is only one reason, that is, to spy on Xi Fangping’s habits and style in advance, so as to prepare for the duel in the future. That is to say, it is very likely that this time, it is not the monk in the middle of Yuanying who is really Lingmen. But a monk in the middle period of Yuanying of Tianling School. The duel place is chosen in the place where the people of Tianling Sect often live. It can also prove this.
Xi Fangping’s challenge this time is the true spirit gate. It has nothing to do with the Tianling Sect, so why do they support the Zhenlingmen so strongly? Under normal circumstances, the Celestial Sect should not take the so-called face of the True Spirit Gate seriously. There are only two reasons. First, he may think that Fang Xi is related to Xi Fangping, who once caused them great harm. Second. They are very interested in the so-called legacy that Xi Fangping talked nonsense about, thinking about finding some clues about his legacy in the fight with Xi Fangping.
After careful reflection, Xi Fangping is convinced that the other party should not associate this habit with Xi Fangping. In the duel, Xi Fangping didn’t offer his famous thunder stick on Cape Star. Also didn’t use the monster beast army, plus XiFangPing has been missing for one hundred and fifty years, day spirit sent imagination again rich, should also won’t associate with XiFangPing. Besides, during this time, Xi Fangping was very careful, and what he said was completely imitating what those Jianghu people said on the Destroyer Star. He chose that kind of words because they were rude, which was completely different from the original Xi Fangping.
Therefore, there is only one possibility left. They want to find something from Xi Fangping. XiFangPing did Sarah laugh, these bastards. The scheming is really deep, but Xi Fangping doesn’t even know where the so-called master is. How could they find some clues? The Heavenly Spirit School can be regarded as the real enemy of Xi Fangping. If you really want to talk about it, the true spirit gate is just suffering from the fish pond. It’s a little unreasonable for Xi Fangping not to take advantage of this opportunity to fight so hard now that the Heavenly Spirit Sect is personally involved.
Xi Fangping couldn’t help being in a great mood. He turned around and shouted at the side and several guys, "Hey, you guys, find another room for Lao Tzu, and it must be similar to the one just now."