Gong Zexi, Jiang Xiche, An Yuner, Mu Yesi, An Yunze, Yin Kehan, Leng Ye, Xi Na are drinking coffee leisurely in the cafe.

"baby ~! You are not allowed to drink coffee ~! Children will become stupid when they drink this kind of thing! " Jiang Xiche snatched the coffee from An Yuner’s hand and drank it himself.
"Jiang Xiche! You hate it! I finally blew it cool! I cann’t believe you drank it for me! Damn it! Damn it! You pay me, pay me! ! !” An Yuner had a cow and kept pounding Jiang Xiche’s chest with her little pink fist, but he didn’t seem to hurt at all.
"I said it’s bad for your health, you guy …" It doesn’t hurt for Jiang Xiche to be punched by her pink fist, but … the coffee coughed up!
"Hum ~ ~! If you lie, they can drink me! " An Yuner pointed to Leng Ye and them in anger.
As big as Leng Ye, Xi Na and Ke Han!
Why do you listen to him?
"Allow son ~ ~! Che did this because he felt sorry for you … Your constitution is different from ours ~ ~! Che treats you like a child ~ ~! So listen to me ~ ~! " Xi Na looked at Jiang Xiche with a look of nai, and quickly came to her rescue.
"Well ~ ~! Then listen to Nana! " An Yuner doesn’t get angry with Jiang Xiche now, so she apologizes.
Jiang Xiche looked aside and Xi Na’s eyes didn’t know whether to thank or appreciate it.
"hey! Why hasn’t Xuan come yet? " Gongzexi aside tired call way
"He … has no car!" Jiang Xiche really don’t want to ah …
"Ya ya! That early don’t come with me … "Gong Zexi a pair of hshi.
"He wants to … but … when he remembers, you have disappeared …" Jiang Xiche nai shrugged his shoulders and sighed. He expressed great sympathy for Wang Xuan.
"Yin Kehan ~ ~! Help me to buy breakfast … Hmm ~! Just like yesterday, "An Yunze came to want Yin Kehan to make breakfast for him, but … the thought of this big lady should not even pass the kitchen … let her buy breakfast insurance.
"Is ~ ~! Master! ! !” Yin Kehan was very obedient and ready to run out, but was grabbed by An Yuner.
"You … recently … why … want to … so … listen to him?" An Yuner looked at Yin Kehan and said it word by word.
"well! ? I … I … "Yin Kehan baba couldn’t say it.
Does she want to tell her that she belittled herself to be an Yunze maid because she didn’t want to be played by k1ng people?
"An Yuner, what are you … there won’t be too many management committees?" An Yunze walked over and let Yin Kehan leave to yell at An Yuner.
"Can Han Han … you don’t go back and make it clear!" AnYunEr hiding in AnYunZe body walked over and grabbed Yin Kehan arm must ask!
"Ouch … I owe him money!" Yin Kehan was forced to make something up to deal with her.
"Bah! Lie to me! You won’t ask me for it if you are short of money? Tell me the truth quickly! " An Yuner debunked the bad excuse of owing money at a glance. Only she can come up with it!
"We’re … dating!" An Yunze’s mouth evoked a perfect radian and her smile was very bright.
Believe it or not, I believe it anyway!
"…" Yin Kehan eyes wide with incredible looking at An Yunze a pair of 【 do you want to die? 】 sample
At this time, the children’s shoes next to them all laid their eyes on An Yunze and Yin Kehan, and then they talked about it one after another. The coffee shop was suddenly busy.
An Yunze is with Yin Kehan!
"Depend …" Mu night boss with Leng Ye in the corner of his mouth twitched and looked at the two of them for a second and jumped out with the word.
Invite you to eat ice cream
"Depend …" Mu night boss with Leng Ye in the corner of his mouth twitched and looked at the two of them for a second and jumped out with the word.
"Can Han? Is that so? " Gong Zexi walked over and called her name, then habitually stroked her hair with one hand
Gong Zexi will do this kind of movement when she treats her younger sister than herself, but that kind of intimacy movement is provocative in An Yunze’s view.
"Yin Kehan! Still not going soon? " He angrily yelled at Yin Kehan, who was still immersed in a dream, and then she covered her ears and walked away in a huff.
"Eh boss … do you think our brother Ze will really look at that girl Yin Kehan?" Leng Ye has been watching An Yunze’s expression. It seems that he will lose control as soon as he meets Yin Kehan.
Besides, we Zege seem to be jealous of Miyazawa hee!
This is so funny. Is there wood?
"That’s not a thing? Have you ever seen … Ze look at a girl like that? " Mu Yesi hooked her mouth, and then she smiled and said, "Why haven’t you been looking for An Yuner recently?"
"Aren’t you the same?" Leng Ye cold hum a way.
Then … Two people smiled at each other.
"Do you want to continue to rob?" Leng Ye doubt asked.
He didn’t want to give up. He just didn’t want to talk to her.
Tell her daddies to come over and she won’t need him!
He hates it when people treat him like a toy and throw him away when he’s done!
"Reagan didn’t give up these two words!" Mu night boss looked at Leng Ye arrogantly, looking at him as if he didn’t lose the old sample.
Always like to go against him!
Hum ~ ~! Just don’t let you get what you want! When did you win the temple in Leng Ye?
"That wipe eyes stay …" Leng Ye eyes slightly hostile.
I don’t know why three men love a woman at the same time, and that woman is still stupid and has no special skills.
_ ____w_ w_ w___ _8_ __
"Baby ~ ~! Let’s eat ice cream ~ ~! I treat you to your favorite creamy ice cream. "