Lin zhi stared at the bald head. "He’s not! He is pretending! "

The commander, the leader, the rich man and the widow’s face changed in unison, and just then the whole hall lights went out.
The widow exclaimed that "the grass-roots empire must be a grass-roots empire" almost without thinking.
Tianlong troops have a heartfelt fear when they arrive at the grassroots empire.
Bald head knocked down the mercenary next to him with two black punches, grabbed a gun and ran to the gate.
And the most amazing thing is that the commander’s three-person remote mirroring has also been interrupted. At this moment, all the three-dimensional screens in the control center of Lieyangxing headquarters are horrified and look back. "The grassroots empire has cut off the factory’s power transmission system, and at the same time he has captured the mirror data of you three through the restoration program. Now an unknown programming language has entered our remote transmission system and is invading us."
The commander, the leader and the rich man all listened blankly. The commander mused, "Can he invade our headquarters?"
The worker immediately pressed "It is expected to arrive at our office in 21 minutes and 51 seconds" on the screen, and we will organize him to evaluate the consequences of the invasion.
In fact, Jiang Hua is far less powerful than his mother. Although this is more than 30 years later, if his mother had been in the Golden Eagle flying ship, the staff could not explain it now, and all the screen estimation departments were paralyzed.
The commander decisively ordered "cut off all transmission channels and never let the grassroots empire enter our headquarters"
The worker hesitated. "But the widow’s adult is still in Rose Star. If we cut her off …"
His words didn’t finish because the leader had pulled out a pistol and hit him in the head with a bang, and blood immediately splashed.
"Who else has any questions?" Commander coldly looking around all the workers quickly turned to work again.
The leader put away his pistol. "What about the widow now?"
Commander gritted his teeth and said, "Inform Rose Star Fleet to take off and prepare for attack."
This time, even the leader couldn’t help but be surprised. "That’s the federal golden elephant battleship and the golden eagle flying ship."
The commander said coldly, "If the widow can stall Ling Fei’s mother, they won’t leave and dare not put away the launch capsule. Our fleet has been attacking the grassroots empire and can’t run away."
The leader thought about it and nodded silently, because it was the only way to leave the grassroots imperial law.
Almost at the same time, the officer of the Golden Elephant warship turned around. "Sir, the reconnaissance satellite found that there were many ships of Tianlong troops coming towards us."
Middle-aged people are also a little uneasy. "Don’t close the launch capsule and start the defense system."
Another golden eagle flying ship, Xiao Zhou, finally interrupted the fate of the waters. "The Dragon Force spacecraft is flying towards us."
On some wonder, "Isn’t that a small spaceship that can’t handle this flying ship?"
Chou gritted his teeth. "Li Dalong and others haven’t come out yet. We can’t close the launch capsule or start the light speed engine."
On the unbearable sigh "what a pity"
Uncle couldn’t help saying, "What a pity?"
Jiang Huadao: "I’m tracking the headquarters of Tianlong Army, but now I have to give up."
Uncle sighed, "You’d better save people first!"
At the moment, the factory is plunged into darkness, and the freight elevator loses its power to operate. Jane is trying to climb the surface in the narrow maintenance pipeline with Ling Fei’s mother. In the dark, the guns are like firecrackers.
When Jane climbed out of the wellhead, Jiang Hua was remotely manipulating the transport ship, and at the same time isolated the blocks one by one to avoid others pouring into the area. Jane made a smooth escape route for them.
As soon as Jane ran out of the factory gate, the three men were covered in blood and their bald heads climbed from the surface. Instead of running, he bent over and gasped. He was badly hurt and was shot twice in the leg and abdomen respectively.
"Can you run?" The widow followed, and she looked injured, too. Half of her mask was cut off by something, revealing half of her terrible face, which had five shocking scratches. No wonder she wanted to wear a mask.
"Come on, bitch!" Bald head roars.
"Shut up!" The widow rushed to lift her leg with a sharp kick.
The bald man grabbed her ankle and pulled back, and the whole person fell to the ground. He fell to the ground, but the widow was also bruised and rolled around several times.
By now, everyone’s fighting capacity is not good, and both sides are fighting in the end.
The widow got up with long hair and rushed over before her bald head got up.
It’s still a flying bald head, and I can’t dodge it any more. I reached out and grabbed the other person’s ankle, but this time he was wrong. The widow shrank her leg in the middle and bent backwards, and then her heel hit the bald rib.
A cold light flashed across the bald head and fell to the ground.
It turned out that a sharp knife popped up in the heel of the widow’s boot and sank into the bald rib.
However, the widow hasn’t even pulled out her knife. I don’t know where her bald head came from, but she has an amazing courage. As soon as she roars, she sits up with her right hand and catches the widow’s neck like lightning. She wants the last strength in her body to crush the demon who bullied Ling Fei alive.
"Woo–"The widow’s face suddenly rose to the color of pig liver. She lifted her legs, drew a knife and kicked again.
But he won’t make the same mistake again after he made a mistake with his bald head. When the sharp knife stabbed himself in the rib again, his left hand finally caught the ankle of the other side and both sides twisted into a ball and were dying.
"Ah —————————"
This is the last roar of the bald head. The widow feels that her ankle is broken, her vision is getting blurred and her breathing is getting more and more difficult. She is gradually losing consciousness.
At last, her body suddenly became soft and her head finally fell down.
It was a terrible hand-to-hand combat. The widow died, and tears, blood, saliva, snot and urine flowed out at the same time. The death was terrible.
The bald head fell down again, and this time he couldn’t sit up again