The first round of confrontation turned out to be a complete victory of Club I, and five people were killed without anyone dying. This result greatly surprised everyone, and Lan Bao was also surprised. Although he knew that there was a gap between the team and the other side, he didn’t expect that the first round would be such a situation. In his opinion, even if there was a gap, he almost killed two or three people. It is impossible to lose even one person.

In fact, the club I completely defeated the fb team in the first round, which made Lan Bao feel very embarrassed. He personally trained the team and lost so badly in the first round. fb players are naturally embarrassed. After all, they are also a strong team.
Actually, Ye Qing doesn’t mean to deliberately fall on the right side, but it’s just an effort. As a result, he didn’t expect that the four of them would kill the other five without Zhao Xiayang’s presence, and none of their own people died. This seems to prove that the team strength has increased greatly after he adjusted the formation.
In the second round, Ye Qing adjusted a defensive strategy, and transferred Zhao Xiayang to point A to let Thomas stay with him to defend point A. He took Pearl Krabs and Nalan to defend point B. He felt that if the opponent’s troops attacked point A and were frustrated, they would definitely play point B. Of course, it is very likely that they would not attack point B. They should divide their troops into two ways and attack two points at the same time to see which point of the I club is weaker. Once this point is explored, the other party will definitely shrink their troops quickly and then attack the weak point.
Ye Qing guessed it well this time, and the other side was really divided into two ways to attack ab at two o’clock at the same time. There were two gunmen who dropped a smoke bomb at the door of point A and then rushed in and fired a few shots to see the reaction of the I club. Zhao xia yang and Thomas were instructed by Ye Qing to leave each other alone without rushing to the package point.
Those two people didn’t get a response, so they knew this point was awkward and didn’t know what to do.
At point B, the attack by three people over there is also a feint of losing smoke bombs. Ye Qing and others are naturally on hold without guns to counter the fb team command. I really don’t know what to do. The other two points have no response. It’s hard to know which point has more people and which point has fewer people. If you attack rashly, once the other forces are all in this point, it will be bad.
If you play hardball, the fb team has no chance of winning. They all know this very well. Club I has a strong ability to fight head-on, because they have a better firepower than the awesome ak machine gunner. Once the lethality of this person is quite amazing, the other machine gunners can also play a strong role under his leadership, that is, the modern ep team can fight against them.
After much hesitation, the fb commander brought back two people from point A and five people together. The fb team commander decided to gamble and attack point B. If the other side defends the empty words at point B, then they will be able to win with one blow. If it is heavily ambushed, there is no way to blame themselves for being too unlucky. It is strange that the other side commander reacted to their feint as if he knew everything about their actions, which made him unable to find out the actual situation of the other side.
When the central troops of fb team crustily attacked point B, Ye Qing had let Zhao xia yang and Thomas at point A outflank the rear road. He judged from the gun that there were two people pretending to attack point A, so two to two Zhao xia yang and Thomas didn’t suffer. Tell them to chase them out and see if there was no one, then the other person must have come to point B, which means that the other party must attack point B. It is meaningless for Zhao Xiayang and them to stay at point A and outflank each other directly.
Ye Qing’s arrangement can be described as interlocking. Every move of the other party is under his control, and the fb team commander is still unaware that his actions are all in the other party’s calculation. He still launched an attack. Ye Qing and three gunners, Pearl Krabs and Na Lan, formed a barrage and pressed the fb offensive. Although they were full of momentum, they had to temporarily avoid the edge in the face of strong firepower suppression, otherwise they would definitely fall into the charge one after another.
They don’t have Lanbao’s ability to kill each other. Lanbao can quickly kill each other in the process of killing. The gunner will clear the obstacles in front of Lanbao before he can be called the machine gun god and the m4 gun god.
The fb team was at a loss to attack, and their commander was very angry and quickly thought about countermeasures. At this time, a gun suddenly came behind them, and they immediately fell to two people. One was shot in the head by a machine gunner, and the other was killed by a sniper.
This change surprised the fb commander, and it was difficult for five people to break through the other side’s defense. Now there are two people missing and the situation is quite dangerous before and after being attacked by the other side. The fb commander sighed and knew that the tide was gone, and it was difficult to reverse this round with only three people.
After judging the situation, the fb commander felt that there were two people behind him, of course, who had to kill the enemy behind them first. There was an advantage in three strikes and two strikes. He immediately decided to counterattack the two machine gunners behind him and immediately turned towards Zhao Xiayang. The sniper also turned and shot Zhao Xiayang, but his shot failed to hit Zhao Xiayang, which exposed his position and led to Thomas’ shot, which failed to kill him.
Fb sniper was scared out in a cold sweat and was feeling lucky when he suddenly shot him in the back, but he was killed by Ye Qing, who had rushed in with Pearl Krabs and Nalan.
Zhao Xiayang was killed by the other two gunners’ fire, but it didn’t last long. Then Thomas flashed out again. This time, he never missed the opportunity to kill a gunner with one gun. Look at the id. It was the other side who commanded the remaining gunner. He rushed directly towards Thomas. After Thomas hurriedly flashed into the bunker, Ye Qing and others had rushed to the man and killed him with a burst of random guns.
Club I took another round to lead 2-0, but this round was not a complete victory, but one person died, which was a great breakthrough for fb team. One person was killed less, and the goal of a round naturally killed two or two people. Their goal now is not to win, but to kill as many people as possible. It is too ugly to lose.
Chapter 1176 Beat confidence
In the third round, Ye Qing chose to take the initiative to attack, and the attack was divided into two ways. He obviously explored the other side’s strength and knew that the other side’s individual combat ability was not as good as theirs. It must be the people of the I club who won, so he boldly took the initiative to attack.
At the moment, the commander of the fb team is also very resistant to two rounds of attack, and the confidence of the players has suffered a great blow. If he can’t win this round, he is afraid that his morale will fall to a low point. He has racked his brains and can’t think of any good way. After all, he is not a well-known commander, and his brain is not so flexible. He can think that the tactics are limited, and these limited tactics can still break the defense line of the I club.
Especially the opponent’s ak machine gunner is too strong. Although Lan Bao repeatedly told them to try their best to limit the opponent’s ak machine gunner before their game, they have no way to know where the opponent’s ak machine gunner is defending. Even if they know that the opponent is not defending alone, they will often face two or three people, and the other side has bunkers to hide. How can they limit it?
The tactics of this round haven’t been decided yet, so it delayed a lot. When the fb team commander simply didn’t think about it, he directly took everyone to point A and didn’t plan to divide his troops.
And there are two people who attack from point A in Club I, namely Pearl Krabs and Nalan. During the attack, they are already fixed partners. This is a leaf inclination arrangement.
When the two men went out, they directly encountered each other’s five-man army. When they saw four machine gunners scattered in front of them, they immediately retreated. At this time, if they confronted each other with guns, they would be screened. If the other four machine gunners strafed together, they didn’t show themselves.
Fb people saw that the other two machine gunners had returned to point A, and they immediately rushed to point A, because they judged that the other side had those two men at point A. Is there any possibility of losing?
Pearl Krabs has immediately informed Ye Qing that the other people’s department has attacked point A. Ye Qing took the people out of the bow at point B. He naturally won’t go back, but directly outflanked toward point A. At the same time, he ordered Pearl Krabs and he to resist a burst of support until they arrived
Pearl Krabs and he hurriedly promised that although there were two people, their strength was not underestimated. Relying on the terrain to block each other, it was still possible.
Five people of fb team rushed in directly without losing anything, and instead of looking for a bunker and Pearl Krabs, they rushed towards them. It is not fatal to play the game. The purpose is to pile up the opponent’s advantage and touch the distance to sweep the other two people to death. In this way, you can quickly get point A without being outflanked by the other side.
It turned out that the fb commander had expected that the other three people would touch the other side from behind, and they planned to make a quick decision. If these two people were going to stick to it, they would definitely not be able to keep it. If they were going to delay for a while, they would be partial to not let the other side get the point A quickly and then take charge of the other side’s flank. After the passers-by arrived, they also had a geographical advantage and could stop the other side from attacking and protecting 4 packs until the explosion, so that victory in this round would be at hand.
This strategy is indeed the right key, that is, it depends on whether you can quickly get the A point. The four machine gunners rushed to Zhenzhen and Nalan very quickly. Although they tried to stop them, their firepower was limited. In the process, although they killed two other people, the other two people rushed to the front. The sniper suddenly flashed in and killed Nalan directly. Pearl Krabs faced the other two machine gunners at close range and was killed by random guns.
Fb tactics succeeded. Two people were killed at the cost of taking point A, and the number of people was not at a disadvantage. The two sides were just equal, but they had geographical advantages. They believed that they would be able to hold on to the situation of three against three.
When the four machine gunners rushed to kill them, they did have some blue guard demeanor, and the desperate momentum was very intimidating. Moreover, the scene of four people rushing together looked more bluffing. When Lan Bao saw that the team had attacked Point A, he also clenched his fist and shouted "Yes" with some emotion. He had deep feelings for this team. I really hope to see this team become stronger.
After fb occupied point A, it quickly packed the bag and arranged the defense. Ye Qing knew that point A had fallen when he saw the death information. He was in no hurry, and led Thomas and Zhao Xiayang to slowly approach point A and waited outside to arrange tactics.
The sniper must finally enter point A, and let Zhao Xiayang enter from the left tunnel, while he entered directly from gate A. Of course, he lost a smoke bomb cover.
As soon as the smoke bomb was thrown in, it was not long before I heard the other party’s secret gun ringing and shooting at the smoke. Obviously, I wanted to hit the smoke through large-scale fire coverage, and even if I couldn’t kill the other party, I could cause great damage to the other party.
Ye Qing knew that the other party would do this, and he was not in a hurry to rush in. The other party’s firepower was in the middle of fighting against the smoke. Then Zhao Xiayang had no pressure over there. He rushed in smoothly and then rushed to the second floor to pack a gun. The other party immediately fell into chaos and immediately turned the gun to deal with him. Ye Qing rushed in without any obstacles and went straight to the second floor.
Thomas quickly followed him in and found a place with a wide field of vision, hoping to see the square man Zhao Xiayang. When he came to sneak attack, he killed the other side. When the sniper squatting next to the box and the other two machine gunners fired at him, his posture was barely able to support the fire of two people for a while. In this way, Ye Qing had rushed in and shot the other side with a shot.
The remaining man also killed Zhao Xiayang and immediately jumped from the platform. He knew that he could not beat Ye Qing to save his life, and then he killed him and harassed him. He didn’t let Ye Qing unpack it smoothly, so they could still win.
He played his wishful thinking well, but he forgot that there was another sniper on the other side who didn’t show up, and when he saw the jump, he aimed directly at the gunner. As soon as he landed, he heard a sniper shot and then he fell down. Suddenly, his heart thumped and he called out, "No good!" As soon as he died, Ye Qing had no obstacles, so he could safely unpack the bag.
The fb commander’s face is a little gloomy. This round can be said to have been calculated very well. Unfortunately, in the case of three-on-three geographical advantages, he still lost to the other side. The strategy of the other side is also quite powerful. Smoke bombs attract their firepower. Another person sneaked in from the secret passage and then attracted their firepower. Another machine gunner rushed to force the last person to jump and was killed by the sniper who was on the defensive side. It can be said that the layout was interlocking.
He has also met many powerful commanders, and he knows that his command level is very average. He is not an opponent of those tactical masters, but the commander of Club I is an ak machine gunner. I have heard that ak is a good marksman and I have never heard that he has a good command ability. Today, when we met, he found that the other party’s command ability was very unusual, and compared with those well-known commanders, it was not too much.
The overall strength of the other side has been stronger than theirs, and the command is also fierce. There is almost no suspense in this game, and the strength is not enough, and reliable tactics can make up for it. But even the tactics are compared with the other side. What is the chance of winning?
He didn’t want to give up the game because Lanbao had high hopes for them. Even if he wanted to lose, he couldn’t lose too ugly. After all, this team was Lanbao’s team. If he lost too ugly, Lanbao would lose face.
In fact, Ye Qing is also very white, and he doesn’t want to beat the other side too embarrassed, and the score can’t shave the other side’s bald head. But at present, he must not be merciful and get the match point less, and then leave some face for the other side, otherwise he is worried that what will happen will lead to the team losing the game, and it is better to be cautious when there is no certainty of winning.
Even after three rounds, the morale of club I has reached its peak. In the fourth round, Ye Qing still attacked directly in two ways. As a result, it happened that the other side was also divided into two ways to attack. Both sides met in a narrow way, and there was a fierce encounter immediately. The ability of club I to fight alone was significantly stronger than that of his opponent. Ye Qing defeated his opponent almost instantly, and then wiped out the number of people along the way during the pursuit.
On the other hand, after a fierce battle, one person was sacrificed and everyone on the other side was killed. As a result, Club I took a four-to-half lead. They were still defenders but took the lead.
Lan Bao’s face is very worrying. I can’t believe that after he retired, the team’s strength has dropped to this point, and he has been beaten with little resilience. Just like a super strong team is playing a game with an amateur team, the confidence of the players must have been crushed, and it is difficult to condense that kind of momentum. This is the core style of their team and the unified style. If you don’t play like this, it will be difficult to pose a threat to each other.