But in this way, my speed is much slower. I have to pray that those guys behind me can catch up slowly, otherwise it would be a nightmare for me if I were surrounded by the enemy on such a mountain road.

However, the fact did not develop as I expected. The enemy did not follow me, but just when I arrived at a place with cliffs on both sides, a group of soldiers had already waited there.
His mother’s situation is not so good.
I was just about to retreat and get out of here, but at this time, the enemy hiding behind me also appeared
It seems that they have long thought that I would come here and waited for me to send the door for them to fight.
Damn, it’s a little frustrating. If someone comes after me, I have nothing to say because I’m wanted forever. If bounty hunters can find my trail, but being kept here waiting for him is another matter. It says that people already know that I will pass through here, and my whereabouts are completely understood by them.
The situation is not good for me, then I have a narrow road to meet, and the brave win.
I was thinking that no matter what, I rushed towards the weaker mage team in the enemy team
However, since the enemy has thought everything over, it won’t give me a chance to rush over easily. Unfortunately, I didn’t think of this at that time.
Sure enough, just as I rushed over, the wizards had retreated to the back to meet me. I was a warrior broadsword and a row of warrior broadswords.
I quickly slammed on the brakes and rushed over to the other side. Are those soldiers willing to let my fat get away from their mouths? One by one, they rushed at me like a peak sexually, and they cut me down.
Although I can’t kill you, it doesn’t mean that grandma has no strength to fight back. I am depressed and vent all my anger.
Since I’m insist on a bloody battle to break through that tight encirclement, I have no choice.
I took out that dagger that I hadn’t finished sending out, and I stabbed at a soldier who rushed over. Since you are all high-ranking, I don’t need to hit a fatal blow. Just go straight to it and it’s a triple whammy, and then a Long Xiang greeted the same soldier directly for nine days.
That guy has been aiming at the front. It seems that he didn’t expect that my piece of meat, which has been placed on the chopping board, will resist and it will be attacked for six consecutive times.
Although the soldier’s level is good, he has a lot of health points, but this cost him more than 1 health point. Although he didn’t hurt his life, he didn’t let this guy and those guys next to him dare to die again.
The encirclement is a little loose, but this is only on the innermost floor. There are still many soldiers outside watching the fighting inside, as if my root is the prey they have surrounded.
His mother hunted for a generation, and now she is bitten by a wolf.
I thought to myself, since you guys are watching from the outside, let me kill some guys inside first, and then you will come at that time, and I will have a chance to rush out.
The target is, of course, the hapless soldier just now. Although he has tried his best to dodge, my dagger toxin attack is still playing an effective role. That guy keeps adding life potion to his mouth, but his life value has not been able to go.
Well, let me see how powerful your soldiers are.
I’m stuck in the cracks of many soldiers, and I finally come back to the soldier who I stabbed just now, and the soldier is still drinking the potion. Isn’t this the wave life potion? Why don’t you give it to me?
I wanted to move my hands and feet faster, and I escaped a soldier’s attack. I went towards that unlucky guy, which was a triple strike.
The best thing about triple whammy is that it is self-cultivated, which can not only make the time consume too many mana, but I can directly take one attack after another. Before I attack it, I always take one flop after another, but when I just made Longxiang nine days later, I think I have no reason not to. It’s so cool.
The soldier was replenishing his health, and he felt a pain at the moment, and then his health dropped a lot.
But I won’t give ya another chance to escape. I quickly looked back. Boy, several soldiers had rushed behind me. I quickly shrank my head into the back of the soldier who was attacked by me, and another three-game combo passed towards his lower back.
That soldier is like a puppet. Although he runs around from time to time, he can’t get rid of his bad luck of being killed by me.
It seems that there are rubbish among them, and I have a little idea in my heart. Since I can kill one, it means that if I work hard, these guys may be killed by me. Anyway, I have plenty of life potion, which is that none of them has an advantage.
Fortunately, this time I was surrounded by soldiers, and the number of wizards and Taoist priests was quite small. Maybe they thought that if these soldiers came, they could deal with me. If there were more people, it would be a wave, haha
Well, look at it. Look down on us.
Do the same thing, I once again target a soldier who is far away from me. This guy is pale and can tell at a glance that he has not passed the battlefield. Since he is a little scared, what are you doing here? Why don’t you run away?
I don’t know if the soldier knew what I was thinking or how he did. Just as I rushed over, the guy left everything alone and ran away.
Shit, is this okay?
This is chicken out. You’re not afraid of your boss killing ya when you go back?
In this case, of course, I can’t let go of such a person. Don’t you want to die by comparing speed with me? What’s even more cool is that this guy runs around and runs around without any rules to follow. Although it makes it difficult for me to chase him, it makes it even more difficult for those who kill me. The speed of the soldiers is not fast. What’s worse, I hardly attack now, but it’s very unlikely that they will cut me through the cracks.
But even so, I will still be hit by some stray bullets, but the damage value has been greatly reduced
In this way, the fighting continued almost absurdly. I have already hacked three soldiers to death in the battle, and now I am trying to send the fourth back.
I glanced at those soldiers in the periphery. Although their faces were very ugly, no one moved.
Grandma, let’s see how long you can endure it. I don’t believe you won’t be heartbroken
Sure enough, when I cut down the fourth soldier at a heavy price, four soldiers from the enemy added in.
Although there is no change in the number of people and one, I deeply feel the pressure increase. Those soldiers who just arrived are much better than those losers I just cut down, both in the card position and the attack surface.