I said, "There must be trouble to get out of here soon, so that Zhou Jia Yu Hongli and I can’t get along with a helicopter, a wine sword fairy and a ghost in the color, and a helicopter will take off quickly and go to the border in a way."

A few people have no opinion and execute it immediately.
"Hum!" "Hum!" After the rotation, the three helicopters went straight to the Sino-Russian border. If you want to go fast, you will definitely find something moving.
I also said to the Russian girl who helped translate, "Tell him to hit the thermal energy meter and report where there is a blast and huge thermal energy."
All these things are easy to handle, but the helicopter is shot, and the Russian side may start another move. It is necessary to do this as quickly as possible
Fenbingsan road
Fly and fly.
On my way, I also saw the huge Lake Baikal frozen and beautiful like a mirror. I thought it would be here, but I didn’t know where it would be.
Hongli was still there and said, "I’ve never heard of the White Tiger Falling in my long life. The Confucians said that I was always guarded by them, but I fought with the Confucians when I was in Qianlong. They didn’t say anything."
Thinking there
Zhou Jiayu was surprised, "Who were you when you were a Qianlong?" He asked, "What seems to have happened in our family? What does a magic weapon seem to be?"
Hongli smiled. "That’s me, the right-door strategist Zhou family. I have been friends with your ancestors. Naturally, I know about me. Of course, I don’t know much. I didn’t expect you to hear about it."
Ha ha a smile
The two men talked instead.
You talk to me about everything.
I was so anxious that I looked at the thermal energy meter and kept asking, "How long will it take to get to the border? Is there any activity in Russia?"
The answers after translation are not very good.
Russia is too big for helicopters to arrive soon, and it seems that Russia is still preparing for interception and shooting down.
But it soon disappeared. I think it should be refreshed.
These drivers also obeyed Feifei and said, "You can’t cross the border like this, you will be shot down."
I gave a line "Just at the border, don’t worry, we won’t hurt you" and took out my mobile phone to call Sister Meow and them "What’s the situation there? Is there any news?"
Meow meow elder sister went to the west and complained, "We’re so paranoid. We should have thought that it’s too stupid for Qiushui Iraqis to face death and be bent on Shinto. How can you help us?"
Because of the so-called Morse code.
If it hadn’t been for that, maybe I could have stopped it when I took out the Xuanwu shield and continued to pursue it, so I wouldn’t have thought like this
I won’t be fooled. I lost all my initiative one day.
And things have changed from a dark side to a dark side, and now that they are in the dark, we have lost the opportunity. There is always something wrong.
Right there, he said, "Do you think it is possible for any of us to be bribed by the Shinto?"
Meow meow elder sister was awakened for a long time and didn’t speak, but the words behind her mouth were not surprising. "Jiu Jianxian" finished the trail. "After you left, we people left me with Jiu Jianxian, and he didn’t care about it because of the autumn waters and Iraqis. Now that you mention it, I feel that it is very likely that he has a problem."
I also thought about the previous things: "He let Qiu Shui Yi people understand, but it is not so easy to let him go. Qiu Shui Yi people will do anything. Although Qiu Shui Yi people want to kill him, he is an idiot who has been sold and helped others count money. It is possible that he was persuaded by Qiu Shui Yi people and became an ambush line around us. Otherwise, how could they be so clever and they all know what we do?"
Analyze clearly.
Let my heart hang up. Lin Weiwei and others are now in the situation. Jiu Jianxian also knows what we have done. Jiu Jianxian knows that if he really should.
It’s over, of course, it’s a guess, but I feel that it’s most likely that other people want to buy it off, and it’s also possible that the ghost in the color is very meow.
But if I had to choose, I would also choose Jiu Jianxian, who loves Qiushui Iraqis too much and is easily shaken and credible.
Don’t tell us to act with them at the crucial moment.
Everything is directed at Jiu Jianxian.
Meow meow elder sister said there again, "Of course I’m guessing, but what you just said is right. There must be a religion among us. We should take it for granted that everyone should have tattoos on their backs. It’s not nothing. This is all a problem."
He also added, "Zhang Song went back to Tiancheng, and Tiancheng seems to have changed. I forgot to inform you, which also said that the situation is wrong."
Zhang Song’s departure from the event made me even more nervous and scratched my head. "Ok, make more preparations."
Also laughed "meow meow elder sister you won’t be should"
Meow meow elder sister don’t want to hear spat "if I were my first hand to you" this just hung up the words.
I quickly sent a short message to Lin Weiwei, and no one told me, "Don’t go to England, take people back to Tang Cheng and put Chen Feng and Wei Yuan in a coma. You control the team."
There are ministers in that wave, and the Committee members are not me.
Lin Weiwei also immediately answered "white" when you say nothing at all.
Chapter 15 White Tiger Trail
It’s a guess and preparation that I let Lin Weiwei occupy the dominant position and fan Weiyuan and Chen Feng. It’s not that I can’t trust Sister Meow. It’s an arrangement that will make me feel at ease.
I also have to control everything in my own hands, because I am all their goals. Xuanwu Shield won’t let them go to England for fear that they will be caught.
Blackmailing me
I’m bound to submit to Jiu Jianxian then. In my opinion, the biggest chance is that he didn’t say anything more or pay attention to Hongli and Zhou Jiayu’s chatter.
Watching the helicopter fly all the time, the Russian girl has been helping and slowly feels that it has flown far away.
I also saw the mountains in the vast expanse of whiteness, and I feel that it is likely to reach the border soon, because this armed helicopter is still quite fast.
"I have never found anything."
At this time also notified a.
And my mind has been dragged away by the so-called dark line, thinking that if there is a real response, I am afraid I will know it at this moment.
It was too late to go, and it may still be there, which made me very naive and didn’t reply.
This Hongli and Zhou Jiayu only noticed and asked, "Why did you suddenly find something wrong?"
It is impossible for Zhou Jiayu and Hongli to know nothing. Zhou Jiayu also belongs to the following state. Even if he sells out, he can’t let the Shinto people do this.
Don’t talk about Hongli. You shouldn’t join Shinto either.
But I didn’t say anything, but I smiled instead. "Look, the horse is going to the border, and they are almost there. If there is a clue, there should be one. If not, I’m afraid they have really caught the white tiger to clean us up."
I don’t have confidence in the tiger symbol either.
Bite your teeth and try your best to forget this.
The two men looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. "Don’t worry about catching the white tiger, so what? I have a whip to dry up the emperor and gluttony, and I represent Tiancheng."
I said, "The owner of Zhang Songshan River Fan was sent to us by Tiancheng, and the representative was also called away, saying that Tiancheng didn’t want to participate."
Zhou Jiayu scolded "I don’t want to take part in the trouble. Do you really want to give Suzaku away as a joke? It’s impossible. It may be something else. You can rest assured that I will help you more or less in our military."