This detour technique is absolutely superior.

Maybe those top players are Fabi, but at least they are full of laughter and pride among ordinary players.
Moreover, the target of the promise war at this time is not the average player but the glory double!
Hui Yaoshuang, a player who usually doesn’t know many people, may have heard about his former id, but this guy’s strength is still good, at least in the past. Later, he focused on the workshop, and his voice was gradually forgotten. Now this battle is vaguely recalled.
So, have the Glory Doubles regressed?
The promise war is a newcomer and a pure newcomer to many players, which can be seen from his actions and movements, especially for Huiyao Shuang! Can he achieve his goal of establishing his position and prestige by attacking a well-known newcomer?
hear nothing of
At least now Hui Yaoshuang doesn’t know.
He knows that he has been played and has been played. Now he is not strange at all, but it is another matter to know whether it is strange to know whether it is strange or not.
Hui Yao is also a little anxious in his heart-he can lose, but he can’t lose too badly
Being surrounded by people’s backs and walking around alive? This won’t work!
Legs a pedal splendor double rapid forward-
The back is also coming, and the footsteps are really tight!
Huiyao’s eyebrows screwed up. After running forward for a certain distance-stopping, turning right or not is a flash! Actually, it’s a left turn Ha, turning left is just like turning right … Now it’s time for the promise war!
Hui Yao Shuang turned left with confidence, turned around and twisted, and the whole person also turned a 36-
A figure flashed in front of Huihuang’s eyes and disappeared instantly, while the silvery white sword continued to hurt him in pieces …
"No, I can’t get rid of it." Hui Yaoshuang was anxious. The other side’s back cover was a little too strong, and the blind area of vision was too accurate to get rid of it. It seems that the other side has the advantage in speed.
At this time, Hui Yao’s heart was silent-what should I do …
Different emotions are surrounded by live video. Before the video, the players also felt the same nickname. Everyone also sneered at his strength and looked down on it. But now this live broadcast seems that this is not the case. It is not a bit that the promise war has higher strength than ordinary people think.
It’s really a bit unexpected to be able to get Huihuang to the point of solution.
Will Hui Yao Shuang be played to death like this?
Everyone was quiet, waiting for the end of the battle …
"No, never! !” Hui Yao’s heart was full of anger, and the occlusal muscles trembled violently.
Suddenly he turned around. Similarly, he didn’t do anything this time. Yang Ye grabbed him in front of him and went around behind him. Then he took a few knives. If it weren’t for this brilliant pair, it was a heavy knight’s equipment and good defense. He wouldn’t be able to walk around for so long. He would have died!
Why do you still want to resist?
But Yang Ye didn’t think that Hui Yaoshuang didn’t mean to attack or look for him, but …
Run towards the gathering place of a large number of people in the Huiyao Workshop and the Shenburial Guild!
This is running away! ? !
This simply made everyone not think that the boss of the Huiyao workshop had run away! This is a one-on-one fight. Aren’t you running like losing? And the noodles are gone! Shame
Ignoring the strange eyes of everyone, Yao Shuang ran directly into the rear of his team. Although he was besieged by the Summer Palace and the Extreme Guild, he somehow narrowed the scope of defense. Although the change was difficult to breathe, the defense pressure was also reduced. After all, the mage class did not dare to get too close. Both sides were archers shooting at each other, but this situation could not last long.
Back to the position, Hui Yao Shuang turned slightly horrified and took a special look at Yang Ye while receiving treatment from her wet nurse.
Yang Ye put each other’s eyes into the eyes at a distance, and the corners of his mouth sparkled. This is …
"provoke me?"
Yang Ye suddenly laughed
Being beaten in a mess and running away, even ignoring Hui Yaoshuang’s face, threw a provocative look at Yang Ye in a place protected by his own people!
"Hey, hey, this is not right!" Yang Ye heart kui each other incredibly still dare to provoke?
"You don’t want to be a promise. Although the other person was caught by us soon, it’s a narrow escape if you want to go in now. If you die, then everyone won’t talk about Hui Yao Shuang’s cowardice and discuss the stupidity of you rushing in." Lu night approached with a bunch of limit guild members just to see Hui Yao’s eyes and then look at the fiery eyes of Yang Ye, and immediately realized what was going on and stopped it.
"Yeah, don’t be silly. Let’s take our time." Wu Di replied next to Yang Ye.
"Hey hey, thank you, but I ….." Yang Ye hey hey smiled and stared at the micro movement of Hui Yao’s lips "just wanted to kill him! !”