The blade didn’t cut his throat, but cut his head directly.
The fountain of blood spurted into the air, forming a thick blood fog, but it was quickly washed away by the rain.
I fuck your mother! Fuck your house! In the ghost mode, the shepherd fights and flies in anger, but he knows very well that there is more fear behind this anger.
Because in the rain, the mad dog dragon is like a still statue, staring coldly at his head and body.
What does Mad Dog Dragon want?
It’s simple, waiting for you to explode!
Every player knows that it’s worth waiting for the corpse to explode!
Fifteen minutes passed quickly, and the corpse turned into light and flew away. The mad dog dragon pressed the intelligent processor to make a sound. "The countdown to the future warrior system is now closed in 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1. Now take it back!"
Several pieces of steel contract, fall off and stack, and finally change back to the box shape, and the mad dog dragon shows its true body and bends down to pick up the land battle.
Mu Zhanfei was lucky because his equipment didn’t explode!
However, the animal husbandry and flying were unlucky. He burst out a lot of medicine, and there was a bright and clear dragon coin mad dog dragon lying in a large and small red and blue bottle. He smiled unceremoniously.
Tell you to pretend to get rid of it this time, man. It’s not just a few thieves who can compete head-on with technology products.
At the same time, the flying man was resurrected in the North Pole Shenguang Headquarters Square, and it was drizzling in Decheng, Stefan Maierhofer.
When the player’s resurrection and the line scene are different lines, the mirror image is slowly and clearly formed, while the resurrection is surrounded by seven colors of light, and after a while, the player’s real body appears.
The resurrection of animal husbandry flying in the square immediately shocked many players who just returned to the headquarters.
You know, Muzhanfei is a level 5 swordsman, and he’s also a famous person in the Hall of Fame. Who did it?
No one dared to ask these questions. Fei turned pale because of the grazing war
He was beheaded by a mad dog dragon, and the death penalty was extremely serious. One dragon coin fell to level 46 without saying level 5, and three five-stage skills regressed by two stages. In addition, another four-stage skill of Sprint Fencing actually fell to one stage alive.
This revenge will not be sworn! Pastoral warfare flying heart in crazy roar!
(Correcting a wrong data in one chapter. The attack power of ump45 is (31 points+points) *11=122 points! ) to be continued
Chapter two hundred and sixteen A vigilante
Happy Tianxing Guanghui City
This is the city where the federal government is located and the city with the best living environment among all known planets.
The blue sea gently caressed the beach, and uncle sat on the shore with a coconut tree moping and smoking.
Xiao Zhou is also sitting by. Neither of them is wearing police or plain clothes, but a casual suit with shorts and slippers.
But these two people are on vacation, but they are "on vacation!" "
A series of events happened in Luoning Town, Camellia Star Snow City, which made the senior officials of Taitai Police Station furious.
First of all, it was found out that Lu Jinshou’s police had a disciplinary problem, and then a large number of police forces and spaceships were waved, but the wanted man got away. In fact, these two things were still tolerated. The most deadly thing was that the federal government member Colt complained that the Tai Police Station and the Snow City Police Station illegally searched his private property without a search warrant, which brought great panic to him and his family.
Under pressure, Tai Police Station was given a holiday by Senior Inspector Williams of Major Crimes Office. In January, they were in charge of all cases, and Ai Ruowei, the captain of the third team of the Secret Service, took over temporarily.
This made them both quite depressed and suffered "accidents" for no reason.
"I finally got a little Li Dalong’s eyebrows and now I’m actually on holiday!" Xiao Zhou shouted with discontent
He is young, idealistic and passionate, and he wants to break into a world in the police. This kind of leisure day is welcome for others, but he can’t spare a moment.
"What can you do without a vacation?" Uncle saw his one eye "waiting for the nigger to continue to complain? And then NASA transferred you to another planet? You have to thank Sir William for giving you a holiday. This is to protect you! "
"I know that!" Xiao Zhou frowned. "But the clue that Li Dalong’s whereabouts have just been discovered is broken again!"
Uncle Li Dalong is also frowning. He has solved all kinds of cases for many years, and he has taken over more cases than the black spider escape case, but I don’t know why Li Dalong’s case is inexplicable and very difficult, and the progress is unusually slow.
This is a situation that he has never encountered before. There must be something wrong.
Uncle took another cigarette and looked at the ups and downs of the sea. "We can’t treat Li Dalong’s case by conventional methods."
"What?" Xiao Zhou asked
Uncle said, "If we dig directly from Li Dalong again, I’m afraid we can’t dig out any clues. We should start from other ways."
It’s true that Li Dalong heard from again after fleeing from Luoning Town. Now, if you want to find him, even if you take the waters and Haidong as a breakthrough, you don’t care.
Xiao Zhou suddenly remembered something. "By the way, when we searched Li Dalong’s residence on the outskirts of Luoning Town, we found an earthen tomb behind his residence. The owner’s name is Li Xian. This Li Xian should be a relative of Li Dalong, right?"
Uncle nodded. "It should be!"
Xiao Zhou said, "We can check it and maybe find out some clues. For example, the tombstone looks dated. Li Dalong’s relatives died many years ago. He should have lived in Luoning Town for a long time before he went to prison."
Uncle looked at him with great interest. "Your reasoning is a bit unfinished, but what results can you draw from this idea?"
Chou embarrassed scratching his head "boss I this is not to learn from you? You have to make some progress, right? "
"Associative reasoning ability is available, but your general direction is crooked!" Uncle sighed. "You might as well follow this line and think about what relatives Li Xian is in Li Dalong?"
Xiao Zhou said, "It can’t be his father, can it?"
"It’s probably his father!" Uncle changed his solemn expression. "What do you think he would bury his father in such a remote place? Or that place is not suitable for burying a person! "
Xiao Zhou seemed to realize, "Maybe the situation was that he could bury his father there?"
"But you didn’t guess wrong this time. That was the situation at that time!" Uncle nodded. "I judge that tombstone is at least ten years old, which means that Li Dalong was just a one-year-old child at that time. He was unable to send the body to the funeral home in Snow City. First, he didn’t have money at that time. Second, he didn’t have citizenship. The funeral home wouldn’t accept it. Third, the most important thing is that a normal person wouldn’t bury his relatives there even if he was a child with a little common sense."
"Yes, there is no burial now. No matter how careless you are, you can make the memory serve in the temple." Xiao Zhou finally realized, "I understand that something must have happened at that time and he could bury it on the spot."
Uncle continued, "He lived in that house but it didn’t have a history of ten years. The house was built artificially and there was no trace of intelligent robots. If I guess correctly, that area has always been a wasteland. When Li Dalong and his father landed in Camellia Star many years ago, there must have been a difficult accident. His father may have died in that accident, so he buried his father on the spot and built a house in front of the grave to live there for a long time!"
There is no evidence to support this statement, but Xiao Zhou believes that uncle’s description is at least 10% close to the truth, not because of the unique intuition of being a policeman
"But what can this prove?" Xiao Zhou is puzzled.
Uncle’s eyes once again fell into the distance. "There are at least hundreds of thousands of people named Li Xian in the Federation, but there is a person with this name and he is particularly famous."
"Oh?" Xiao Zhou came to be interested in "Who?"
Uncle lit another cigarette and his expression became trance-like. "Many years ago, there was a generation of thieves. He had a famous nickname-‘vigilante’!"
Chou frowned. "Why haven’t I heard of it? Isn’t Wick the best? "
Uncle said, "that man is not in the same era as us. He used to read when I was still reading. It’s normal that you didn’t even hear!"
Xiao Zhou said, "What happened later?"
Uncle said, "Then this man disappeared!"