But Xu tui feels that there is something wrong with it!

I feel lacking but I can’t think of it
With the power of the spirit silver box pouring into the head, the white light spots suddenly appeared in the head area.
This let xu back a slight stay.
I didn’t pay attention to this before, but I saw this white spot after careful observation.
This is the power of the silver box?
In the middle of the head?
It didn’t take long for these white spots to disappear after observing in Xutui.
Xu back a face of wonder.
I don’t know what happened in this!
Why can’t a kinetic energy in a sudden retreat be observed microscopically?
Theory is no good!
But isn’t it necessary to jump out of the cognitive thinking pattern?
Who knows if it may be impossible without trying?
Try to make a micro-induction of yourself in the visual state!
After a few seconds, Xu retired and felt happy.
It’s done!
It can still be done!
Look at yourself microscopically.
Then Xu retired and saw a mass of white rolling mist
The fog is thin, rare and wide.
In micro-induction, the fog rolling range is as big as a room.
In an instant, a white light spot jumped into the fog and then disappeared.
Almost at the same moment, the scope of rolling fog in micro-induction suddenly expanded outward by one
After a few minutes, Xu tui seems to understand a little.
This white fog is his spirit?
Or the mental body?