"Hello, are you visiting Jiangning?" Without waiting long, a tall girl first appeared in front of Yin Senpi, with curved eyebrows and full of longing.

Chen Yi Kenai gave way to the core position. Yin Sen’s face and figure completely meet the ancient aesthetic standards of China, and even his white skin is stained with light. If you look at a beautiful man, Yin Sen’s skin is a kingly appearance-solemn, handsome, low-key and not frivolous.
Another female moth put out the fire and introduced herself.
"Let’s go there and have a look." Chen Yi called the knights to the other side of the viewing platform.
When vomit can’t stop their admiration, aliens are definitely not a good reason to stop it. If anyone believes it, it will be a stunning lovelorn.
Chen Yi shook his head and let Hunting Nine continue to tell them simple common sense.
The 26 knights who didn’t advance voluntarily stayed in the Chen martial arts school. Even if they were not in the situation, the radius of 16 kilometers meant the whole Jiangning area, so they must be made to understand the basic knowledge and make problems.
In the absence of heavy weapons for self-defense, two fighting knights can blow up three or five police stations in one day, and they definitely have enough reasons to resist the rules and restrictions, just like the iron fence just now.
The ladder starts again.
Two unarmed policemen came in and Yang asked, "Who’s Mr. Chen?"
"I am" Chen Yi walked out.
"Mr. Chen Yi?" The other party repeatedly confirmed
"It’s me"
"We’re here to make a record," the policeman said, digging out a little boy who didn’t know where the order came from and tried his best not to offend Chen Yi.
The first floor of Fengpei Building is already a policeman, but for the diamond-like hardness background, it should be an armed police now.
Chen Yi took a hard look at Yin Sensheng and gently explained it to the police.
By the time the last police car with flashing red lights left, it was past dinner
After this delay, everyone lost interest in browsing. Chen Yi simply took everyone to the direction of the martial arts school, and three knights, whether they are magical or not, can teach in the martial arts school for most of the future.
"I want a large number of students to reach level 6 in one year. I know that many students can reach level 6 now, but I want to be universal."
"About how much?"
"10,000 people may be 20,000" Chen Yi is not a loose mouth. If you want to send 20,000 people in the western continent, it is a very small number.
But 20,000 is not a small number compared with the people in the West.
Less is a city-state population.
Yin Senpi looked at the tall Meijiang Building and asked, "How many people are there in this city?"
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