"Boom …"
Virtual thrill turned upside down.
As if the stars were falling and everything was returning to the market, an unknown horror suddenly appeared in my heart for a long time.
A touch of starlight appeared in the dead silence.
Since ancient times, the huge sound has echoed in unknown places.
"Ziwei Apocalypse … the stars are scattered … the highest day and the lowest night … the number of days in the week … the destruction of the world … nine deep and remote changes …"
audience hall
Zhou Jia’s body is stiff and motionless.
More than Zhou Jia
This moment seems to be frozen.
In the field, the stone tablet is quietly broken, and the fly ash is scattered in an instant.
And the strange fog that has been around the main hall has dissipated from time to time, revealing the stone path and dense forest outside.
A starlight emerged from the ashes of the stone tablet, and when it rotated, it turned into a streamer, which did not enter Zhou Jia’s mind.
Zhou Jia turned his head and looked around.
"What just happened?"
He knew that he had read out the words on the stone tablet, and then his consciousness suddenly went dark, and only then did he recover.
The stone tablet in front of me is gone.
Not only the stone tablet hall has disappeared, but also his feet and bones. What happened to him these days is a dream.
The line of sight is not the lingering fog, but the dense forest.
The wind rustled the leaves clearly.
"Out … out?"
Zhou Jia was tongue-tied and immediately showed ecstasy.
"Come out, we are out, Chen Hui, we are out!"
Looking back, Chen Hui, who was unconscious, didn’t surprise him, but something in her head made Zhou Jia stupidly.
close one’s eyes
The sight is dark and the light is shining.
A French word describes the hazy stars floating in the consciousness, and the stars are falling and the stars are changing unknown, which finally turns into a series of subtitles that he can understand.
Fan San Jie Zhuang
Open your eyes and Zhou Jia stayed for a while before clenching your hands.
Then a pure and powerful force came to my mind.
This force is two or three times stronger than before!
What makes Zhou Jia have an illusion that he can blow the gravel with one punch!
Maybe … This is not an illusion!
Zhou Jia eyes flashing suddenly clench fist toward the side bluestone hit.
Chapter 13 series?
Blood moon pawn
"Sasha Vujacic …"
The forest leaves sway in the dense forest
A figure stepped on the hay and stretched out the branches in sequence.
The figure was large and ragged, with a heavy wooden shield in his left hand and a terrible axe in his right.
The wooden shield is brown. I don’t know if it’s made of material or oval shape. It can easily cover half of the body, and it is several inches thick, which gives people a heavy and solid feeling.
The wooden handle and iron blade of the axe weigh dozens of pounds and look terrible.
The man with two heavy objects in his hand turned out to be deadpan, with a relaxed face, but he didn’t know that his right hand was red and swollen.
From time to time, I waved my arms and axes, and the light flashed across the branches and fell.