Zhou Yi’s eyes narrowed slightly with a long knife.

Even though I have seen it several times, I have personally touched it, and he is still amazed at the sharpness of this knife.
Even if it’s a pure-sun iron cloth shirt, if necessary, I don’t want to fight hard when I gently tap the side of the attacking blade with a wooden knife.
Heavy sound
Wu Sansi’s mouth was full of drinks and footsteps, and the knife was folded horizontally. The knife was cold and sharp, and the wind swept one hundred degrees with a chill.
Ordinary people’s wrists are bound to tremble slightly.
This is caused by the flow of blood, and it is difficult to avoid it unless it is a top expert, but Wu Sansi has this problem
His whole person is like walking with a long knife in his hand, but when he draws a smooth arc, he brushes Zhou Yi’s foot.
When the Long Dao was displayed, it suddenly shook strangely, and the colorful knife shadows spread.
This knife is a soft blade!
It is precisely because of this that Wang Chonggu was able to hit Mrs. Hua and Wei Zhong hard with the knife hidden in her body a few months ago.
Almost turned the table in one fell swoop
Zhou Yi’s body is half-footed, and he doesn’t focus on his body. He waves his wooden knife and knife straight to kopis’s face.
Collision is endless.
Wu Sansi felt that his hand sank and he had to fight hard to wield a long knife, which became more and more urgent and faster.
Blink of an eye
See only knife light flashing figure impressively has been hidden in it.
Zhou Yi lost one hand behind him and walked around with a wooden knife in three feet, such as dodging flexibly at the sharp tip of a knife.
Seemingly dangerous
His face has changed a lot
Wu Sansi almost lost control of chopping speed with a long knife, but was suppressed by his opponent at his own controllable limit.
This feeling of frequent collapse is both torture and a test.
The knife suddenly lit up.
Wu Sansi shouted at the sky and broke the limit. The feeling made him feel comfortable. Every capillary was like a piece.
Can’t say happy.
The back of the knife collided with a long knife, and Wu Sansi went backwards and sweated, but his back was full of excitement.
I have a breakthrough in my own knife method!
Visual Zhou Yi’s face was full of gratitude.
"Thank you, Uncle"
Zhou Yi nodded his head with an expression, and a copper coin flashed through the window sash and hit the back yard wall.
The penetration of copper coins into the wall also makes the girl who is going to climb the wall move a stiff.
Left the pie mouth, she came to the front yard angrily.
In the past few months, she has tried many times to get a joint venture from the outside world, and she has been found every time, and sometimes she will be beaten up.
Zhou Yi can’t cherish passion for jade.
"Sister Wei!"
Wu Sansi looked excited to see her.
"I have been able to cast the sixth form of the Nine-Loss Sword. Thanks to Uncle Zhou’s advice, you should consult more."
"I don’t have as many good things as you" Wei wench pie mouth a face of unwilling.
"How can you give such kind advice without exchanging skills with others?"
"Uh …"
Wu Sansi is sluggish.