"What can I say?" Feng Liangzhou shrugged. "Things often happen. This is our working environment …"

It’s such a hassle to engage in large-scale projects. Historically, large-scale projects have always faced all kinds of dystocia. Sometimes it’s hard to bid and bid for several years. Suddenly, a fund is not in place and the policy changes, so it is cancelled.
Some projects are repeated for decades and hundreds of years before they are finally built
For example, the most famous cross-harbour tunnels in Midi and Lanxi have been demonstrated two years ago.
"But these projects are absolutely three years without eating for three years! Of course, if a company is dragged down by a project, there will be many "Feng Liangzhou patted the box in front of him and let him cough violently immediately."
"Bah bah … somebody clean it up for me!"
Not far from Zhuang, he also reached out and hit a box casually, taking out a document and blowing dust freely.
A few big characters "Serava Canal Project" appeared on the surface.
"What is this?" Zhuang is a stranger to this name. Why hasn’t he heard of this canal?
"Ah, this?" Feng Liangzhou heard this name immediately eyes a bright "before I retired, I was also studying this if it wasn’t pitted by damn six mans state, even I would also like to join in! But fortunately, I didn’t participate because this guy is more unreliable than the dying canal! "
"Oh?" Zhuang is not far away from wondering how unreliable the law is.
This planned canal is also located in the East Central Region.
In the border area between Saber State and Sawtooth State
As we all know, many states in the eastern and central regions are simply local tyrants.
For example, Zhongmadao Prefecture is one of the best.
In the second World Cup, the local tyrants of Sabre State held out their rings and covered their mouths when their team was abused by the enemy. The photos were simply the hottest expression packs.
That’s right. People in Sabre State are so local tyrants. Everyone is a Thanos fan.
Another state, Sawtooth State, is also a local tyrant.
They happened to host a World Cup football match.
These two States border on each other and are located near the richest bay in the East China region.
Sabre state is vast in territory and abundant in resources; Sawtooth state is the richest in the eastern and central regions because of its superior geographical location.
However, the situation in the East and Central China is really unpredictable, just like a child’s play.
These two States have the same race and religion, and they have money and leisure, but they refuse to live a good life. When they are themselves, Thanos just wants to kill each other.
The Serava Canal Project is such a "dear John Canal".
In terms of land area, Saber Prefecture is much larger than Sawtooth Prefecture, which is like a granulation extending from the land of Saber Prefecture. It is a small peninsula, which is also a city-state level in terms of area.
The state of sabre, which is incompatible with its little friends, thought of a way to "cut off" the sawtooth state from itself
They want to build a canal 6 kilometers long and 3 meters wide to directly turn Sawtooth State into an island.
Since this plan came out, Sawtooth State has been a little honest immediately.
But a few days after being honest, Sawtooth State saw through Sabre State’s virtual tension.
This huge canal project has been torn back and forth by both sides, and I don’t know how many people have consumed it, how many people have consumed their youth, and how many companies have tried to do it.
"We can do this project!" Zhuang said not far away, "The situation in East China is so tense recently. Let’s make an offer. If the price is right, Madao Prefecture will definitely be willing!"
"Sabre State is willing, but what about Sawtooth State?"
"We can quote them to build a bridge at the same time," Zhuang said not far away. "We can build more if one is not enough."
Feng Liangzhou doesn’t want to talk.
This is the so-called creating difficulties without difficulties?
Master Zhuang, what about your humanity?
Chapter 1161 So cute it must be a boy
In the manor, Daniel lay leisurely on the edge of large farmland in Green Island and gently wagged his tail.
Its head was once broken, and the corner was almost as long as the previous one.
If you don’t look at the root carefully, you can’t tell which of these two horns grew later.
And its head is covered with a small yellow flower, which looks particularly beautiful and somewhat holy.
It seems that it is quiet to lie there staring at the distance.
Several farmers nearby are tending the fields in the manor.
Except for Daniel, it is too large to be outside. It is simply an idyllic scene.
With farmers working in the manor, Daniel has to deal with some heavy work now. Daniel has been at leisure recently, and his body has become thicker than before, in other words, he has become "fat"
Since Daniel’s head is full of flowers, it means that he is about to enter the "fifth order"
In fact, most people in the manor don’t understand what the fifth order is to cultivate cattle and banyan.