The biggest change is a list.

"The younger brothers Han Fei, Tian Yao and Shui Kou betrayed the black wind tunnel, and all the younger brothers who belong to the black wind tunnel should try their best to catch them."
"Kill one person and reward one thousand lingshi!"
"A thousand lingshi can be connected to the black wind tunnel by anyone. It’s a big deal!" The list was crowded with people, and one of them whispered.
"If I can get one person, I will be rich."
"These three people are all black wind tunnels. How can their strength be weak? Without the strength in the later stage of refining gas, it is also a dead end."
"It is not certain that they can escape from the black wind tunnel. They must have experienced many dangers. How much strength they can have now is still unknown."
"It’s extremely extreme!"
Everyone is whispering, and many people’s eyes are red and they are ready to move.
Zhou Yili stood outside the crowd and shook her head gently toward the two women. She walked on until she stopped at a stall selling exotic animals.
There are more than a dozen iron cages with talismans behind the stall owner, and there are all kinds of animals in the cages.
In one of the cages, a two-meter-long scorpion is catnap.
"Tian Man?"
Visual scorpion Zhou Yi’s eyes narrowed slightly.
"Outside the black wind tunnel!"
"Yes," the stall owner smiled when he opened his eyes.
"The scorpion, the guest officer, is just outside the black wind tunnel. After being alienated, it can produce venom every day and live for seven years."
"The venom produced alone can sell dozens of lingshi, and it can also be used as a mount. Now the dharma protector wants ten lingshi and you can take them away."
"Shopkeeper" Yu Huiyin tooth friction could not help but ask.
"Aren’t you afraid of being investigated by the black wind tunnel people when you sell the black wind tunnel?"
She is also the younger brother of Black Wind Tunnel, practicing the same five poisons, and seeing that’ the same kind’ is sold by people, will she feel comfortable?
There is even a murderous look.
Vendor eyebrows thoughtfully looked at vaporizes quickly neck scales laughed.
"I dare not offend the black wind tunnel now, but I bought this animal from my brother in the black wind tunnel. It is a sinner."
"Yes, some time ago, two people in the black wind tunnel really fought for the title of the cave and lost everything, including their younger brothers."
"So …" Aquarius said.