The U.S. representative simply tore up the disguised Al Qaeda and Beidu showdown and held secret consultations on all issues of the moon, preferring to scrap the Outer Treaty and effectively curb the expansion of Beidu’s moon.

Things have come to this, and the high-level officials in Beidu lamented that the delegation did not allow an inch of land in the negotiations and tried their best to seek the interests of the national moon.
In response to this, Gotha’s highest instructions, comrades worked hard on the moon to achieve today’s results, and no one is qualified to squander their lives and blood at the negotiating table.
The negotiation table does not agree with each other, which makes the Sino-US negotiations deadlocked, but both sides are confident to get the results they want, and the negotiations continue.
At the same time, the construction of the two lunar bases has never stopped, but it has been accelerated by ground infighting. The average working hours per person per day exceed 14 hours, and the working hours will be extended for several hours if it is not mandatory for the bases to leave enough rest.
The industrial group has worked overtime, and the construction group has not been idle. Although the base is always insufficient, the production projects of the industrial group do not always need pressure. Many times, low pressure and real environment are more favorable.
So the construction team finally didn’t have to rush to the base construction, but divided people to make necessary adjustments to the structure of the base, and chose the appropriate position in each base to chisel the function.
The unresolved dormitory problem in the past year has finally been included in the base construction plan.
At first glance, it seems a bit unprofessional to chisel the dormitory at this juncture, but only a familiar lover knows that the base is forced to do so.
There are a lot of materials sent to the moon from the ground. Although astronauts practice strict economy, after more than a year of consumption, the spare materials have been consumed, but the raw material roots obtained by refining moon rocks and separating moon soil are not enough.
The eye is in the critical period of base expansion, and every minute of delay will cause losses in the future.
This base has made a strategic plan for outward development, and all materials and equipment conditions are inclined to the expansion strategy.
Think about it. Even the spacecraft shell has been taken away by the industrial group. Where are the remaining materials in the base? But the industrial group just found a large number!
At this time, the base has more than 300 astronauts and nearly 30 living quarters, each of which weighs 12 tons. If the living quarters are recast, more than 300 tons of metal parts can be recovered to produce lunar rover, and 100 lunar rovers can be made, which will increase the capacity of the base ten times!
In addition to the living quarters, there are more than a dozen spaceships standing at the launch site, and a batch of raw materials can be recycled.
Previously, some spaceships have been dismantled by industrial groups, so that the remaining spaceships are the last life support theory of astronauts, and we can’t move lightly at any time.
Then there are several similar military cabins. This method replaces the functional cabin and still retains the industrial group. Besides the living cabin, where else can he choose?
The base immediately expressed its support for the idea of the industrial group, so the engineering group set about solving the dormitory problem
In a blink of an eye, two months later, another spaceship successfully landed in the port area at the beginning of the month.
At present, the base port of Beiyuezhou is still under planning, but it is just a piece of planned benefits. There is no difference in other areas except for the edge of the ground where a spaceship can be lifted at any time.
After more than two months of efforts by the agricultural team, the base has been relieved of the crisis, and the main and non-staple foods have been greatly raised to the ground, and more people have been sent to the base. This time, 22 astronauts arrived by boat.
More than 20 astronauts in space flight left the spaceship one by one and looked around, no matter what they saw, they felt fresh.
What you see in training can’t be compared with being there.
Ye Han, who is in charge of "picking up the plane", arrived near the spacecraft with an open-top lunar rover and endured the excitement to deliberately depress the bass. "Please get a car!"
The newly arrived astronauts jumped to the lunar rover like a group of zombies, and they could float seven meters away every time they jumped-they couldn’t walk like astronauts with counterweight in space flight.
Yip hon first sent fourteen people to the industrial group and then put the car into the airlock of No.1 hole.
The outer gate dropped two gates, and the inflation hissed. From the moment when the air pressure of the gate reached the standard value, the red light on the gate turned green and clicked, and the gate slowly rose, and the passage was presented to everyone.
Behind the short passage is a crossroads with conspicuous signs on the walls in every direction.
After the lunar rover enters the channel gate car, it slowly falls.
Yip hon still bass "ok, you can take off your helmet" and pick up your helmet with a smile and look back at your new companion in the car and then fix your eyes on a familiar and strange face.