A feeling of tightness in the desktop rang down to a person.

Q assistant was surprised. She turned her head and looked at the white stone on the table for a second or two … Guilty, let go and slowly grabbed the wet towel next to him and wiped it on his finger.
At the same time, a [? ]
After wiping the tooth marks, assistant Q looked at it carefully with Baishi’s finger and wondered if he was infected with a virus. How to bite a person and fall down?
Future employees are still stuck at the table.
Q assistant walked over and patted him on the face. The question mark on the top of his head dangled in front of Baishi.
Baishi raised his hand to crush the bubble and sighed, saying, "It’s hard to fish after being tired." Is this what happens when you often skip classes before?
When Q’s assistant heard him shout tired, he habitually wanted to beat his shoulder, but he couldn’t reach it.
She touched Ba for a moment of serious meditation and turned to take a picture of Baishi’s face.
Anyway, it’s a hammer for promoting blood circulation, which should be almost the same …
Hammer twice, and suddenly a small light bulb flashed from her head.
Baishi took one look and understood "Can there be a salary?"
Q assistant’s eyes are bright and the hammer is more powerful.
When the massage came in, Baishi peeked at the mini account of a Q assistant and found that the progress bar had regressed a lot.
It seems that getting a new body also needs a lot of money.
How many trash cans have I rummaged through to save money? The old man is a real jerk …
Q assistant wants to earn money by saving people or reasonable labor income.
Must be "reasonable"
It’s impossible to turn over a million just because she helped me with a pen.
But speaking of reasonableness …
I heard that many industries earn more than unskilled manual labor.
Counseling seems to make money.
"Come here" Baishi looked at the money and consciously ran to squeeze disinfectant and wipe her hands. Assistant Q waited for her to run close and get into the play and said, "Your head is too scary. I need comfort now."
Q assistant turned around and looked in the hood. She didn’t feel scary in front of her, but she was cute.
But she doesn’t mind listening to Baishi because every time she does what he says, there will be money in the unified account …
How can humans comfort?