"Wait, why did Mr. Jia accept it?"

"High total not to say just now? 3F? Faherfriendflish, the owner and I are friend! Master Zhuang, are we friends? "
"Say just like I’m not! Manager Zhuang asks to see this way! Your little friend is watching you! "
"excuse me, are there any flish places? I’m stupid! I want to buy shares! "
Zhuang Dad also raised his hand weakly beside him. "Didn’t you see me, faher, beside me? Save some for me! "
Now that you are rich, you should also invest!
Not far from Zhongzhuang, this company was robbed of 3% shares before it was established.
Zhuang is not far away, and he is not biased. Everyone is a 1% shareholder, and Zhuang Dad is no exception.
Even Jinhui’s boss has grabbed a single order, and now he is crossed with joy, as if he had found a bargain.
The editor-in-chief next to me is stupid
With these two words, you can raise 3 billion yuan and push an absent company to a market value of 10 billion yuan?
And Zhuang is not far away, accounting for 7%. Is this 700 million worth?
Hey, wait, this 300 million yuan is also for Zhuang, which is not far from Zhuang, and it is worth tens of billions?
Just now … Two sentences?
Is that how it works? What if it’s not?
Why is my brain not enough? Oh, my God, I’m dizzy!
And everyone else is still buying from each other. "Give me your 1% stake, Mr. Gao, and I will pay 10 million more!"
"Ten million more? How much is my 1.5 billion acquisition? "
"I made a message back and you got this price? Fuck me, 200 million! I have to snap up some shares and leave them to my niece! "
A group of people are pushing Zhuang’s value to 230 million in a burst of mouth shots.
Not far from the village over there, even the company name has not been decided, and there is no site selection, production, design and marketing plan.
What do you mean, hand-turning clouds cover hands and rain? With just a few words, I made the young richest man poor and then increased his worth by tens of billions?
Not far from Zhuang, it’s just a few mouth cannons!
Editor-in-chief Jin Hui has always felt that he has been in and out of luxury houses all day, in and out of giants and in contact with awesome people, which has created an illusion that he is also awesome.
But now he really realizes that some people in this world are not ordinary "worth", "assets" and "liabilities". These people are really awesome.
This world is really terrible.
Jia Shenghui cried next to him. "Master Zhuang, my richest man is meowed …"
What about not killing eun?
Chapter 697 Zhuang not far from two big ambitions
Of course, Zhuang doesn’t care about this false reputation at all. Jia Shenghui finally succeeded in keeping his title as the richest man at the age of 4, and the thrilling part was like a sob when he fought a tough battle and delivered a speech.
"Thank you, Master Zhuang, for not killing …"
Now that the shares have been sold, the candy company should concentrate on its affairs.
The company name and Lg were also decided before the end of the ceremony.
The name is "claw candy", and Lg is jade claw.
Pink, tender, crystal clear, looks particularly cute. Once the name is exploded, people’s vigilance is minimized to ensure that people will disappear rationally and pay for sugar.
In fact, this Lg and Neng Manor are also in the same strain. Neng Manor Lg is a small fist with grass.
I’ve thought about it not far from the post-production line
What monkey paw soft candy, cat paw lollipop, Tiger Claw chocolate, dog paw chewing gum, raccoon paw marshmallow …
Let the animals rule the world with their claws!
Wouldn’t it be nice to wait until the candy company developed low-end sugar dumping exile era and high-end sugar in turn captured the earth?
Of course, a candy company is not so easy to succeed, as Mr. Gao said
Raw materials, formula and components are indispensable.
Excellent taste is a trial and error, I don’t know how many times before it comes out. After market inspection and elimination, it is now colorful sugar.
However, a good raw material base is equal to half the battle. At this point, everyone has full confidence in Zhuang not far away.
And a grand ceremony in Jin Hui was abruptly turned into a "claw claw candy shareholders’ meeting" not far from Zhuang.
The board of directors was established, and General Manager Gao was appointed as the executive chairman. General Manager Gao also recommended a senior executive of his own flag as the CEO, and then set up a company team to discuss where to recruit people, such as building a factory.
The Jin Hui Festival almost won the title of the richest and most well-connected people in the whole virtual city. Not long ago, they were just a mouth gun claw claw candy company, and in less than an hour, they became upstarts in the virtual city capital circle.
By the end of the Jin Hui Festival, Zhuang found himself rich again.
Although it is not much, it can be regarded as a continuation of life, and the speed of burning money in the manor can be burned for a few days.
Of course, there are more places to burn money.
Candy companies should set up factories, have their own production lines, recruit workers and establish sales channels.
And, of course, planting cocoa trees.
Moreover, cocoa is not the only chocolate occupying the high-end candy market, but it is not the only high-end candy. This is a very large and deep field.
I really don’t know how crazy these people will be when the claw candy is produced and enters the era of exile
Who can compete with the manor candy offensive? Who can?