Mu ni huo da kou

Hall first phoenix exquisite faint smile eyebrow eye can’t say make public showily she proudly sound hall.
"The Empress thinks too much and denies what her brother did wrong. Since we didn’t do anything wrong, let’s apologize."
Phoenix and exquisite words fall queen Mu Mi looks pale and gloomy than staring at Phoenix and exquisite. "You are too arrogant and arrogant. Your brother is broken."
Your brother broke his leg and now you say he didn’t do anything wrong. "
Feng Linglong cool thin smiled, and the smiling face was dizzy, which made her as bright as pearls and jade.
The queen couldn’t help being jealous when she saw the first song.
Empress Mu has always recognized herself as the most beautiful woman in the East China Sea. Seeing the outstanding Feng Linglong this time, I couldn’t help feeling jealous and jealous. Previously, Feng Linglong’s staring at Feng made her feel disgusted. Now she is furious just looking at Feng Linglong, let alone having a good face for her.
It’s a pity that Feng Linglong is not afraid of her indifferent and casual reply. If it is light and breezy, God can let people see that she is strong and arrogant.
"That’s because the East China Sea is too self-absorbed. Is it anyone’s fault that a future monarch should be insidious and mean to calculate others’ skills and finally lose his leg?"
"Maybe empress others should let your son calculation? It’s just that I’m not as good as others and blame others for not knowing it at all. "
"The palace has to suspect that your move in the East China Sea is deliberately provoking trouble. Otherwise, Princess Creek went to the Western Chu State and didn’t pick anyone. Didn’t it deliberately pick a fight?"
Mu Qianqian told Feng Linglong what happened in the former Western Chu State when everyone entered the palace.
Feng Linglong didn’t know that her daughter actually had a man she liked, or that she was a prince of Chu Jing.
In this case, she is naturally angry with her daughter, and the princess of Donghai also wants to grab points, which is to die.
Feng Linglong’s eyes are deep and full of haze. Looking at the Empress of the Hall, she finally looks at the East China Sea Huangfeng who hasn’t spoken.
The more Feng Linglong looked, the more she felt that the maple in front of her eyes was unreal, as if this root was not the maple she had known before.
Except for her appearance, she looks more and more different. If the person in front of her eyes is Feng, she can’t be recognized.
Well, even if he has amnesia, he can’t recognize her, but what makes her look strange to him and his eyes are indifferent to her
Even if he really has amnesia, there should be something in his heart when he sees her. It must have happened that they were very much in love in the past.
Feng Linglong couldn’t say how tangled he was. He stared at the first maple in the hall and looked at him carefully.
When she first entered the hall, the excitement subsided. After that, she found that this man gave her a feeling of complete strangeness, just like a stranger. Although he looks exactly like Feng, the fact is that he looks like another root.
The queen looked at Feng Linglong and stared at her own man. She couldn’t help looking pale and gloomy.
"The princess doesn’t mean that my son’s leg is so wasted."
Feng Linglong turned around and looked at the Queen Mu than nodded seriously. "It’s that your son’s legs are ruined, and you can’t pick them up even if you want to."
Mu queen was almost angry and vomited blood. This woman is so hateful that she has never seen someone else’s legs abolished and nodded so confidently.
Mu Mi is a calm person and has never been angered to this extent by anyone.
But this phoenix exquisite has that kind of money that kills people.
Mu Mu was so angry that he pointed to Feng Linglong’s face. "Princess Feng, you are too arrogant. This is my East China Sea Palace, not your Qingxiao Palace. Today’s Palace will make you come and go."
As soon as she said a word, she called for "someone" outside the temple
Outside the hall, several guards poured in, and blink of an eye blocked everyone’s way.
Mu Ni looked at Feng Linglong and others and ordered them to "take these malicious thieves to the palace."