Lin Yu took out a map and studied it slowly in an attempt to find the way out. Chapter 57 How can we get out?

"Qin Muyu gave you this map?"
Fine looked at Lin Yu hand map suddenly asked.
"Yeah, but we didn’t steal it. I picked it up."
Lin Yu finally realized in hindsight that it was disgraceful for her to come here, and she shouldn’t have swaggered around in front of her master.
"Do you pick it up?"
"Yeah, in your hot spring pool."
I see. She wondered how Qin Muyu got this thing. Poison Ling stayed with her at that time, and it was impossible to contact Qin Muyu. It turned out that this thing was given to Qin Muyu through Lin Yu.
"That thing is yours, so I’ll give it back to you. It’s also returned to its original owner."
Lin Yu took the initiative to return the map to Zijuan. I can’t help it. She doesn’t have this thing in her hand at all. She searched several times but couldn’t find where they are now. It’s nothing to keep it.
"This place can’t be seen on the map. If you go out from the map exit, it doesn’t mean you have to touch Qin Muyu. I’m not that stupid to take the initiative to send the door."
Fine didn’t pick up the map that Lin Yu handed me. After today, this map is nothing even if it is kept.
"no? Then how do we get out? "
Zi Juan didn’t answer Lin Yu’s question. She walked up to a stone wall and gently pressed it a few times. There was a stone wall about one meter wide and slowly rose until it reached the height where one person could stand.
"I see."
Lin Yu walked out of the mouth and the scenery outside was really different from what she had seen before. Without Qin Muyu’s hands, there was a prairie in sight.
Lin Yu looked around and didn’t even look at a special building.
Mujunchen followed Lin Yu out of this place. Lin Yu didn’t know Mujunchen, but she looked familiar. Their previous plan was that Mujunze would lead troops to this place, and then they would flank the phoenix from this place. It seems that they are lucky, so it is much more convenient to find Mujunze.
"Hey, Zijuan, what are you still doing? Come out quickly!"
A click came to Lin Yu. Looking back, the stone wall that had just risen was slowly falling, but the fine was still inside.
Seeing that the export horse will be blocked, Lin Yu will take a look at the underground palace and Zijuan will hurry and press a way.
"You go and leave me alone."
Fine watched the stone wall land calmly and said to Lin Yu
"Hey, at this time, if you don’t come out with ink, even if the door is not sealed, the whole underground palace will collapse."
Since the explosion just now, it has been ringing off the hook. Although Zijuan said that the underground palace is not so fragile, she kept attacking Lin Yuke, but she didn’t recognize that the underground palace was really so indestructible.
Like applying for her, Lin Yugang felt a stronger sense of foot shock when she finished. Fortunately, her reaction was fast, otherwise Lin Yu would almost be swayed.
"Ha ha Lin Yu you know? I envy you very much, but you can get what I want in my life. I want to keep you here, but in the end I suddenly changed my mind. Since you are his heart, I just let you continue to live so that he can watch but can’t get a taste. "
Don’t, she can’t see that Lin Yu’s heart is not Qin Muyu. Otherwise, if Lin Yu really likes Qin Muyu for so many years, how could they not be together?
There are two exits in this underground palace, but the second exit is different from the road Lin Yuqian took. If you want to go out from here, you must pay the price.
Zi Juan looked down at her feet, and there was nothing special from the outside, but there was a very powerful machine buried in her feet, which could pull the boulder up so that they could go out.
However, if you want to start this machine, you must have external stimulation. Since the moment you go, you can’t think about going out. This road is said to be a dead end. If you want to live, someone must sacrifice.
Even so, the door of the underground palace will be dead after it is opened, because the phoenix fell to the sky and the sky, and the founder said that if this road is really sent one day, it must be when the phoenix fell to the sky and the sky gave birth to the death button, and then the underground palace will be unnecessary.
"What are you talking about?"
Now the stone wall is completely sealed with a height of half a person. Lin Yu looks at it and continues to be repetitive. Zijuan can’t help but take a step toward the exit and want to pull people over in the past.
Mujunchen saw Lin Yu move and immediately stopped her.
"Don’t move!"
Mujunchen looked at Fine and found her abnormal.
"What?" Lin Yu don’t Bai Mujun Chen what pull her but fine is still inside, she can’t watch fine die in front of her.