The two figures of the waterside pavilion disappeared as if the arrow had left the string and crossed the cloister leading to the waterside pavilion bridge in the blink of an eye and finally entered the single-family building.

Because they fell smoothly and the snow shook slightly, but they finally fell to the ground and melted slowly.
The doors and windows of the small building are closed, accompanied by the clear snow fluttering, and if there is some depression, it sounds intermittently.
No one around knows what happened in the small building, but these things need two people to know, and outsiders need to know.
One day, the final exam is over. On the first day, the Ministry ends the final exam, and each of them plays a good or bad role, knowing whether they can enter the punishments or not.
It’s getting dark, and the snow is getting heavier. At noon, the ground is covered with clear snow, which melts and makes the ground sticky.
A figure came towards Qingyuan, stepping on the snow all over the ground to meet the rustling, and Snow White simply went forward.
However, Shuo went forward and went to the gate of Qingyuan. When he approached, the imperial guards saw and informed the insider. When Shuo arrived at the gate of Qingyuan, two people jumped out and took him away. He didn’t even struggle and disappeared at the gate of Qingyuan.
The snow returned him, and the footprints were quickly covered, as if he had never been in the future.
The window in the small building can see the falling snow outside through the gauze. The cool window wears its own button belt and then turns around.
Bed Weiyuan elegance, eyes and eyebrows all show his good mood. Wearing white light clothing, he looks at Yan Liang by sitting on the bed. If there are outsiders, he can easily see the explicit color in his eyes.
"I’m going to take a good rest, King Weijun." New Moon came to see her and was caught in the green garden by Yueshan and others. If she doesn’t show up again, it is estimated that this moment will be even more noisy, and then everyone will know that she has been hanging out with King Weijun all these days.
Oblique eyebrows into temples Weiyuan slightly side neck "If you act according to this plot, you should pay for it." Eat dry, wipe clean, pat your ass and leave. It seems that he is forced to *.
Yan Liang, whose lips were slightly bent, went to the bed and leaned close to him. She raised her hand and grabbed his neck. Then he bit his face and "rewarded you with a copper coin."
Weiyuan raised my hand around her and threw her to bed again with slight force.
Hugging her Weiyuan bowed his head and her lips lightly printed a few kisses. Looking at her, his eyes were dim. "Does it hurt?" The line is low, but it sounds good.
"Hold yourself back." Looking at his eyes, Yan Liang’s face is a little reddish, which is very strange and she is also shy.
"This seems to be unbearable. If you endure me, what will it be?" It should be a happy thing. If she endures him, she will not become a bad person.
"Nonsense have to I say it doesn’t hurt you to be dead? Go away, I’m leaving. "Turn him over. It’s like she put him on the bed at the very moment.
Weiyuan smiled at the person hanging around him and hugged her again "thank you"
Thank you for lying on his body and ear, but it’s a bit strange that Yan Liang touched his shoulder, although he was separated by a layer of cloth, but he also felt the warmth from his body
"For what?" She still wants to say thank you to him for being gentle and making her endure the urge to kick him to the bed.
"All" thank you for seeing each other again after more than ten years of separation. Thank you for giving herself to him.
"I should also thank you for talking like this." I closed my eyes and hugged him for two generations. Thank you for meeting him.
Snow continues YueShan and several other guards will block the new moon at the entrance of the hall and can’t rush out.
New moon is also staring at the keeper with a full face of anger, and several people’s eyes are going to get angry.
After a long time, a sound came from outside to make the new moon fire disappear by half.
"New Moon Going Home" is Yan Liang.
Yueshan and others let Shuo see the person who has been missing for a few days. She looks healthy when it snows outside.
"Senior Sister" doesn’t forget to take a bad look at Yueshan and other guards when he rushes out a few steps. These days, he has been tortured by martial arts, and now he has become a goalkeeper to stop him, which is simply an enemy.
Glanced at the new moon Yan Liang first from the new moon immediately with two people quickly out of the green garden.