"This punch is revenge for my father’s suffering!"

Mu Mingfeng stepped back in a panic with his mouth open and his voice hoarse, and he couldn’t speak. Yang Ye had jumped again to chase him and swept his flying legs sideways. He kicked Mu Mingfeng’s right arm hard, and the right arm was kicked so that it changed its shape and almost twisted behind Mu Mingfeng.
"This foot is your revenge on those dead servants!" Yang night shouted and cried, and his eyes tightened with rage, and he became red, constantly trying his best to shoot at Muming Wind.
Mu Mingfeng was moved around by Yang Yefei, and it was surrounded by a sandbag. He kept hitting the root and didn’t strike back. Maybe his right arm was just kicked off and his left leg was caught by Yang Yeyi. Mu Mingfeng suddenly got up and fell to the ground because of his unstable position.
Yang Ye grabbed Mu Mingfeng’s left wrist and lifted it in front of him, then raised his knee and pushed it hard to Mu Mingfeng’s knee. Yang Ye let go of his hand. The left leg, which was broken into two pieces and connected with the remaining flesh, fell softly to the ground, and a sharp piece had been stabbed outside the flesh.
"This foot is revenge for those who killed the baby and their poor parents!" Yang night fierce cried and leaned over and grabbed Muming wind neck and lifted him from the ground again.
Mu Mingfeng has just been reborn, and his skin has become scarred and tattered, and his eyes have become distracted. There is almost no sense of resistance. A storm attack on Yang night has made Mu Mingfeng feel numb and feel that his body is not himself.
Yang night right hand holding MuMingFeng neck carrying left hand back latosolic red dagger across a flash from the thigh MuMingFeng right leg! There is no doubt that Mu Mingfeng’s right leg was cut off by a dagger, and a drop of blood did not flow out. The broken mark was burnt and a puff of smoke floated up.
"this leg is for those small animals that you killed!" Yang night staring at his face is going to faint MuMingFeng and then turn the wrist gently MuMingFeng turned his back on his left hand and put the Bi blade into MuMingFeng ass!
This Mu Ming finally groaned with wind pain and struggled with strength to ask, "Who is this … who is this?"
"this is revenge for those readers who hate you and hate you because of your extreme abnormal condition! Who told you that you are like a perverted race in another village? This is called treating people with humanity! " Yang night roaring eyes suddenly a stare pulled out a dagger lun behind him and then quickly split up "shua" a Bi blade with red light from Mu Mingfeng waist flash across and Mu Mingfeng broke his legs from the waist "pa" a fall to the ground.
Yang night holding MuMingFeng broken less than half a body bass said "MuMingFeng this is a little girl, that you grew up as a tool for small girl! After being cheated for so many years, your body has become your medicine for practicing witchcraft. You say you should not die! "
Muming wind at this time has only a head and a body, which was hung by Yang night with several intestines hanging from the wound of the residual body. He has almost lost consciousness and struggled to open his eyes and mouth, but he could not speak.
Yang night, a loose right hand threw Mu Mingfeng’s residual body far out, raised my hand, tore off a sleeve, wiped the back of his left hand and stretched out a dagger. It didn’t move. It was still struggling to turn over Mu Mingfeng from a distance. Oh, it wasn’t a small part of Mu Mingfeng.
Lan Yao beheaded in the distance and chatted with Yun Zhen in his hand. She looked at everything in front of her. She vaguely felt that Red Bi was cruel, but when she heard what Red Bi said to the mutant The Hunger, she blamed those crimes, and her heart was also tense, especially when she heard what babies and small animals were. Lan Yao chopped her teeth and felt that Red Bi had done something wrong.
Mu Mingfeng really struggled. Although he was left from head to waist and had no arms, he still turned over.
The neck stretched out and shrank, and it scraped the lawn and moved to Yang Ye’s side bit by bit.
Almost in front of Yang Ye, Yang Ye saw that there was so little left that he still had the strength to move himself. Mu Mingfeng looked at him coldly and said, "You can regenerate. I’m waiting for this time. I want you to be worse than just now!"
MuMingFeng desperately lift up your face to look at Yang night trembling voice said "Yang night … you leave me alone … leave me alone! I’ll help you deal with … Zhang Wenyu, I can teach … I can teach you witchcraft if you don’t kill me … I can do anything … Please, please … "
Yang night full squat body looking at MuMingFeng laughed coldly forehead the veins stood out suddenly and violently bite a tooth and said "let you go? You can kill your own father. Do you think I can trust you? "
MuMingFeng painfully heard this one leng Yang night from his expression knew that idiot MuYangZheng absolutely didn’t say anything wrong, so he meditated on a calm face and conveniently grabbed MuMingFeng hair and picked up this piece of debris and said in a low voice, "MuMingFeng, a person like you can’t die here, you should die in front of your father."
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Many servants and guards in the Mu family mansion heard the noise in the backyard, and they also heard a scream, but none of them dared to go out and see what happened. The frequent occurrence of night ghosts eating people has scared the Mu family out of their nervousness. When they heard the strange noise, their first thought was to hide in their rooms and kill them.
So did those night guards. When they heard a noise in the backyard, no one dared to go far away, so they went back to the duty room together, but no one dared to go out again.
After the early hours of this night, there was a strange noise and a scream in the Mu family backyard. All the servants of the Mu family, the bodyguards, turned a deaf ear. They were all worried. Even if someone suspected that the murder was a gentleman of the Mu family, absolutely no one had the courage to rescue or help.
Mu Mingfeng’s departure from the scene is also self-inflicted.
In the middle of the night, the whole Mu family is like a dead house. No one dares to wander outside the house. Everyone is eagerly looking forward to the dawn.
Yang night carrying MuMingFeng remnants and blue demon chop away swinging MuGuZhu house soon found MuTaoYuan sacrifice room.
Knock Yang night carrying Muming wind orchid demon chop flicker into the room.
In the middle of the room, there is a table with a portrait of Mu Taoyuan, and next to it are two long lamps, which are the only lights in the room.
Yang night turned around and touched the wall, hitting the headlights in the room and then turned around and got a fright!
Put MuTaoYuan portrait that desktop curled up and fell asleep, a man Yang night carefully looked at was MuYangZheng.
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Of course, it can also be Muyangzheng.
Since the death of his father Mu Taoyuan, Mu Yangzheng has been sleeping at the table or curled up his portrait in Mu Taoyuan’s sacrifice room almost every night. Mu Yangzheng misses his father, who was very painful when he was alive. He loved him very much and lived happily.
But I didn’t expect my father to die without warning. Muyangzheng knew that it was the eldest brother Mu Mingfeng who killed his father. He saw the place where he gave his father medicine. Muyangzheng hated his eldest brother’s guts, but he was even more afraid that Mumingfeng had been beaten several times by Mu Mingfeng to pull out his teeth alive and stabbed him in the anus with an iron bar. After those times, Muyangzheng dared not approach his eldest brother again. Every day, he spent almost all his spare time in the father’s sacrifice room except walking around the house and playing with his own powder utensils, which he was most interested in.
Every day, he would come to the sacrifice room and talk a lot to Mu Taoyuan’s portrait, sometimes laughing and sometimes crying and saying that he was tired, so he fell asleep for a long time and formed the sleeping habit of his father’s sacrifice room.
Since the little girl’s sister was taken away by the masked superman, Muyangzheng felt that he was the only one to talk to, and his good people were gone. He relied more on chatting to help him. On this day, he brought a lot of lunch and went to Mu Taoyuan’s sacrifice room to chat with his father. Later, it got dark and he was tired, so he slept on the desktop.
I felt a dazzling trance in a daze, and Muyang was scared silly as soon as he opened his eyes.
There were two people in front of him, a man and a woman, and the man was carrying something like a human toy in his hand. The toy was quite realistic and bloody, which scared Mu Yangzheng!
Lan Yao beheaded and saw someone raise the cloud needle without saying anything. Yang night quickly stretched out his arm and stopped and said "nothing".
Blue demon beheaded YunZhen back to the back of his arm and looked at a dull face with expression. They looked at MuYangZheng and took a step back and didn’t speak.
"You, who are you?" Muyangzheng hesitated and asked
Yang Ye took Mu Mingfeng’s remains and said softly, "Little is me. Don’t you know me?"
Mu Zhengyang looked at Yang Ye coldly and pouted and shook his head. "I don’t know you!"
Yang night smiled, and he couldn’t tell why he laughed so gently when he was so angry. He always saw Muyang’s heart suddenly give birth to a burst of sadness and pity.
"It’s me, Xiaozheng. I’m the big brother of masked superman, remember?" Yang night bent over and smiled. He was about to stretch out his hand and touch Muyang’s face. He saw that his left hand Bi blade was still stretched and hurried back behind him.
"Masked superman? Fairy? Are you the big brother? " Muyangzheng leng bowed their heads and thought for a fast looked up with a surprise shouted.