The police rushed to the top floor and sent Ouyang Lin and Leng to the hospital …

"It may hurt a little, please bear it." The doctor said to Leng anxiously, picking up his hand and twisting it to press the cold mortar back …
Ouyang Lin looked at this situation and just looked at it, she could feel the pain. She couldn’t help but feel cold and sad. But look at the cold. It was a frown, but she didn’t say anything. Ouyang Lin had to admire his patience and his perseverance. Looking at it coldly contained complicated feelings.
"Well, it’s true that you can endure such pain." The doctor gave a thumbs-up to Leng with admiration.
Cold didn’t speak but glanced at him faintly. Although the pain was uncomfortable, it was so familiar that he was used to it …
"Thank you, doctor" looked at the doctor and came out from the inside. Ouyang Lin hurriedly thanked him and went in.
"Are you all right?" Go to the cold side and look at the hand wrapped in thick plaster with regret.
"You don’t do this. I’m fine. Did the police ask you anything? Is it difficult for you? "
"What are you talking about? They are the police, how can they behave in such a way? Don’t worry, they just recorded a few words for me … "Ouyang Lin paused.
"Are you worried that you killed someone?" Although Ouyang Lin didn’t say anything, Leng read her mind through mind reading. "Do you want to turn yourself in?"
Ouyang Lin was surprised. How did he know?
Leng saw her surprise but didn’t tell her anything. "Did you tell the police?"
"Yes," his face became very bad. Looking at the cold, he forced himself to smile bitterly. "Remember to visit me in prison or I will be very lonely."
Gave her a cold and complicated look and said indifferently, "Don’t worry, you will be fine with your brother."
"My brother what is it? And even if I am Ouyang Tuan, I will go to jail if I kill someone. "
Leng looked at Ouyang Lin in confusion after listening to her words. Doesn’t she know that her brother is a "fierce" deputy Wang?
"Lin, you …" Leng hesitated for a moment. "Do you know’ Lie’?"
"Nonsense, of course, I met you. What’s the matter? Isn’t Li your good brother? Why do you ask me that? " OuYangLin blankly cold simply ask
"I’m not talking about the cold, I’m talking about-I’m talking about the’ fierce’ gang."
However, Ouyang Lin kept shaking her head.
"so!" Sure enough, she doesn’t know
"What’s the matter? Why are you asking me this? " Still that naive expression.
"Nothing, nothing …" Maybe it’s a good thing not to know.
Ouyang Lin is crooked and her head is full of question marks.
"Lin" Ouyang Juncang urged the sound to come from the door
Ouyang Lin turned around and saw Ouyang Jun’s eyes wet. Before "Brother", she threw herself into Ouyang Jun’s arms.
"You fool fool …" Ouyang Jun lovingly stroked Ouyang Lin’s head. Just now, he knew that Ouyang Lin was going to jump off a building and was very worried that his heart was about to jump. After seeing Ouyang Lin safe, he was relieved to settle down.
"I’m sorry, I’m sorry …" Ouyang Lin’s apology has been echoing Ouyang Jun’s ear.
"It’s okay, it’s okay …" Ouyang Jun gently soothed.
Ice and snow have not been inside for a long time, and their hearts have also been influenced.
What, my relationship with my sister is not like this? Is it true that loving someone can even abandon family ties? ….. Bing kept asking himself, but unfortunately he never got the answer.
Chapter one hundred and forty-three Time has not yet arrived
"ding dong"
"Coming" Xue leisurely walked to the door and knocked "Lin?"
"Hello, Xue" Ouyang Lin smiled and said to Xue that it is hard to think that this girl even wanted to commit suicide yesterday.
"Come on in!" Snow looked at OuYangLin warmly entertain hand holding OuYangLin hand and went in.
"Who is it?" Then the ice came from the building.
"It’s Lin"
"Hello" Ouyang Lin nodded politely when she saw the freezing point.
Ice feels strange. Why does it look like meeting parents?
"Sit down" Snow hurriedly asked Ouyang Lin to sit down.
"Well," Ouyang Lin sat down at random, but her eyes kept looking for a figure.
"Lin, what are you looking at?" Snow looked at her eyes and asked with puzzle.
"Oh, it’s nothing." Ouyang Lin bowed her head and blushed disapprovingly when she knew she was rude. "That’s right …" She stammered. "What about that cold?"