This time, when they came back, they brought back a few temporary workers, put all the things they bought on the shelf, and then gave the workers some money to send them away.

After doing all this, they have been conducting simulation training all the time. They bought those simulated warship operators, which can perfectly present the operation procedures of all kinds of warships, eliminating the need to drive warships. It is really a good thing.
Zhuo Qiang, the teacher, is really at leisure, but he sent Liu Xiaolei to help them solve their problems. It’s really easy to earn this money.
In the next day, Zhuo Qiang will continue to learn more about this planet Daobo and prepare to implement his own plan to make money.
After getting to know him for a few days, he initially knew that this planet Daobo is the main planet of business and trade, and the vigorous development of trade depends on the circulation of a large number of materials, all of which require transport ships to travel to and from various planets to bring all the real estate here.
Long-distance transporters of transport ships will always need the protection of armed ships. Don’t say that this is a government-run zone. Even in a prosperous and stable interstellar country, transport ships generally need armed ships to escort them.
Of course, there are exceptions. For example, Zhuo Qiang once robbed the Migao Chamber of Commerce’s mineral transport ship because it was just a mining ship. If warships were sent to protect it, it would be a bit of a loss. In addition, Migao Chamber of Commerce generally dared not rob their chamber of commerce transport ship easily because of its strong strength.
It is precisely because Migao Chamber of Commerce has been robbed of their goods for hundreds of years that they were so angry when Zhuo Qiang robbed their transport ship that they did not hesitate to send a large number of ships to contain the Long Yun. This is also to show strong armed forces to let those who want to covet Migao Chamber of Commerce appall.
Zhuo Qiang found from all kinds of information that generally speaking, large companies or regiments have their own escort teams, and it is not bad to have three or five armed ships with general performance, while many companies have one or two armed warships, and most small companies on a planet do not have armed ships, so they can form a transport fleet by combining several companies’ transport ships, and then connect one or two armed ships to protect these transport routes.
Generally speaking, the round-trip voyage takes half a month, and the fleet gives 20 million energy crystals to the armed transport ship, which can earn 10 million yuan a week, but if there are two small armed ships escorting at the same time, the two warships can also share the money equally.
Although it seems that the escort income is considerable, the income of these escort ships is not so much.
The energy consumption of interstellar travel is also a lot of money. Zhuo Qiang Long Yun still needs 10 thousand energy points an hour, not to mention those who are inferior and backward than loose woman
In addition, the salary of the crew of the armed ship is not small. Because of the high risk, the crew will not fight for their lives but get a meager salary.
In addition, the maintenance required by the spacecraft after returning from a trip is a huge sum of money. These spacecraft are several times more precise than the Earth space shuttle, with more than one million parts. If something goes wrong, it may become a disaster. Therefore, each warship must spend a lot of money to maintain their broken ship to ensure the most basic safety along the way.
The money earned by escorting armed ships to go out is not as rich as most people think.
But Zhuoqiang Long Yun doesn’t need to worry about these problems. His crew will never ask him for salary for maintenance, but it can be said that Long Yun hardly needs maintenance unless it is hit by enemy ship fire.
If this is considered to be a good way to make money by sending the Long Yun out to escort people, it will be a net profit except for the energy consumed by the road. Although there are 10 million energy points in a week, it also exceeds many ways to make money.
In addition, Zhuo Qiang can also change the color of Long Yun horn from a escort ship to a robbery transport ship, and pirates can resell a large number of robbed goods through channels to earn huge black-hearted money.
When pirates suspect that money is faster than escort, and this is also the real employee of the Long Yun, Zhuo Qiang does not intend to do so at this time
In addition to earning more energy to upgrade the Long Yun, he came to Yuri Star Circle this time for another purpose, that is, to pull up a group of teams. If he starts as a pirate first and makes his name too bad, he is likely to lose a lot of potential subordinates to defect to him.
Zhuo Qiang decided to be an escort for a while to gradually develop contacts and lay a solid foundation.
After making up his mind, Zhuo Qiang posted a message on the Internet, briefly describing the situation of the Long Yun and noting the need to find a suitable escort.
Because of the gambling war he experienced when he first came to Dobb Planet, Zhuo Qiang doesn’t need to be too white. Those discerning companies will definitely give priority to him. The weapons and equipment of the Long Yun surface Long Yun are not too strong, but who can say for sure its real firepower? Moreover, even if there are more than a dozen small-caliber guns on this side, with the superb command skills of the captain, the pirates may not be able to fight it.
After the news was released, Zhuo Qiang didn’t pay any attention to it. He still searched for important information about the planet in his nest.
It’s exactly a little more than twenty-nine hours a day on the planet Daobo. Although some people are not used to it, Zhuo Qiang’s body is not what it used to be. Even if he doesn’t sleep for three days and nights, there will be no problem. After a few days, he has slowly adjusted.
Suffering from a few delicate little girls in Jing Tian, they didn’t go to bed long enough at night, which led to their poor spirits during the day, especially when they were slouching at night, eating some in a hurry at dinner and leaving early to wash and sleep.
However, Charlie and others who have just enjoyed excellent food are completely different. They chew slowly for fear of missing a dish.
Because there are many kinds of ingredients from Dauber planet, plus all kinds of ingredients transported from other planets, her cooking can be fully utilized. Every day, the dishes are not heavy and varied, which makes Zhuo Qiang enjoy himself, not to mention Charlie and others.
"It’s rubbish to eat those delicious foods before eating these dishes!" Hilton has expressed doubts about her royal chefs several times, thinking that they must all be mean people who make up the numbers.
Charlie’s face was worried. His face was clouded and he licked his mouth and said, "Teacher, if you don’t let us be your students one day, where shall we go for dinner?" Let’s eat those unpalatable things again. I’m afraid I’ll really throw up! "
Christie said, "If you want to keep eating this dish, you can always follow your teacher Zhuo!"
"Really? Can we always follow the teacher? " Charlie listened to this and the horse looked at Zhuo Qiang eagerly.
"Well, say it again after this! If possible, it’s not impossible, "said ZhuoJiang thickly.
Charlie was a little disappointed when he heard this, but his horse realized something. Zhuo Qiang’s attitude may have something to do with them. If they behave well, Zhuo Qiang will naturally not drive them away.
Thinking about Charlie Ma’s words in this way, he said something witty and kissed Zhuoqiang a few times without a trace.
A few of them seem to have realized what they are doing, and they have tried their best to please Zhuo Qiang. They kept laughing and unconsciously ate half a bowl of rice.
Of course, he knows what they mean, but he knows that they are flattering, but his heart is happy but he is also real. This may be the real beauty of flattery.
"Teacher Zhuo, you control warships like a god of war. Maybe horses will have a large group to win you over. If you are allowed to be their fleet commander and coach, their warship combat capability will make a huge leap in the short term." Charlie gave Zhuo Qiang a wake-up call while kissing up.
Zhuo Qiang listened to the interest, and when he was a coach, he would naturally get money. If he had more money, he could consider it and ask, "How much salary would I get if I were their coach?"
"salary?" Charlie stared at Zhuo Jiang and said in surprise, "Teacher, you don’t really have such a plan? You are afraid that no one on this planet can ask you to be their coach! If you go to a powerful interstellar empire and are afraid of teaching a course for one day, you will get billions of energy crystals! "
ZhuoJiang smiled "I really so valuable? 100 million a day? It sounds very good. "
Charlie took it for granted and said, "That’s the least! You mustn’t go less than this! You don’t know that I once said that Sophie’s imperial army god is far worse than you. He gives a military school a lesson with at least 100 million energy crystals. If it is you, it will be an insult to you! "
ZhuoJiang ha ha laugh "so you guys learn from me or collect too little! Do you want to add some more next month? "
Charlie’s face turned slightly red-he didn’t expect to talk for a long time and actually bypassed himself. He said, "Teacher, that’s different. We are your students. Can you have the nerve to accept billions of students a month?"
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(Text 477 A premonition of crisis
Zhuo Qiang naturally won’t give Charlie and other high-priced entrance fees, and he didn’t consider giving lectures in the past to make money. He still remembers in his heart that odd Q, a bodyguard profession, was given to escort for a while, and then he became familiar with all the docks, so he could slowly make a thousand points different from what he had then, depending on the chance.