"Grandma, why are you crying again!" Sitong sat down beside the old lady and hugged her to comfort her. "Grandpa is awake now. We should be worried!"

"Tong Tong, do you know what your grandfather’s greatest wish is?" The old lady held the silk tong and cried and said, "I just saw Dongyang Yang, a few of them married and a few of us, and they had an excuse to say that the boss Dongyang was still alone until Dongyang became a family!" But if you look at Dongyang again, he is 30 years old and still refuses to get married. What do you think we old people should do? I’m afraid I can’t see you getting married and drinking your grandchildren’s tea, let alone holding your great-grandchildren! "
Cheng Dongyang’s hair hurts more, and he can’t come back a word when he is said.
"Mom Dongyang didn’t say that she didn’t agree to get married." xu wen hua also sat next to the old lady. "He and Tong Tong are ready for the wedding and intend to give you a surprise!" Xu wen hua winked at her son. "Dongyang, don’t you think so?"
Cheng Dongyang was speechless and looked at grandma’s expectant eyes. He abruptly said a word "Yes!"
The old lady finally laughed. "That’s great. Your grandfather will be very happy if he knows. I’ll tell the old man later that we have to ask the captains out to discuss their marriage. Chapter 154 Wait for me here.
The old lady’s smile made Cheng Dongyang blindsided. He had the illusion of being designed.
But it is also true that grandpa went to the hospital, and soon his father came to make sure that grandpa was okay and relieved.
When the family went back late, they talked about Cheng Dongyang’s marriage. The commander just went to Beijing for ten days and a half months and couldn’t come back. Cheng Dongyang then discussed how to marry someone’s daughter when the commander came back.
Who knows the old lady Ma said, "I think my master and I have to go back to Beijing, too. My master is used to the Beijing environment and coming to Binhai is not suitable. The doctor also said that it’s okay. Dongyang, in a couple of days, you and Tong Tong will send me and your grandfather together. You can go back to Beijing and meet Cheng Junchang by the way."
"But I’m afraid Grandpa has just passed the critical period and is not suitable for long-distance travel," said Cheng Dongyang Ma.
"Not to mention that I just asked the doctor about your grandfather’s condition. Your grandfather is not a big problem. We will have no problem flying there by special plane," xu wen hua said.
"In this case, Dongyang, you will send your grandparents back to Beijing." Cheng Zhenkou said, "Adults are also in Beijing. Your mother and I will fly to Beijing when the time comes. It is also considered that both families are together."
Cheng Dongyang Road is blocked. He wants to say something. He looks at his grandmother and laughs, but he can’t say anything.
After dinner, Cheng Zhen told Dongyang to go to the room to talk, "Dongyang, you should get married. Tong Tong is young but sensible, and filial to the elderly. Your grandparents like her."
"I didn’t say she was bad." Cheng Dongyang said that he still had great respect for his father. It was this marriage that made him a little unhappy.
"Besides, your grandparents are looking forward to your marriage, and their eyes are looking through. I know that you were reluctant to get married because of Ke Xin’s delay. Now you and Ke Xin are over and get along well with Tong Tong. Why don’t you want to get married?" Cheng Zhen see son eyes somewhat impatient and said
"I didn’t say I didn’t get married because I didn’t feel so anxious."
"It’s time to worry, Dongyang. You’re thirty this year. A politician is not married when he’s thirty. This is not normal, and it won’t affect your career." Cheng Zhen said that it’s a bit serious. "Besides, you have to consider your grandparents. You are Cheng’s grandparents. They are looking forward to you getting married and giving them a great-grandson. Your grandparents are old, and you have to satisfy the wishes of the elderly."
"Well, I’ll see the captain when I go to Beijing this time!" Cheng Dongyang nodded and said
"I heard your mother say that you made a girlfriend in Ji ‘an before it’s too late. Don’t be unclear. We can’t be sorry for our hometown. Besides, Tong Tong is such a good boy and you can’t be negative for her." Cheng Zhen finally relieved.
"I know what to do with dad. It’s okay. I’ll go out first," said Cheng Dongyang, his face slightly heavy.
As soon as he got back to his room, Cheng Yuyang walked in. "Brother, aren’t you going to see Dongdong?"
Cheng Dongyang sullenly don’t talk "get out!"
Cheng Yuyang stared at his brother with his eyes wide open and then said, "Brother, today is a scene. I don’t think grandpa has anything to do. They forced you to submit!"
"What if it is?" Cheng Dongyang asked, "Did you encourage me and Tong Tong to get married early? Isn’t it your wish now? "
"What about winter and winter? What are you going to do? " Cheng Yuyang pressed hard.
"I’ll deal with you myself." Cheng Dongyang is in a bad mood and has no idea to talk to her.
Cheng Yuyang gritted his teeth and went out.
Song Yuanyuan asked Dongdong to sleep at her place. Dongdong didn’t agree. She took a shower and fell asleep early.
I didn’t sleep long. I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a figure sitting by the bed. She sat up in shock and didn’t look at his face. She recognized it as Cheng Dongyang.
"You’re back." Her voice was slightly dull and somehow a little sour and wronged.
"Have a nightmare?" Cheng Dongyang gently hug her arms "it’s okay, it’s all over"
Meng Yudong leaned against his arms. "I’m not like that. I didn’t expect to be photographed."
"I know it’s okay now." Cheng Dongyang went to the bedside lamp to see that her eyes were reddish and she cried.