What a look that is! It’s really as sharp as a knife, and it’s like a sharp tooth, which makes people absolutely have no courage to look at each other again, just like a child who is scared when he sees an ugly adult glaring! Let Lan Yao chop up an impulse to cry!

Has the red dagger changed? Is he still a red dagger?
Astonished and hesitant, Lan Yao chopped and suddenly remembered what Yang Ye had just said-"Trust me, Lan Li"
He’s still red. It’s red!
The blue demon was delighted but afraid to disturb again. At the moment, he was angry and changed his face. Yang Ye said softly, "Be careful with the red dagger", and then turned around and jumped up and flew lightly to the ruins of the domain leader’s gate.
And sihaozhong just watched the people one by one, unable to stop or chase, showing arrogance and smiling. That look is like saying, let’s go. Anyway, you are all going to die today.
There is a wind blowing in the domain, which is a kind of strange strong wind but fierce. It seems gentle, but if it were changed, mortals would have been blown back and turned blind.
There are two figures left in the ruins of the domain.
Si Hao Tian yang ye di
The strong wind blew up puffs of smoke and dust.
Yang night’s eyes are still looking straight ahead, sipping his lips tightly, and those grain totems are still changing constantly, just like the layers of fine waves blown by the wind on the surface of the lake; Another example is that the same pebble hits and causes general ripples.
Body waves monstrous that strange hatred is completely vigorous and manic, and the ability to blend with ghosts is as hot as water, and in this case, the ghost and evil energy are as close to Yang night’s chest as waking up, and then they are slowly merged into the boiling ability of ghosts and gods!
The heart still stops beating. Yang night feels very clear, but on the chest, there are several abilities behind the emblem of ghosts and gods. At that time, Yang night couldn’t help trembling his shoulders slightly.
Then in the middle of the chest, the emblem of God and the emblem of ghost became brighter, and then gradually infiltrated into Yang Ye’s chest, and the flesh disappeared completely.
Yang Ye can clearly feel that the badge mark formed by the combination of ghosts and gods has penetrated deeply into his chest at the moment, replacing the heart and slowly fluctuating around regularly.
It all happened in just one second.
On the outside, except for the body, which is constantly changing like a life, the grain totem and those killing eyes, Yang Ye has not changed, and even Yang Ye himself can’t feel it, except for his chest, where the ability generated by the fusion of several ethnic groups is expanding rapidly, and there is the badge mark that replaces the heart’s constant fluctuation.
And Yang Ye also took the time to pay attention to these changes. He waited, as if there was a feeling that he would wait until everything broke out and then-kill Si Hao.
"Ha ha ha ha!" SiHaoZhong overlooking Yang night laugh wildly "what’s the matter, little bastard? Are you too scared to move or too scared to move? "
Yang night remained silent without looking at Sihao, still looking ahead.
"Don’t you want to fight with me one-on-one by keeping all those losers away?" SiHao continue to frivolous tone shouted "how to regret now? Do you want them to come back and help? You should know that you are all going to die! "
Yang night still remained silent. The focus in front of him was the remains of the huge black chair back where Lord Sihao had just sat.
"Hum silence against me? Can you escape? " Sihao face slightly changed eyes fierce "come on! Little bastard! See if you are strong or I am strong now! "
Talking SiHao hands together instantly rose out of a mass of red and yellow light sphere held high mercilessly to Yang night hit his mouth and shouted "try this trick! Protoss lore-God’s extinction! ! ! ! !”
The light went straight to the Yang night, which brought great fluctuations and made everything around it tremble slightly.
In an instant, the light group has already smashed into his head in front of Yang Night. At this moment, Yang Night did not move or look at it. With a wave of his arm, he quickly blocked the light group called "God Destroyed the World" like a volleyball!
So relaxed and so casual
And the light block direction is straight to the ZhongSiHao!
SiHao a surprised to see the light approaching quickly flicker to hide!
The light burst into a virtual object and shone like a day, setting off layers of air billow.