"We should surface, and our large-caliber naval guns will bombard their military port, which will not only sink their naval department, but also hit their shore facilities, such as the pharmacy headquarters, and give them maximum punishment, so as to achieve your set goals." Christie gave Zhuo Qiang advice without hesitation.

Zhuo Qiang didn’t expect Christie to make such a suggestion. If she followed her advice, the Zosboro base might be finished after this blow.
Although the warships in the military port have gone to sea, there are more than 20 ships moored in the military port. If they are destroyed, it will be an unbearable loss for both the United States and Japan, which will directly affect the international status of their two countries in the next few years.
Zhuo Qiang has not thought about this problem, but he is not ready yet. If a careless attack causes a world war, he will become an eternal sinner.
The United States and Japan are not stupid. Although they have no evidence, they are sure to put this account on the head of the summer country.
At present, regardless of economic or military aspects, the summer country in the world today is the only country except the Soviet Union that has the ability to challenge the United States and Japan.
Of course, at present, Daxia country has not yet been positive about the relative resistance of the United States, but its development potential is making it step by step towards this level.
Zhuoqiang Dongfeng Pirates Group suddenly rose at this time, and no one knows if there is a national shadow behind them.
Once upon a time, many European pirates were real soldiers. On the one hand, they robbed foreign merchant ships, weakened other countries’ economies, and at the same time, they added a large number of troops to our country. These pirates plundered the sea with private licenses issued by the state.
Now, will this Dongfeng Pirate Corps be specially set up by the military of Daxia to strengthen control over the South China Sea?
Zhuo Qiang got a lot of Dongfeng pirate groups from the Internet, and heard that there were all kinds of speculations from the state and foreign countries. Many foreign netizens suspected that this pirate group might be a chess game for the military in the summer to strengthen control over the South China Sea from another angle.
One thousand U.S. countries are forced to be a coward and bite at Daxia countries. At present, Daxia countries are really overwhelmed.
Although the military development of Daxia has been rapid for more than ten years, the gap is still relatively large compared with that of the United States. Although the United States will not get a good fight, the economy of Daxia will go back at least 20 years, which is definitely not what Zhuo Qiang wants to see
For Christie’s suggestion, Zhuo Qiang is also listening to this time. His original intention is to beat the United States instead of trying his best to beat it with a sap. The consequences are extremely unpredictable
"I can’t do what you suggest. Although the Long Yun has this ability, it is not in the interests of most people, including myself. On the contrary, my country and my family may suffer great losses, so I can’t do it." Zhuo Qiang simply rejected Christie’s proposal
Christie has nothing to do with taking people to rob merchant ships to talk about life in the sea. This is true, but we must be cautious in the face of the behemoth of the United States.
If one day Long Yun’s strength rises sharply, even if the United States launches hundreds of nuclear Long Yun, it can intercept them one by one. At that time, Zhuo Qiang will do whatever he wants, and he will really be a king and old man.
But the time is far from ripe.
Christie shook her head disappointedly when she saw Zhuo Qiang refuse her suggestion. It seems that Zhuo Qiang is afraid of wolves and tigers.
"Well, you are the captain, but this sneak attack is really not exciting at all." Christie sighed and turned to drink tea slowly, ignoring Zhuo Qiang, a coward.
Zhuo Qiang can’t help but turn over a supercilious look. Is it because of the stimulation?
This alien beauty is more beautiful than her appearance and hides such a strong cause of violence.
More to 33, ready to attack.
Prepare for attack
Although Zhuo Qiang didn’t adopt Christie’s exaggerated suggestion, there must be no torpedo attack like Yokosuga’s in this attack on Zosboro.
During the attack in Yokosuga, although the United States was completely unprepared, they still intercepted three torpedoes by surprise. Now the military port of the Ministry of State of the United States must be ready, and the possibility of successful torpedo attack is slim.
So this time, the attack on the Long Yun must be attacked by the floating surface naval gun
Torpedo can intercept, guide and intercept, which is definitely a good way for naval gun America.
In order to solve the battle quickly, Long Yun had to spend some energy to deform twice this time.
The first deformation is naturally to become a surface cruise ship form, and then the naval gun attack, and the second deformation is to change back to the submarine form.
No matter how clever the Americans are, they will never think that their enemies will attack from the surface and then dive into the water. It is impossible to find the murderer.
I was attacked twice, but I couldn’t find the enemy. This ending must make the American military angry to death.
Zhuo Qiang and his family spent a whole day as a holiday. After dark, the Long Yun quietly approached the place 40 kilometers away from the Sasebo base.
Long Yun’s 3 mm naval gun has a range of more than 50 kilometers, and now it is in this position, and its firepower can cover the whole Sasebo base
After floating to the diving depth, Zhuo Qiang carefully observed the situation around a Sasebo base.
Because the Yokosuga base has just been attacked, the defense level of the Sasebo base, second only to the Yokosuka naval base, has already risen to the red alert state.
Two helicopters circled back and forth at the Szabo base, dropping them from time to time to look for suspicious water objects.
Five or six high-speed patrol boats kept flying around the sea base to check all kinds of ships passing by in case someone was against the base.
There are also two frigates with outstanding anti-submarine ability, which are also wandering more than 20 kilometers outside the base, dragging a long tail to search for water anomalies.
In addition, there are three or four attack submarines lurking motionless around the base, ready to launch a fatal blow to the possible enemy.
At ordinary times, the military port was already silent, and the lights were still on at this time. It was even found that there were several guide launch vehicles parked on the shore, and the long guide launch frame was erected high, ready to intercept the incoming guide.
In the military port, there are figures shaking on every surface of those warships, and it is no longer the case that there are several people on duty.
"Sure enough, the Americans are afraid." Zhuo Qiang smiled slightly. He didn’t know that he could prevent the Long Yun attack for the Americans to make these moves.
Because Yokosuga was attacked, it came from the Sasebo base of the Water Institute, and the key anti-submarine aircraft, anti-submarine ships and submarines arranged the water around the base watertight.
Of course, it is more than enough to guard against ordinary warships and submarines according to the existing warning array of Zosboro.
But did they imagine that superb performance of Long Yun?
It stands to reason that Zhuo Qiang’s position is already within the detection range of these warships and planes. However, they can find out how many fish there are in this sea area, but they turn a blind eye to such a big guy as Long Yun.
"Floating to change the surface mode" Zhuo Qiang ordered this to be a formal action.
Christie watched the Long Yun transform rapidly. Although she had already seen such a scene, every time she saw her, she would exclaim, "This is really fun. It is more advanced than my spaceship."