"And I also saw the fairies of this island with animal leaders." The fierce mirror added.

"Fairy?" Molin was taken aback.
"It’s not that the immortals in the park are just the aborigines of the island. They live a leisurely day like immortals every day, so I named them Immortals. When you meet them, you will live at the foot of the crater." The mirror said, "But don’t be too surprised when you see them."
The speakers have crossed the grassland and come to the crater nearby.
There is a gurgling stream ahead, and behind it is a green grass, red flowers and a valley full of birds and flowers, like a fairyland.
"The immortals live in it." The fierce mirror patted the bear’s ass to speed up and ran all the way into the valley.
Molin and others followed all the way to enjoy the beautiful scenery and came to the valley
The valley is thick with meadows, and the soft surface is like a marginal green carpet.
There are hundreds of big trees growing on the green carpet, and the crown of the tree is spread like an umbrella to block the sun and sprinkle a shade.
Every tree has a few potbellies, and people are full of fat like meatballs, but their limbs are very short and they don’t seem to grow into babies.
"This is the immortal?" Linghu Zi frowned and thought that these people were simply too strange.
The fierce mirror whispered, "These guys don’t know what hunger and cold are from birth. They lie at the bottom of the tree and sleep every day. If they are hungry, they will have fruit when they shake the trunk. When they don’t exercise, their hands and feet will deteriorate. When I first came, I was shocked by them."
"Is this still a person?" Month Yao mouth not outspoken way
"Of course, it’s just a little different from us." The fierce mirror hey hey smiled and walked over and talked with those immortals.
The immortals are too lazy to move and talk to the fierce mirror, and the words are very short to deal with strangers like Mo Lin. They simply turn a blind eye, and maybe they don’t think it’s a big deal to have a few guests in their broad minds.
The fierce mirror wandered around and turned back before the bag of fruit disappeared.
Yue Yao suddenly pointed to Heaven, "See if that person also ate balloon fruit?"
Everyone looked over and saw a fat floating fairy, and it was even more spectacular to be inflated by balloon fruit.
Floating for a long time, the balloon fruit effect disappeared, and the fat fell and the shade was motionless.
"What did you do?" Mo Lin asked the mirror.
"I’m their housekeeper now, taking some from animals for them. There is no fruit here. You can also see that these guys just eat and sleep all day and want to change their tastes, but they are too lazy to move, so I do all these jobs." Liejing said.
"You will be so kind to help for nothing?" Mo Lin knows the fierce mirror too well. How can this guy help the immortals run errands back and forth without benefits?
"Hey, hey, the reward is what I want to see on this island, and I can secretly keep it for myself. Otherwise, it’s not so easy to give the Dragon Ball to the master." The fierce mirror snickered like a thief who stole something but was not found by the owner
"Have you …" Mo Lin nai looked at this cheap disciple and said that he was really a blessing.
Everyone of the immortals was lazy and looked at Molin and his party. The fierce mirror led them to the foot of the crater smoothly.
He pointed to the top of the mountain and said, "The Golden Dragon Ball faces the center of the crater."
"How can there be a golden dragon?" Mo Lin asked him that these immortals were too lazy to move, and he couldn’t help wondering where Jinlong went. It wouldn’t be these lazy people who ate Jinlong, would it?
"Who knows? They said that their ancestors killed Jinlong and probably ate some terrible fruit." The mirror said, "They are too lazy to tell a short story for more than ten days, and I am too lazy to ask questions every day."
"No matter" Mo Lin felt sorry for the situation here. If this group of fat hands really died, the golden dragon was really a little pitiful.
The crater is very high, but it’s just a matter of a few feet in Molin.
When you board the crater pass, you will see a huge circular pass, which is full of thick fog. The whole pass is 300 steps wide, and the fog is spectacular.
Although the fog is transpiration, I can see at a glance that a golden light in the dense fog of Golden Dragon Ball is glaring.
"There it is," the fierce mirror pointed to the golden light and said, "I’ve come to take it out, but the terrain here is very dangerous, just wait for the master to come in person."
There are some dangers in the crater, and there is no place to stay around, and there is thick fog everywhere. If you can’t see the situation clearly, it will definitely be a dead end.
"You wait for my horse to come back," said Molin, flashing into the dense fog.
His subtle wind points can control his body, and he hovers like a leaf with the rising power of fog.
Although the fog blocked the line of sight, the golden flash was the best, and there was no obstacle in the road sign. Molin came to Jinlong Pearl very easily.
Controlling the body to sink to the ink forest, I saw that the Dragon Ball was a solitary stone pillar, which had been eroded by fog and crumbled, but the face was the enemy abyss and I didn’t know where it led.
"Fortunately, it was driven …" Mo Lin saw that the pillar department was almost corroded by the prolonged fog, and he could not help but call a narrow squeak. If he came a few months later, maybe the Dragon Ball would fall into the abyss, which would be hard to find.
Molin gently falls on the toe of the stone pillar, and as soon as the stone pillar is stabilized, she shakes it fiercely. Molin is surprised to know that the stone pillar is fragile, and a little force will make it fall.
The stone pillars creaked and collapsed, and the Golden Dragon Ball was also crumbling. Molin leaned over and put the golden light in his hand, and then his body floated horizontally by the force of fog.
The footstone crashed into the abyss, scattered into several pieces of rubble.
Ink Lin broke out in a cold sweat, and then look at the golden light of the Dragon Ball in his hand.
"Molin, are you all right!" Head to los Sandy worried about shouting.
"I’m fine. I’ll go when the Dragon Ball gets my horse." Molin rocked his body.
Mo Lin returned to the top of the circular mountain and told everyone what had happened. This is not just a matter of luck. It seems that somehow Mo Lin has his own providence to protect him so that he can successfully complete the search for the Dragon Ball.