When the sun rises and sets in the west, she hardly does anything, but soon Su Ling falls into the night in a gloomy mood.

Burn old missing Gulan into the palace did not return to look at a little when the West Park Su Ling was uneasy!
Even she doesn’t know exactly when her dependence on the old burn has gone deep into the bones and blood unconsciously.
At the same time, she also knows that it is because she is not mature enough that Gu Lan will have so many negative emotions when she appears!
But she thinks all this should be the only way for feelings!
If two people walk together without running in, there will be endless problems afterwards!
What’s more, she is willing to win the hearts of all people!
It’s that simple!
Looking at the sky is getting lower and lower, the stars seem to have a depressed mood!
Su Ling took a deep breath and looked at the night, sitting straight into the night!
Burn old three still hasn’t returned!
"Miss, don’t you sleep?"
My eyes have been with Su Ling for several hours, so I just stare blankly at Su Ling. Although I am a little sleepy, I still don’t trust Su Ling to sit alone like this.
"Bi Rao went to the front yard and asked Huang Lao if there was news that he would not return tonight!"
Once upon a time, no matter how busy Huang Lao was, it seemed that he would always go back to Xiyuan and hug her to sleep peacefully every night.
Now, when he says he will investigate Gulan’s affairs and she can give it to him!
But even though it is difficult to investigate a person in the past, you still have to rest at night!
"Oh, I’m going!"
Bi Rao nodded stupidly. Although she couldn’t think of the reason why Bai Suling did this, she still obeyed and ran out of the West Park.
In the dead of night, the shadows of trees are dancing, and the night wind is blowing, leaving a rustling place!
Suddenly, there was a strange feeling in the night, and Su Ling was immediately alert to the fact that she was looking up. When she quickly looked back at the roof of the wing, she seemed to see a touch of dark clothes cutting through the night, and then everything was left with a slow wind!
This discovery instantly made Su Ling forget all the troubles. Although she saw the corner of the attire, she had definitely seen the figure that suddenly disappeared in the night with her good memory!
Familiar, quite familiar!
But what …
"Miss hurry to sleep! It’s getting late! " Su Ling’s side is dark and I feel that she hasn’t settled down yet. Although she tries her best to restrain her emotions, her cheeks are still difficult to sustain her anger.
Even the tone of voice is quite indignant and blunt!
"What’s the matter?" Intuition Su Ling knew that something must have happened to make Bi Rao have such abnormal emotions!
At first glance, Su Ling seemed determined not to talk, but turned around and ran to the ear room with a word "Miss, I’m going to sleep first!"
No matter how careless Bi Rao’s personality is, Su Ling still heard a nasal sound from her words!
Nasal sound? !
Lang is as simple as Bi Rao. What will make her cry? !
Bi Rao wanted to go back to her room quickly, but she took two steps. As a result, the figure in front of her eyes flashed slightly stunned and looked up to see Su Lingqiao’s face frost blocking her way.
At that time, Bi Rao’s eyes were full of layers of water and light, and it seemed that she kept enduring! Seeing this, Su Lingfeng asked in a slightly cold tone, "What happened? Who bullied you!"
A listen to these words, Brigitte Rao tightly sipped her lip angle, and then she burst into tears. "Meowed … let’s go, miss! Don’t stay with the king’s house! I don’t want you to be with the report. I don’t want you to be together … "
Brigitte Rao suddenly complained about burning the third place, which surprised Su Ling!
"Stop crying. What’s the matter?" Su Ling gently wiped Bi Rao’s tears and her cheeks ached even more!
She’s too white and beautiful. She must know something and shouldn’t know it!
"Miss, let’s go! Don’t be here … Boo-hoo … Tonight … Tonight, Wang Ye stayed in the Valley Pavilion! Whoa whoa whoa whoa! "