Indeed, the change of the orchid demon is due to the Yang night.

Here wins Yang Ye and Lan Yao chop, so they look at each other affectionately, and Ba Dou can’t pull out his eyes.
Watching the scorching sun and depressed, I reached out and Yang Ye and Lan Yao looked at each other affectionately and shook two faces and shouted, "Stop being bored! Tell me how to kill Dongying! "
"Of course I need your help." Yang Ye turned to look at the scorching sun and smiled. "You are the strongest here!"
This kiss up to the hot sun is very comfortable. I laughed and suddenly looked up and saw Yang Ye looking at himself and motioning with his hand quickly. "Hey! Hey! Don’t look at me like that with the blue demon! Don’t make me sick! "
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Li Ze, with 3,000 Datang soldiers, searched for half a day in Ancheng, and saw that the intersection of the south of the city was gnawed clean by the scorching sun, and the skeleton of the bloodthirsty black beast was also seen in Chengxi Square. The tragic death was once controlled by the baby, and the surviving corpse was about 1,000. The residents of Ancheng finally decided to go straight to the capital of Ancheng.
I didn’t encounter any abnormality all the way. When Li Ze and his men arrived at the front door of the general office, the door was open but it was unusually quiet.
Li Ze sneaked into the gate of the general office and looked around. Suddenly, he pulled out his sword and shouted, "Give me a rush! See the Japanese dog thief and kill him! "
"the wind! Gale! Wind! Strong wind! "
Three thousand soldiers were ordered to shout and wave their weapons and rushed into the gate of Ancheng General Office.
"Hula La" rushed straight into the general mansion compound and all the soldiers saw it was Zhenyuan General, with two commanders day and night, the general’s wife and a strange red-haired beauty courtyard looking at them with a smile.
The soldiers were surprised and shouted "General!" "General Zhenyuan!" "Night Lord!" "Day …" "General Peng!" ….. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
All the soldiers rushed in from behind, and Li Ze quickly divided up when he heard the screaming sound in front. When all the soldiers came to the front, they saw a few people not far away, especially when they saw Yang Ye’s one leng on the spot, they suddenly became red in the eyes and burst into tears!
Yang night is smiling at these kind Tang soldiers and seeing Li Ze-fen and others coming forward, laughing even more brilliantly, but I didn’t expect Li Ze to see himself crying. The horse inexplicably smiled and was ready to ask before he left.
But before Yang night stepped, Li Ze was in tears and put the sword back into the scabbard. Then he quickly came forward and hugged Yang night with his arms. The shoulder sounds on both sides trembled and called out, "Peng Xiong! Brother Peng! Li will never see Peng Xiong again! "
"Why? I am not living well? " Yang night smiled and patted Li Ze’s shoulder with both hands.
"No! Brother Peng, you single-handedly rescued Li and brought two masters day and night into Anshi City. I’m really worried … "Li Ze said awkwardly and immediately changed his tone and said," I don’t want you to bring two masters to wipe out the Japanese dog thieves in the city. My admiration for Brother Peng is like a raging river, which makes me admire me! "
"My dear brother, I’m flattered." Yang Ye smiled and nodded and looked at Li Ze, who was in tears. In his heart, he was moved to recognize that Li Ze was really the kind of person who loves and hates Han. Because his short brother easily showed his face and identity in public, he shed tears!
After sighing for a while, Li Ze also shook hands with the scorching sun and had a cordial conversation with fuels. Three thousand soldiers saw General Zhenyuan, who had broken into the enemy camp alone, and the two leaders, day and night, were unharmed.
Even more admired, he shouted slogans, and then Yang Ye told Li Ze that he was going to attack Japan and completely destroy Japan, which surprised Li Ze a lot.
Li Zeyan, it’s not his Yang Ye who can decide to get the land and need to report back to the emperor for a decision.
So Yang night scared him to say that he couldn’t kill the Japanese dog. Before raising Ichiro, Ichiro said a lot. One thing is that the Japanese country is asking the senior mage to prepare to call a lot of monsters to attack the Tang Dynasty, and later in Shang Ruo in recent days, those Japanese dogs, thieves and monsters attacked together. The Datang army resisted it again, but this plan has taken them to the end before the Japanese side attracted monsters!
In the Tang Dynasty, Li Ze naturally believed that this was also tense, pale and hesitant for a long time, and it was still difficult to decide.
Yang night advised him, "Dear brother, we are now sending troops to Japan, and we must be caught off guard. Besides, this is why the Emperor will punish us if we want to win the battle in Datang Jiangshan. Reward you, me and all these soldiers for coming! "
Li Ze was said to be moved and hesitated to ask "but Peng Xiong."
If it’s really no small matter to attack Japan, I have to go back to Chang ‘an to meet the emperor and send some more troops! "
"No" Yang Ye smiled and waved his hand. "How many soldiers and horses do we have now?"
Li Ze pondered and answered with fuels, "We have to check in the future, but there should be about 200 thousand."
"Enough!" Yang night hey hey smile stretched out his hand and took a Li Ze shoulder.
"What? Brother Peng! Are you kidding? " Li ze continued to be surprised. "Do you want us to attack Japan with two hundred thousand military forces? This ….. forgive Li for agreeing! "
"Your dog loves different things." Yang Ye still keeps smiling. "But I tell you that if I have this confidence, I will naturally have this assurance."
Li Ze looked at Yang Night and paused for a moment to think of something that seemed to suddenly look up at Yang Night and asked in a low voice, "Peng Xiong saw that there were more than 10,000 bodies of Japanese dogs and thieves in North Street when we killed them, but before the soldiers reacted, you and two lords leaped from the city wall day and night …" Li Ze said with suspicion and disbelief that he had swept the south glory magic scorching sun behind Yang Night and asked, "This …… Is it your two lords?"
Yang night smiled and turned to look at the south glory illusion and the hot sun. The south glory illusion and the hot sun are also a mysterious smile. These three people have been smiling but just laughed and looked at Li Ze.
Li Ze was puzzled for a long time and finally got the answer from Yang Ye’s eyes. His face doubts gradually turned into surprises, and his eyes grew bigger and bigger. Finally, he shouted, "Peng Xiong! And the Lord of the sun! Night Lord! You three are amazing! Like the reincarnation of the god of war! Li admires it! The attack on Japan! Li is willing to listen to Peng Xiong’s dispatch! All responsibilities are also willing to be borne by Peng Xiong! "