"That’s why she doesn’t want to." Xue Haiwen said that the bottom of her eyes quickly crossed with a sharp look, and the tone was very serious and malicious. She bowed her head and looked at Xue Xi’s face and smiled a little deeper. She gently put the scattered hair on her forehead behind her ear. "Huan said that you have moved the tire gas and you have to rest these things well and let your brother do it."

"But brother …" Xue Xi raised his hand and grabbed Xue Hai’s hand. The bottom of his eyes seemed to be hopeful and worried. "You should be careful yourself!"
"Don’t worry, my brother is measured." When I heard Xue Xi’s words, Xue Hai felt that all doubts and dissatisfaction in his heart were swept away before he crossed a warm current. Xue Xi’s eyes were full of spoil and love. "You are still weak, remember to take medicine on time. Now you are a double body and you should not be careless."
Xue precious little smell speech bowed their heads and face seems to be a little taste "well precious little white I won’t do stupid things, brother, will you blame me …"
"Silly girl, you will always be my brother’s favorite sister. How can my brother blame you?" Xue Hai gently rubbed his head and smiled lightly. He thought that Gu Jin’s eyes were half narrowed but he couldn’t help frowning slightly at Gu Jin’s sunseeker. Now he is being protected by his own sovereign and family. He really needs some thoughts to calculate her.
Xue Xi bowed his head and smiled more and more deeply. He grabbed Xue Hai’s hand. "Who are you going to let Gu Jinxi marry?" Don’t say it’s Xue Hai. Even Qin Lan, the emperor of the Western Chu Dynasty, didn’t decide that Gu Jinxi’s marriage office. Since Xue Haikou wants Gu Jinxi not to marry, there is a way to cook uncooked rice into mature rice! But even so, this person needs to be carefully calculated and arranged.
Let me think about it. It’s easier to say something than to do it. He took a deep look at Xue Xi with his eyes hanging down. I don’t know what I always feel. 116 Xiaoxiang fans carnival, about the great god, grab the gift!
What always feels that something is wrong? He knows that his sister understands his voice-over.
Xue cherish now immersed in his own thoughts, thinking of Gu Jinxi’s swaggering appearance, then let her cook uncooked rice with others, and then see how she can show off in front of herself and let Gu Jinxi die so simply. She would rather let her live and watch her love with Rui’s brother. That feeling should be more refreshing. But this candidate is really a problem. Suddenly, her mind flashed and she seemed to think of something. She took a deep breath and smiled lightly. "I heard that Xiao Qiye once admired Gu Jinxi, Xiao’s family, and the former queen mother of Liangdu clan. If Gu Jinxi married in the past, she would surely not suffer from her brother …"
"Well, cherish son, you have a good rest and I’ll go back to my room to think about it." Xue Hai’s eyes quickly crossed a road that was not salty or light after lying in bed.
Xue precious little nodded "well! Xiao Qiye once owed me a favor. If my brother can’t make sense of him, I can … "
"Brother knows what to do." Xue Hai raised his hand and gently rubbed his head hair, caressed her to sleep, and carefully tucked her in. After being confirmed by the angle, he turned and walked towards the door. In the end, he was very intimate and quietly closed the door for her.
But he didn’t know that the door was closed and he should have been lying in bed. Xue Xi suddenly turned over and sat up staring at the door. His face was twisted away from the direction, and his hands were tightly twisted with the quilt cover. A thick fire of anger and destruction burst out in her eyes. She drooped her eyelids and suddenly seemed to think of something. Although Xue Hai loved her, her heart became more and more ethereal. No, she couldn’t cure it. She had to do something about it herself.
Thought of here, she opened her mouth and called out, "Somebody!"
"Aunt Xue" Mei Hong hurriedly pushed the door and pushed in with a disguised terms to calm Gujingbo.
For Mei Hong and Mei Xiang, although these two people take care of themselves slightly, they are also very obedient, but they don’t know what, but she always has no way to believe them. Naturally, they won’t be allowed to do many private things.
Xue precious little drooping eyelids eyes turned very fast, and his mind searched for a circle before he bowed his head and took a deep breath as gently as possible, saying, "Please come to Rongen Pavilion to know the girl Wei". Looking at Meigong’s face, he seemed to have some doubts and explained, "I feel a little lost of appetite. I heard that Zhiwei’s hometown has a special kind of food for pregnant women to stop vomiting and wants to ask her for advice."
"Yes!" Meigong smell speech should immediately turn away.
Regent’s House is supposed to be a dusty Jinxi Garden.
When MeiHong then looked at wearing a blue cloth, she was just an ordinary but sweeping page. The man looked serious and the seat next to the console table looked ugly. She immediately nodded at Huan and immediately bowed down and said, "Ye!"
"Huh?" Qin Rui looked at Mei Hong, and suddenly her eyes half narrowed and her eyes were somewhat deep and dark. "What’s the matter?"
"Xue is reluctant to let his family go to Rong ‘en Pavilion to find Zhiwei." Mei Hong bowed her head and sounded crisp, neither salty nor light.
Qin Rui smell speech immediately face smile changed eyes at the end of the dark "hum, then tell her know eu stealing toffee empress bracelets was caught after the current stolen goods and has committed suicide"
"Yes" Meigong immediately leaned down and thought about it a little or decided to tell it. "Today, Xue Hailai talked to Xue Xi for a long time in their room, and Mei Xiang didn’t dare to get too close, but Xue Xi had been to Heng Wu Garden today, but she was angry with Miss Gu. They might start work on Miss Gu and ask Ye to take more precautions."
"Well, the king already knows about this matter." Qin Rui’s eyes are half narrowed and the whole body exudes a faint look like a face but a smile. "Well, you go back first and don’t let Xue Xi see the clue."
Meigong bowed their heads and said, "It’s white, but Xue Xi doesn’t believe in the genus and Mei Xiang. Many things are sisters." Even if Xue Xi doesn’t say anything on weekdays, he occasionally knocks on them, but some things, especially whether the human heart is sincere or not, can still be felt.
"Might as well retire" Qin Rui just stop.
Looking at Mei Hong’s departure, Huan only bowed his head coldly and raised his brow lightly, setting Qin Rui grumpily and let out a cold hum from his nose. "That Xue cherishes courage is not small, but he dares to start work on the worried son. If there is a brother and a teacher elder sister, I’d better explain it myself."
Although both the present situation and the dream already know that Gu Jin sunseeker is a worry, they can’t leave because of too many things. However, if they know that they are obsessed with Younger, they will be hurt by their own grandfather. Maybe it will be more than just Xue Hai and Xue Xi’s brothers and sisters who are loyal to Qin Rui in name, but actually they are more like partners than genus.
"All right, you go on to say," Look at the site in Tsing Yi with joy.
The Tsing Yi page looked up at Qin Rui, and it was only after Qin Rui made sure that he had no opinion that he bowed his head and looked very calm. Gujingbo seems to be the root that didn’t receive Ding Dianer’s influence. "Xue Hai left the Regent’s Palace directly after he came out of Xue’s precious room and went to Shian clause."
"Shi’ an clause?" Happy eyes half narrowed, and soon I wanted to be white, and my face smiled faintly. "What else does he have to do?" Mind your own business, baby Younger. He takes it very seriously
Qin Rui corners of the mouth slightly hook with "well continue"