Jun Mo’s shadow face is darker.

"Give me back."
Phoenix shallow oneself also this "back" column is thinking about whether to jump out or turn out. Good Jun Moying suddenly went to her side and squatted down.
"Ah Huang …" Phoenix’s shallow feet were held by your ink shadow and put on his leg, which really startled her.
White and tender, thin and small, but good-looking. Jun Moying sighed, but his ankle is swollen like a pig’s head now.
His hands covered with phoenix’s shallow ankles moved a few times and suddenly he gave a twist.
"Ow ~ ~ ~ ~! !”
This is full of gas and vibrato!
Laughed at Jun Mo Ying angrily. "Can’t you bear it?"
Phoenix twisted with tears in her eyes with shallow pain. "You try, you’d better try!" It hurts me. It hurts. Do you know! "
Son of a bitch!
It’s not hard to look at people and carry burdens!
How can you cry and make a scene if you hurt his ankle?
Keeping the white dew and frost outside scared my legs soft. Even Li Detong was a little overwhelmed. Did the emperor personally rub his feet for the phoenix talents? Li Detong was shocked. What the hell is going on here?
And this talented person … She, she, she lost her memory. Why didn’t she even have some basic rules?
Emperor, can she yell? She cursed the emperor, too!
But then he knew that he was wrong, and the emperor didn’t put these at ease at all, which in turn comforted the phoenix talents!
"I know that your pain will be good for a while. If you don’t rub this congestion away, you will still suffer."
"But I hurt! Don’t you let me call two? " Phoenix shed a tear in the blink of an eye.
"Ok, you call you" Jun Mo Ying Nai ".Take it easy. I don’t know if people still bully you."
Phoenix shallow after listening to the more wronged cry that call a snot a tear "is you, is you beat me like this, you still want to justify? I can’t find my way back, so I just want to ask you that you hit me … because of you, I was kicked out by those doctors! You see my amnesia, one and both bully me … "
Jun Moying, where have you seen anyone dare to say that? He is still crying and listing his crimes. But it is strange that he is not upset at all. It seems that he still has some love. It is because he has never comforted anyone since he grew up. I don’t know what to do at the moment.
"Okay, okay, I didn’t mean to stop crying."
The tone is still a little stiff.
How else can I say that he won’t comfort people? I don’t know if the word "don’t cry" is a catalyst for tears.
Phoenix shallow amnesia to injustice all my heart more cry more sad "why didn’t you mean it? You did it on purpose! It’s not enough for you to bully me yourself. You still let so many people bully me together … "
Jun Moying said something. When did he let people bully her together?
Simply put aside her feet and get up straight to hug her, rubbing her head like a kitten and puppy when I was a child and gently comforting "Don’t cry, I won’t let people bully you again."
"I’m not kidding you."
Feng sobbed for a long time before she looked up. "Really?"
Tears moistened the eyelids and entangled them, but they made her more delicate and touching.
Jun Moying raised her hand and wiped the tears on her face and nodded. "Really, but you mustn’t cry. Let me rub your feet with blood."
"But I’m in pain." Feng Shao stopped crying, but when he couldn’t stop, he still sobbed. "Can’t he let it go by himself?"
"No" Jun Moying refused to be flat and agile without any room for change.
There is gradually no sound in it, and Li Detong can’t help but think that this phoenix talent is definitely a promising person!
Has he ever seen an emperor like this after all these years with him?
It’s not that no one has cried before. It was the second year of the emperor’s reign. What did the emperor do when he cried and made a scene after falling out of favor? It’s like throwing people into the cold palace directly after the rod is blamed … It can be seen that the emperor is really different from the phoenix talent.
But what is different? Phoenix talent is beautiful?
Beauty is beautiful, but there is no one in this large harem who is more beautiful than Feng Cai. Why is the emperor helpless to her?
Snow swirl in Yaohua Palace, and the charcoal fire is still different from before, but the cold in the air gradually dissipated.
Cure too much Chen handed the prescription to the little maid-in-waiting and said to Dongyang, "Dongyang girl doesn’t have to worry too much about Ryukyu and Moon girl’s good health. Although the high fever is serious this time, it won’t leave any sequelae. The old post medicine should be drunk for five days to ensure that it can be cured."
"Thank you for curing too much" dongyang smiled and hurriedly stuffed a purse in the past.