"How can this woman be so fickle? Just now, I said that it would be like this now! It seems that I really don’t understand this aspect. I have to ask someone for advice another day! "

I didn’t come up with a reason. Ye Han’s heart severely criticized himself and poured all the blame on myself for not knowing women.
However, at this moment, Ye Han suddenly flashed an idea that made him very embarrassed. This cold ling is now in his heart. If he wants to take a bath one day, wouldn’t he expose his department to Lengling?
[51] [Before closing] II
Xing yuan Jie er
But he hasn’t taken a shower since he came back, otherwise he would really encounter such an embarrassing situation. He also knows that even if he knew there would be such an embarrassing situation, he couldn’t avoid it. v▃
But when he thought of this, he suddenly realized that LengLing would be so shy. Obviously, he also had the same idea with himself. It’s better to avoid embarrassing Ye Han than to think about it.
"Sister Ling, you’d better explain the matter. I know that this closure requires a lot of crystals. If you don’t prepare enough crystals, it may cause many serious consequences!"
Dumped this embarrassing idea, Ye Han decided to pull the topic back to the closed preparation, so he remembered that he was going to collect Yuan Jing before.
"This is very simple. If you lack Yuanjing, you can ask your parents for it. Don’t forget that your Ye family is one of the best families in Xingyuan Empire. Don’t dare to say it, but I’m sure you won’t lack Yuanjing!"
After listening to Ye Han Gu Lengling, he suddenly wanted to laugh, but he endured a little for a while. After a while, he couldn’t help but really laugh and shouted at Ye Han.
Ye Han didn’t reply is secretly wry smile "yes, I want yuan jing is not a piece of cake? It’s Sister Ling. Don’t I need to prepare something else besides Yuan Jing? "
"hmm!" Lengling nodded noncommittally. "It’s as simple as that. You said you were nervous now. That’s your personal opinion. I didn’t say that!"
Ye Han smell speech suddenly speechless, I always think that there are a lot of things to do and a lot of preparations for this meeting. Now it seems that this is just a lot of thinking.
However, when Ye Han relaxed, Lengling smiled again. "Although you don’t need to prepare too many things, it’s easy to control your body cold if you don’t do this. There are still pains for you these seven days!"
Ye Han nodded his head, and no matter how hard he ate, he wouldn’t be afraid. In the past ten years, he had suffered from the cold, and now he has become accustomed to all these things, and it will happen again.
But Lengling is not as relaxed as Ye Han. In the middle of these seven days, Cold naturally needs to suffer, but she is different. Although all this is Ye Han, she can rely on Lengling to do it alone, so she doesn’t feel relaxed at all.
See Lengling so Ye Han suddenly thought of the reason. After ten years, my master has gone through all kinds of hardships and failed to control the cold. Now Lengling Xiu Ye Han knows that if she works hard to help herself control the cold, it is naturally indispensable.
Think about yourself at most, that is, to suffer from some cold bite. He doesn’t know how many times he has met him, and naturally he won’t care about this time. Besides, after seven days, he may get great benefits from it to control the cold.
However, he didn’t know that it was so simple to control the cold of his body. It took him ten years to finish this task in seven days, which was even more difficult than going to heaven.
"Well, you go out now, I want to have a good rest, otherwise I can’t guarantee that I can survive these seven days and give me my Yu Pei Zhongyuan Crystal Department, and I will prepare now!"
See Ye Han silence for a long time, Lengling is not in a hurry to disturb, however, watching the important moment of closing, the horse is coming. Although Ye Han doesn’t prepare too much, she will spend seven days to help Ye Han. The nature that Ye Han has to prepare is not comparable to Ye Han.
Of course, she didn’t tell Ye Han that everything she had to prepare for Ye Han had fallen on her own. In fact, she personally arranged all the details of Ye Han’s closing this time, but Ye Han needed to wait and enjoy it.
Ye Han smell speech also don’t say much busy will just steal from LengLing Yu Pei darling back to LengLing secretly sigh with emotion after a turned to prepare centrifugal pulse condition.
Although he is not very prepared, he knows that the test he is going to take this time is not as simple as he thinks, so he must be fully mentally prepared, and it is best to relax while he is now.
However, as Ye Han turned to leave, he felt that his hand was held by a pair of soft little hands, and the owner of this hand was obviously Lengling.
Ye Han looked at busy turned to immediately a face of don’t understand blunt LengLing smile asked "ling elder sister, why are you holding me? Is there anything else you haven’t told me? "
LengLing smiled and then shook his head and sighed bitterly "alas! Why are you so acute? People still have a good thing for you! "
Hearing Lengling’s words, Ye Han suddenly stared at Lengling blankly. He didn’t know what the good things in her mouth were, but he knew that what Lengling gave would not be so bad that it might still be a very valuable object!
Seeing that Ye Han looked at himself and didn’t ask questions, Lengling suddenly became angry and said, "Do you want to know what I want to give you? Just peek at others!"
Ye Hanwen originally wanted to ask questions, but he didn’t know what to say for a while. He was silent for a long time. When he saw Lengling really angry, he smiled awkwardly. "I didn’t peek at you. I was just looking at it fair and square, and you didn’t say what it was. How could I know!"
I feel that I have been misunderstood thoroughly. If I don’t make words to defend myself, I will definitely be misunderstood more thoroughly, which will lead to a big mistake. Ye Han has to let go and point out the mistakes in Lengling’s words.
This would have made Lengling angry. Ye Han was ready to be reprimanded. However, when he was ready, Lengling was surprisingly lifeless and looked at him shyly for a moment.
Realizing that it didn’t happen, Ye Han was busy looking out to see whether Lengling was waiting for an expression now, but what he saw made him feel unforgettable.
It’s not the first time that Lengling is shy. Ye Han clearly remembers this, but shyness is so beautiful that he is the first time to see Lengling at this moment, which is more charming than her moment.
Others say that a woman is the most charming when she smiles, but Ye Han has to object to this statement in his heart at the moment. A woman is not the most charming when she smiles, but when she is extremely shy. This is her most beautiful and charming time.
"Hum! He also said that he would not peek at you and now he peeked at his bad brother! " Ye Han is looking at Lengling in a daze but doesn’t want all this to be seen by the other party. Soon, I heard Lengling Jiaochen again.
Ye Han, who is so coquettish about Lengling, feels quite tolerable from the bottom of my heart and can’t help but compare her with her when she is serious. It is a world of difference.
"Well, let’s get down to business, my good sister. Just tell me what good things you really want to send me!" Naiye Han pulled the topic back to its original position, but it was a face of wry smile way
See Ye Han so ask LengLing suddenly realized that he shouldn’t continue to joke, otherwise I’m afraid something bad will really happen, and he will be busy changing his face. The former shyness means the convergence is blunt Ye Han smiled.
Pacify an emotional cold ling, which took out another piece of Yu Pei with the same size in her hand from Yu Pei, and then handed it over to Ye Han while Ye Han was shocked.
Holding hands in Yu Pei Ye Han didn’t feel much, but still looked at Lengling. This time, he chastened and stared at Yu Pei in her hand and swore that he really didn’t stare at Lengling’s body and mind!
"hey! What are you looking at? I told you not to look around. When I see Sister Rou again, I’ll tell her about your molestation and see if she will like you again! "