This problem was solved when Mi Wei arrived in EH at noon.

Mi Wei made a tough decision in front of Zhai Hao and Lao K. EH continued to play the second game in the third day of this season.
Now that Mi Wei has come to EH again, that is, Zhai Hao has shared her own physical pressure and liberated Lao K’s problems in leading the team.
Mi Wei, the iron lady, showed her determination in Lao K’s office.
Directly persuaded Zhai Hao and Lao K.
EH rookie team 5 also returned to its tactics in the afternoon, that is, a week before the latest round of G League competition.
Of course, some changes are still slowly brewing.
For example, when Mi Wei re-entered the EH, a short message floated from the EH health room to the LGM boss’s mobile phone. GalayS3 convulsed her mouth and picked up the BlackBerry 1 beside her. A pile of fleshy palms crackled and sent a short message.
"the wolf is coming."
Return of the emperor? The emperor returns! The emperor returns!
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Chapter sixty-four In the Mood for Love
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A general dies in many battles and a strong man returns in ten years.
When VIGOS was in front of Cologne Gymnasium, he had a feeling of returning to people during the war in ancient China.
VIGOS grew up on the Rhine, but in Europe, young people of his age are wandering around all over western Europe.
Either a livelihood or a dream.
Perhaps there is no contradiction between dreams and livelihood. VIGOS has been to the mysterious eastern country on the other side of the ocean, where the dreams of teenagers are as magical as their DOA play. Many teenagers hope that BMW will hold beautiful women and make young and frivolous VIGOS feel deeply.
Fresh clothes, nu ma, returning home in splendor
A landmark figure in German sports at the top of DOA in Europe
VIGOS is often recognized by his fans in the streets of Cologne.
When I go back to my hometown, I don’t like cars and often haunt the streets. VIGOS is different from some friends who like to pick up girls in bars.
Although VIGOS is 26 years old, Ji has passed the peak of competition.
However, VIGOS has strict requirements on his living habits and habits, and has always maintained a good state.
This is also the reason why the German Athletic Committee of the Cologne Organizing Committee dared to hold the annual European invitational tournament in Cologne.
There are superstars, stories and handsome guys.
VIGOS blonde, blue-eyed, long-term exercise, strong muscles and a baby face.
In Germany, but with the Bundesliga giants Bayern midfield core "pig"-Schweinsteiger.
A dream lover of thousands of girls in Germany
Of course, VIGOS is also the idol of many competitive teenagers in Germany.
Not only money, but also fame. VIGOS’s supermodel girlfriend is also a young German boy who likes that kind of woman.
Successful career, independent life, but considerate, gentle and moving in private, this western European woman has a modern North American feminine atmosphere.
Kelly appeared in public when VIGOS defeated WCG for the second time.
Unlike Zhang Dihao’s own girlfriend, VIGOS readily admitted himself and Kelly when the media first talked about his girlfriend.
VIGOS also let many fans who used to be a DOA fanatic also see his tender and soft side in their lives.
The wedding with Kelly was also held vigorously in Europe.
Ming Su Yun weddings
Of course, Zhang Zhaihao was unexpectedly absent after receiving the wedding invitation, which is also a regret of VIGOS.
In this fate, the enemy cuts through DOA like a comet, and it really makes VIGOS wonder that the men of DOA can’t escape from the world after retirement.
Are you avoiding something?