Can you recover 300 drops of blood by taking big drugs, drinking bottles and eating trees in one go for two seconds?

Even if the magic resistance is calculated, but the soul hunter does more damage, can the shadow demon escape death?
Can’t ~!
But what if there is a dark shepherd and a thin burial?
EH is EH. In the small dome DK fans’ regret, DCG was buried thinly. When the evil purification lasted for two seconds, he arrived at the last minute to bless the thin burial in the shadow demon.
And blackie still didn’t realize that the shadow demon couldn’t be killed in these five seconds when there was no animation!
Unless the axe king is on DK’s side or Xiaohei makes a lost blade.
It’s a pity that Xiaohei didn’t lose his blade and didn’t have a tall and mighty FW teammate.
And Xiaohe hasn’t realized that he will go back and pick himself up. When he dies, he will fight back. The shadow demon has actually been buried thinly.
Two seconds later, I was swallowed up by the three-person round.
DK team raven almost didn’t stand out a mouthful of blood spray on the monitor in front of him when he saw that he was preparing to advance his highland line.
DK Road has successfully pushed its own highland when VS and S joined forces to push forward like a bamboo, and there were less than five lines in two minutes.
And the shadow devil and the shadow priest are also clearing the troops quickly. Even a pure GANK pseudo-queen bounty without AOE and propulsion skills is humming and snoring in the second tower of the road.
This is the demolition brigade to the little dome to dismantle all DK faces!
Raven can’t sit still, just pull the headphones and talk to SUHAO and others around him to get rid of SVS.
DK or five people, especially in the strong control and cooperation in front of the highland tower, playing cheerful VS and s two crispy skins.
Even failed to resist a round of skills, they both threw themselves back to the spring.
And the reward of the shadow devil and the shadow priest will directly tear down the second tower of the road without interference.
Since then, all the defensive towers have been broken except the DK, the second tower in the middle road.
Twenty-three minutes, EH. Twenty-three minutes, DK peripheral defense.
And except that VS died twice and S died once, the team was almost killed.
Even if you die twice, VS is a big advantage of economic prosperity!
Then the next thing to do is to turn advantage into victory! ~
It is not difficult to give play to the advantage of the game, but it is rare to turn the advantage into victory
There are many opportunities to decide the game in DOA, and even more in the downwind advantage game. There are many ways in front of EH, and the goal of EH is very definite.
That’s armor reduction propulsion!
The core is VS.
Pig’s head dish says that Lin Feng is the core, which is very reasonable. In this way, the highest output should be S, the magic glass deer. Even if the ordinary attack calculates the damage, the damage amount is as high as 1,600 points. The stepping effect is that the second tower in the middle of the road is terrible. It didn’t last long in this strong promotion to make way for the road and the road. When the alchemy is finished, it will be reunited.
EH will be on the high ground
EH highland is very determined. It looks like the last moment of the bombing of the bunker martyrs.
This also made DK unprepared, especially the leader of the command brain DK, Raven, who didn’t expect EH to have such drastic measures.
"Shadow Devil jumps over the knife ~ Shadow Devil doesn’t have BKB, but Shadow Devil jumps over the knife first. Yes, you are not mistaken. It seems that the delicate black shadow is to enlarge the trick." Fat Fish excitedly watched the pig’s head vegetable shadow devil jump into the highland DK regiment.
In the fat fish image, EH didn’t rush into the team like this
But today EH is playing very fast.
Promote hegemony and irrationality
The first move by the shadow devil is an abbreviation of such a situation.
EH will let pig’s head vegetables die?
It is impossible for everyone to know that the shadow demon will enlarge, but all DK players have to turn around and attack and jump to the side in the first second, and even the shadow demon dare not release the shadow imprisonment.
Because even if you know that the shadow demon has a thin burial, you have to try to clear the shadow demon’s blood volume in one second to get a team battle before you have a chance.
The lethality of the two-level elegy in the team battle is amazing.
DK doesn’t lose money. It’s less than a second after the top team’s pig head dish shadow demon blood volume was cleared. Because the shadow demon’s big move was not released, the shadow demon’s shadow imprisonment was still released
Two point five seconds.
The alchemist became dizzy by VS bricks.