"Shut up. Hide the sword’s heavenly tactic is a thousand-year-old fairy tale. I am unruly and impure, and I pity demons and protect monsters. If the heavenly tactic falls into your hands, the whole life will be unlucky. " A young man in a blue cassock rebuked him.

"Bullshit, all living things suffer. They are all bright and bright, like thousands of trees facing the sun. You don’t ask right and wrong, you are self-righteous, you exclude dissidents, and as such, you talk about immortality. If you want hide the sword Tianjue, Huang Kou Xiaoer, show your true skills. "
When young people heard this, they were furious and said goodbye to each other. Respect the emperor together. For tens of thousands of years, the Emperor’s Immortal Sect has been guarding the Immortal Road, and the world is respectful. He was taken over by Shi Tianjun, the head of this generation of emperors, 300 years ago, and was given the title of jade. He is the only candidate for the next generation of heads. Since he started his career, he has to get wind and water, and his kung fu is extremely excellent. The teacher has given him several magic weapons of great power. Debut for 200 years. Killing demons and monsters, catching ghosts and changing souls. In the words of his Xuanmen, he has accumulated countless merits. Nowadays, in the mouth of people in purple clothes, these have become excluding dissidents and killing innocent people. How can he bear it?
Purple innocence, master of Wanxian Hongxing Gorge. Hongxing Gorge is a big school of cultivating immortals with different ideas in the field of electricity for tens of thousands of years. It has been squeezed by other schools of immortals for a long time, and its population is thin. The head of this generation, Zidong, came to learn from heaven, earth and nature, and reversed the purple fairy tactic in the door, creating a hongxia fairy tactic that can be compared with the purple fairy tactic lost in the early years of the door, but it was regrettable that it was not taught. Purple, blue and white temperament, like Zidonglai, is famous for its good nature, and is close to all kinds of Shan Ye spirits, but disdains other door figures. On this day, it was the opening of the ancient immortal’s dragon cave, and three magic weapons flew out. It’s better to come early than to come at a good time. There are three treasures, one is to attract the dragon ruler, the other is to attract the dragon star ring, and the other is the hide the sword day tactic. Shi Tianjun has already counted, and three treasures have a great relationship with the fate of Xiandao in the next thousand years. Do the same thing, and shine for the door. In his mind’s eye, the leaders of the Imperial Immortal Gate have been around for tens of thousands of years and have three treasures, which is well deserved.
Several immortals, thousands of Taoist elders, tens of thousands of magic weapons, countless hard work with nothing. Lead the dragon to clear the way, and swing the tight encirclement formed by thousands of magic weapons, without a trace; The dragon-leading star ring followed closely, and the star awn flashed out of sight. Finally, the unearthed hide the sword Tian Ji is a box shaped like an inkstone. It is in the middle of tight encirclement, and it lights up with colorful light. Instead of flying away, it travels around. Suddenly, colorful light forms a channel, and hide the sword Jade Box flies out along the channel and falls into the purple and white arms of the Red Star Gorge master who has just set foot here.
This result made the leader of the gate, Shi Tianjun, look extremely embarrassed. To attract dragons and three treasures, we don’t choose the Imperial Immortal Sect, so we don’t say anything about those who fly away. The rest of us only choose a sect with dozens of people. What does this mean!
Shi Tianjun’s face looks ugly. He has been practicing immortality for thousands of years, which can be controlled. On the one hand, he is also in a high mood. Without you, the andao will not change the pattern of the immortal road!
However, his great disciple Huang Ji Cheng Yu doesn’t think so. It can be seen that the magic weapon can’t contain the dragon and the three treasures, and its power is great. The Dragon-Leading Heavenly Ruler and the Dragon-Leading Star Ring fled, and he had no choice, but hide the sword’s heavenly tactic fell into the hands of a master of a dirty sect, which made him sigh that God was unfair, so he decided to seize it to show the great power of the emperor’s immortal Sect.
Emperor Ji Cheng Yu never expected that his teacher Shi Tian Jun was forbearing, and his pride was one reason, and another reason was that he didn’t want to provoke Zidonglai. It’s not difficult to capture the purple, blue and white, but it’s unwise to forge a strong enemy. Moreover, the Red Star Gorge is not prosperous, solitary, and has no ambition. This hide the sword day tactic falls into their hands, which is better than falling into the hands of other Taoist schools, and it can’t threaten the Emperor’s extremely immortal school. Therefore, he held back. If ZiDong hadn’t come, or if he had changed sects, he would have made a move long ago, and it wouldn’t have been the emperor’s turn to turn it into jade.
It was too late for the emperor to become a jade. I didn’t know that the Red Star Gorge was powerful, and I mistakenly thought that Zi Qingbai was a disciple of the declining sect that he could take and take. After Shi Tianjun left, he took hundreds of "Taoist friends" who tried to hide the sword fairy tactic to chase after the purple and blue.
Coincidentally, Ziqing Bai Dao has been a disciple of Daomen for two hundred years, and Cheng Yu belongs to the same period. During more than a hundred years of practicing in Hongxing Gorge, Zi Qingbai learned his teacher in one fell swoop. Although Zidonglai did not put
Isolated from the Daomeng, but after 200 years in the mountains, Ziqingbai has formed his own views on the existing Xianmenkou School pattern. In two hundred years. The disciples of the Emperor’s Immortal Sect spread all over the world, and what they did made Zi Qingbai complain. But he avoided it.
Hide the sword day tactic to choose the Lord, purple blue white touch day tactic jade box, to say don’t like in my heart, that’s false. However, his mood is heavy enough. Seeing Shi Tianjun’s posture of being extremely angry, he knew that things were difficult. Sure enough, he didn’t go far, and Huang Ji Cheng Yu brought people after him.
Moreover, the emperor extremely ChengYu this boy for fear of robbing hide the sword day tactic to scandal. Early on, I was determined to kill someone, and when I started, I was malicious. The "Taoist friends" also threw out a hundred swords. Fortunately, Ziqingbai was already prepared, and put out a red star symbol by pinching fingers, and flew to the Red Star Gorge to ask for help from Naishi Zidong, and at the same time offered a mask for my master’s self-defense. While releasing the flying sword to defend the enemy and escape.
There is a saying that the purple light flashes and the color is hazy; Escape to the sky, the red star flies away.
"once the dragon is brought in, the world will change after three robberies; Nine colors shine, and thousands of years cry. "
Bingyang Peak, the highest solitary peak in Wandian. Reaching the ground and reaching the sky, the height is 100,000 meters. Snow blows all the year round, and the wind screams like a knife. Accompanied by four disciples, a man in white stands on the top of the peak, the north wind is strong and crazy, and the clothes of the man in white don’t float. His slightly wrinkled face looks up at the starry sky, his eyes are empty and clear, and he is now bursting into the sky of Chineydy, revealing endless vicissitudes.
He hasn’t eaten, drunk, talked or moved for 9981 days. The whole body turns slowly, and the free biological energy between heaven and earth is continuously supplemented into this motionless body, providing energy for deep eyes and dramatic brain waves.
"A thousand years of luck, the sun sets and the stars sink, the immortals are helpless, and the gods are weak. Disease! "
People in white clothes gathered their eyes together, and under the guidance of the whole body spirit yuan, several gold symbols were arranged in Jiugong gossip, which was launched into the sky in a plane shape and went deep into Daichi Sumeragi. Going deep into the void of Vientiane, countless messages are sent back to the sea from the node of Jiugong Bagua. First, there are dots, then there are rivers and streams, and then there is a frenzy and tsunami.
"Peep, pa", the peak of the icy sun is full of wind, and there are two abnormal crisp sounds.
"Master," the four disciples hurried forward to hold the white man who had just stood like a pine, but now he was unstable by the strong breeze. When the white man waved his hand, a disciple sent a lotus mat, and the white man sat quietly in the lotus mat, pale and bloodless. Close your eyes and do your work. After a long time, you will have blood in your face, and then you will be put into the project for a huge calculation. After a while, his face turned pale again, but this time he was pale not because his body could not support him, but because he was surprised by the calculated results. Eight Chinese characters shocked him for a long time.
"The secret is boring, and the gods are reactive!"
"The secret is boring, and the gods are reactive!" The white man murmured, "What’s the point of my staying here? The nine-color divine light is hidden as soon as it appears, without a trace. What’s the point of attracting dragons and three treasures to the other world, and choosing the master instead of the fairy gate? The heavens and the earth are reversed, and the stars are unfounded. The sky is dark and the stars are helpless. "
"Master, the sky is huge, the land is vast, and the people are big. You are old-fashioned and survey the land, but you have not observed people. Perhaps the latter is the key to resolving the robbery of the sunset!" Behind the white man, standing in the figure, suddenly came a crisp female voice, soft and gentle, like sunshine after snow, which made the snow all over the sky warm.
The white man’s eyes lit up when he heard the news, but he was suddenly stunned. "The divination image still abandons the fairy god, and the power of human beings is so small, difficult, difficult, difficult!"
"Master, disciples are willing to give it a try!" Four female voices are firm.
"Well, you have this ambition, and you will join the WTO twenty years later! Heart Moon, you and Jing Yue, Dan Yue and Ming Yue, in these 20 years, entered the Oriental Dimly discernible College, and each chose a course that will be shared by the world. Exhausted for the teacher’s mind, he will sit in prison for 20 years. After you have finished your studies, you can act on your own without asking me. !”
"Yes, master, my disciples will never live up to master’s expectations."
"By the way, the street depravity world, in case of holding a dragon-inducing triple gem or wearing a nine-colored shekinah, you can follow it, but you can’t follow it as a force. That’s all for the teacher, so be careful! Go! "
Shortly after the heart moon, the quiet moon, the light moon and the bright moon left, the Fairy Road League in Wandian received a jade plate engraved with ten characters: once the dragon is attracted, the world will change after three robberies. Inscription: a miracle. Shi Tianjun, the leader of Daomeng’s Imperial Immortal Sect, was very worried, and his disciples urged him to do so. Although the sword light was fast, the white man had closed the mountain and entered the death pass, and the ice peak only saw snow and the wind roared.
Red Star Gorge is easy to find but not easy to find. It’s easy to find because this area is full of red leaves, but it’s not easy to find, but Hongxing Gorge is only located in the red leaf zone.
Many immortals know that the Red Star Gorge shows its territory in such a way. Without quotation. Entering the red leaf area will trigger the ban, which will lead to the indiscriminate attack of red leaves like steel needles.
Zidonglai, the owner of the Red Star Gorge, was sitting in a palace made of red jade pillars. He looked like a teenager, with long hair that was windless and fluttering like a flag, covered in purple clothes and nothing else. The extremely red color that is not dazzling looms, and the handsome appearance is full of vigor and hearty under the reflection of flying hair and red treasure light! A red star in his brow, flashing the glow from time to time, added air and earned him the name of Hongxia as a real person.
The sun pours, and the yin and yang outside the mountain. The mountains are covered with red leaves. Red clouds, such as clusters, occasionally dotted with pale colors of rocks, Qionglou Yuyu, waterfalls and flowing springs, are hidden among them, and there is a tranquility in the fiery red.
Make nine turns. Zidonglai has been sitting quietly for many days. The red treasure light on the body comes out from the sky, absorbing the blazing sun of the stars. Looking at the outside, the whole body is red and bright, but the body is cool and refreshing, and it is a little true, emitting divine light, condensing the heart and illuminating the mind. He woke up slowly, knowing that he was a fairy. It’s not far away.