"You will take advantage of others, and you don’t want to think about who he dug 7kg. People are all you, and you want to kill them." Honey is very authentic

Ye Qing scratched his head awkwardly and said, "You’re right. I’m a little out of line, but that little rich man can’t eat enough for a meal. I’m helping you with your welfare!"
"I can’t afford a meal myself? By the way, why didn’t Dong Tiancheng come to training with you? " Big honey asked
"The little boy went shopping with Zhao Jun bamboo and he didn’t have any idea to train. I didn’t force him to come with me. If our team can put people together, then he will leave the team and go back to his father’s company." Ye Qing said and got up from the big honey boss chair
Big honey frowned. It’s a little difficult to tunnel. "Now the situation is a bit complicated. The attitude of the machine gunners in my front line has become very firm. They refused my invitation. I think my price is already high enough. If they are not tempted, they must be bound by the contract."
"The contract again! It seems that all professional teams know the importance of talents. I think this time we pull snipers and get him a binding contract to tie him to the team easily. "Ye Qing looks obscene tunnel."
Big honey sighed, "Well, let’s talk about it then. Now the point is not the sniper but the gunner, because even if we pull the sniper, we can’t get together a complete array. If Dong Tiancheng is leaving, then our team will be short of three gunners. Where can I find someone?"
"There are still quite a few professional players who don’t worry about F, and there are also many folk experts. It’s okay to find a few who have the potential to train one. It won’t take long for me to be a living example." Ye Qing patted his chest and said that he was Huang Qiusheng, and he became a team ace gunner when he was directly excavated in the Internet cafe. He believed that there were many talented gunners like him hidden in the Internet cafes, big and small, and they all had no way and means to become professional players.
"That’s easy for you to say. Huang Qiusheng has been in this team for quite a while, so it’s still good luck to get you a valuable player in total. In fact, we have another choice to give up those top team gunners and try our luck in a first-class strong team to see if there is a contract just about to expire or if the contract is not signed so dead." Big honey touched Bath ropeway.
"Let’s try it. It’s always urgent to get the team array together, or the new sniper is expected to leave soon. Just run in. I believe we will soon be among the first-class teams and become a super team." Ye Qing is confident tunnel.
Big honey rubbed his temples and still felt pressure. It was not an easy task to reorganize the team. Ye Qing pulled Big Honey to the boss’s chair and then pressed her to the chair. He put his hands on Big Honey’s shoulders to help her massage and said, "Don’t worry, I’ll think of something."
"What can you do? You don’t know any professional players, and your activities are limited to the Internet cafe in front of you. I believe that there is no expert in that Internet cafe except you. "Big honey twisted a little sore neck.
"Don’t underestimate me. I have more friends. I’ll ask around. There will always be a way. Don’t worry about it yet. Have a good rest." Ye Qing rubbed Da Mi’s shoulder and said that Da Mi enjoyed it very much and nodded, then called a "Uh-huh"
"What’s the matter? Did I press it too hard?" Ye Qing stopped quickly. He pressed it too hard. Big honey cried out in pain.
"No, it’s too comfortable. This technique is not bad. Where did you learn it?" Big honey close your eyes is very comfortable tunnel
"I have never learned to press blindly."
"It’s so comfortable to press blindly. You are quite talented. You can poke your eyes blind and become a masseur after you retire."
"Why poke your eyes when you are a masseur?"
"Because massage shops are called blind massage now, most people think that it is more accurate for blind people to touch acupuncture points."
"I’m not going to massage the blind. Many people can pretend to be blind by wearing a pair of sunglasses, but they can actually see everything clearly."
"Well, don’t press it, you continue to train." Big honey opened her eyes to Ye Qing’s way and withdrew her hand. Then she leaned over and kissed her bright forehead, which slowly walked out of the big honey office. He knew that big honey was thinking about things.
After returning to the training room, Ye Qing was about to enter a room casually to type F, but suddenly he saw his friend list where Jingfeng was online. He was more excited than he was, and he quickly chatted privately about Jingfeng "Brother Feng has not seen you for a long time."
Jing Feng immediately replied, "It’s been a long time, brother. How is your strength now? Come and give me a hand and let me test your level. "
"Yeah, I’m coming!" Ye Qing immediately tracked Jingfeng’s room after typing, and went in directly. Seeing Jingfeng’s familiar id, Ye Qing felt very kind and quickly typed to Jingfeng. "Brother Feng, what have you been doing recently?" I haven’t seen your line for a long time. "
"I play F less now because I am not a professional player!" Jingfeng replied that his typing speed was quite fast, and before Ye Qing could react, Jingfeng had already typed a line of words.
"Not a professional player? Did you retire? No wonder I didn’t see you when I went to the sea to play this game. "Ye Qing was very surprised that Jing Feng was not a professional player. It’s a pity that he was so good at marksmanship and consciousness. If he was diligent enough, his achievements would never be in Ye Qing."
"Hehe, actually, I also went to the sea race, but not a competitor but an employee."
"employees? What do you mean? "
"After I retired, I joined the Tencent F project team, which was responsible for the F-event sea race. We held the F-event sea race. I saw the name of your team in the team list. Later, I also made a special note on your team race. You are small now, and you have eliminated all the old fish stories. I found that your ak marksmanship has made great progress, and the rate of head shots is very high!"
"Ha, ha, ha, where … Brother Feng, you are awesome now. You have joined Tencent and are also responsible for the F competition. Why don’t you give me a champion?"
"You want to be beautiful! We are just and fair, and we absolutely don’t cheat. To win the championship, we have to rely on strength. There is no way to cheat. "Jing Feng is very righteous and authentic."
"Come on, Brother Feng, don’t make it look like an impartial Bao Qingtian. I’m just kidding. By the way, ask you something you can. Now that you are in the F project team, help me get some good guns!" Leaf tilt is very excited tunnel
When Jing Feng saw Ye Qing’s words, he immediately replied, "I’m not that special. I found that since I joined Tencent, everyone has asked me for guns, especially my relatives and friends. I said no and turned against me. Who the fuck have I provoked?"
Chapter 467 A steady victory over the wind
Jing Feng and Ye Qing complained for a long time. After joining Tencent, Ye Qing really couldn’t listen to it. He immediately retorted, "That’s enough. I feel that your little words are full of show off in an ostentatious manner. There is no trouble at all. Forget it. I won’t ask you for a gun. Let’s fight two times!"
"Well, let’s fight two times. I want to see how strong you are now."
"I built a house and invited you!" Ye Qing immediately invited Jing Feng after the building was built. He typed to Jing Feng and said, "Pick any map you want."
"It’s a big breath. Then desert 1d. We are all familiar with this map. Although we are a little tired of playing and feel a little nauseous, this map is still quite classic. Let’s just shoot on the main road. Remember, it’s just a gun, no thunder, no lightning, no smoke, no shelter, ok?"
"It’s up to you." Ye Qing’s so-called tunnel, his strength now, he is not afraid of the way to fight the gun, and he has been able to win the battle. Now his strength has improved a lot compared with that time. It makes no sense. Will he still lose to the battle?
Jing Feng knew that Ye Qing had made rapid progress, and he had already been unable to keep up with the pace. He played very carefully in every game. As soon as he entered the main road, he showed his posture. He kept his posture running to the extreme, which was his fastest speed. At the same time, his attention was also high, and he controlled the rhythm of the gun quite well
After Ye Qing entered the main road, he saw the posture of Jing Feng, and he couldn’t help but shine at the moment. Although he is not a professional player, his skills have not deteriorated at all, but he has made great progress. On weekdays, Jing Feng still didn’t play less F.
Both men’s postures are very fast, but Ye Qing’s progress is quite rapid during this period, and he has integrated several masters’ specialties. It can be said that the gun rhythm of Bo’s parents is also combined with the three gun rhythms. In his own training, he analyzed these three gun rhythms and found the most suitable gun rhythm for him.
Ye Qing flexibly swung his body from side to side and bounced one by one, and the trajectory of the bounces kept flying towards Jing Feng. Although the posture of Jing Feng was very fast, Ye Qing could hardly hit him in the head for a while, but once he hit it, it must be a headshot.
The two men were deadlocked for about ten seconds. Ye Qing finally got a bullet that hit the shocking wind and directly exploded it. The shocking wind immediately typed, "I still can’t beat you now!"
"Without you, I wouldn’t have made such rapid progress. I really want to say thank you. Thank you for training with me and teaching me a lot." Ye Qing typed very sincerely to Jing Feng.
He really wants to thank Jing Feng, a man who has helped him a lot. If he didn’t encounter Jing Feng in his career, he would have to wait at least one more year for fame. Because he hasn’t found the direction and style that suits him, he has learned a lot, such as suppressing opponents’ posture and marksmanship in the main road.
A good machine gunner must have dominance in the main road. The dominance displayed by Ye Qing when he met him was very strong. At that time, Ye Qing was very respectful to him. According to the level of professional players, Jing Feng was considered a top master. Although his marksmanship is not as good as Ye Qing’s now, the domineering of the king he showed was still very sighed by Yuzryha.
Domineering doesn’t come from the accumulation of confidence for a long time. When you win many games, you will unconsciously have this domineering attitude. Now it is more aggressive in the main road, that is, playing very aggressively. Although it annoys opponents, it is easy to ignore the cooperation of teammates.
The real domineering is that he can shock the enemy and at the same time drive his teammates to fight together. In the previous game, he will often rush deeper alone and his teammates will be diluted. It is because he is alone in the limelight, and the game is difficult at all times.
Ye Qing is still in the process of continuous maturity. When his skills and mentality are mature, he will be famous. His brilliance is beyond anyone’s cover. Ye Qing now knows his own situation very well, and he is constantly honing himself. After all, he has been working in Julong Internet cafe for so long. ak Gun God has always been fighting alone. In the competition, he can’t help but leave the team and go it alone.
Jingfeng felt that Ye Qing was a talented guy when he first came into contact with him. He had already foreseen that Ye Qing would definitely become a very powerful machine gunner in the future. He also knew that this guy would surpass himself sooner or later, so that he would do his best to help Ye Qing accompany Ye Qing in training.
He has no selfishness, and at that time, he was a professional player, knowing that Ye Qing would grow up to be the arch-rival of his team, but he still has reservations about Ye Qing. Now there are so few people like Jing Feng in the F world, and even if there were, he would not spend time training with someone who is not his own team.
Many people can’t afford to point out others when they see that they are superior to themselves. Instead, they think that killing each other in the cradle will threaten their status in the future. In the final analysis, are people selfish or too few?
Ye Qing is lucky that he met a personal shock, because even natural enemies can’t threaten him in the future. He is no longer a professional player, but he can proudly say that Ye Qing is so powerful in the future, which has his credit.