They smiled. "We’ve been out for a while, keeping a low profile. Everyone knows about it, but we still know about the woodcutter."

Nodded to the woodcutter.
The woodcutter smiled with a famous smile.
The witch king also pointed to the lake and said, "If you want to see the situation outside the mountain, go there and leave a stone outside the center of the lake, and you can leave whenever you want."
It surprised us that it was so good, and we were so happy that we nodded again and again. "Well, we’ll go and see it." It was easy to move when we learned about the situation outside.
Chapter 21 Live here
The situation of Pengqiufeng snake clan is very different from that of the other two ethnic groups. The first feeling is chaos, and the second feeling is dirty and has some foul smell.
Make people cover their noses straight.
The witch king said, "The snake clan has always been restless among the three clans. It has been defeated for thousands of years, and it is only in this way that it is stable."
Look around.
Snakes are also badly dressed, and there is no arable land. Most of them are chewing bark and feel like they have entered the slums.
There are few clean house.
I realized a very major problem.
Humans are omnivores, while frogmen are vegetarians. Snakes should be carnivores. Snake people are bound to be restless here.
The other two groups combined to defeat them, but they were not wiped out.
Because the three peaks are occupied, it is bound to make the family dominant, but it is still balanced, although the snake man is dying
But it is still a force
At this time, when we reached the top of the mountain, a snake man greeted us. It was also a very blunt language, "The witch king and you are here to see the snake king."
King Wu "has come to visit the guests."
As a result, the snake man waved his hand and said, "The snake king doesn’t want to see you."
Let’s wonder if it’s gone.
The king of Wu didn’t say anything. He shrugged and said, "There’s no chance this time, so let’s do it." He walked back directly.
It’s a failure to return, which makes us stunned.
The two human beings who fell in love with Zi Xue just left with the same meaning. It’s amazing that the scene was polite when they arrived at the Terran. How did they get here like this?
And leave without saying anything.
Seeing my feelings, the candlestick said, "The snake king should be in a bad mood, but since you live, you will have a chance to meet. Don’t worry."
It’s getting late. Halfway up the hill, you can overlook Wuquan Wuwu Lake and two other mountains.
The scenery is pleasant and it’s good to stay for a while.
It’s also so-called to see the snake king, but to live anyway.
King Wu also said, "I asked them to prepare food. Do you want to go to our place to eat first or go to Wuquan?"
Wuquan can peek outside, so it’s better to go and see.
I said, "Let’s take a look at the lake. We want to know what’s going on outside."
The witch king continued to lead the way to the surface, and there were trees, flowers, butterflies flying, grasshoppers and crickets.
When I got to the lake, I saw the bottom of the water, like a big mirror, and it was not as calm as water, so people could not help but stretch their arms and make a hug.
"It’s beautiful"
Feel the opposite
Zhou Jiayu said, "Drinking it will prolong your life. Drink two times" and drink again.
Money is unreasonable, people are angry, and ghosts in color follow suit. They immediately reach out and drink and say, "What is the reason for the faint taste? What can prolong life?"
The witch king shook his head. "I don’t know, but the effect is true."
Picked up a stone from the surface and threw it into the lake and shouted, "Look at the situation outside, please, Lake God."
"Lake God, there is a god in it."
We asked 1
The witch king didn’t answer, but the lake changed and actually set off waves. Yes, the waves got bigger and bigger little by little. It seems that the whole lake didn’t stop until it became more than 100 meters high after wandering back and forth.
Like the big screen scenery, when we don’t know the shape, the scenery outside appears. The first thing you see is the white tiger, the huge white tiger running on the lake.
There is also a white tiger saint screaming hysterically, "Right here, right here, where are the people? Where have the mountains gone?"
It seems to be one.
It’s even more incredible that even the tone comes in
Later, he didn’t die in the chaos. Kun Shao said, "What the hell is this place? Why don’t we know about it? Why are there one and one?"
"the other"
The White Tiger Saint knows something, but he doesn’t know much. He sighed, "It’s a seal. It’s called nothingness. It’s said that many people see little, and I finally know what he knows so much. It turns out that he came from here and ran over when he encountered problems."
And shouted, "When will the Kirin Saint arrive?"
"Three hours. Three hours should be there."
Sure enough, it was far away, and the White Tiger Saint roared and rushed again, but the place where the fairy mountain just appeared was gone.
I asked, "What? There’s nothing there. What’s going on? And there’s a lake god in this lake. How can he project and even hear his words?"
King Wu laughed. "It’s only when it’s sealed that it will show its appearance. If it’s not exposed, it’s hard to find anything, but the lake god doesn’t know it, but it will help us to explore the bottomless surface and don’t know if there is anything. Anyway, it’s amazing that you still don’t want to think about it."
Then he said, "It seems that you can’t leave for a while. Let’s go to dinner first." Muxu died in name only.
Take us back to their Penglai peak
I fell in love with Zi Xue and said goodbye. "Sometimes people who come to our place are always welcome."
"Yeah, definitely."
In this way, we went back to Penglai Peak, where frogmen gather.
But then Sister Meow Meow suddenly had a question: "Since people can come in and people can find that Xu Fu, how can they find many dissenters? How can they know?"
Yes, this is a problem. People should know the seal, and even outsiders can’t find it. So how did the first wave of humans find it?
Look at the witch king.
The witch king has been answering our questions today, and he is a little bored and sighs. "It was because the snake man went out that the king of Qin learned that he had sent 3,000 boys and 3,000 girls to prepare for the blood sacrifice. At that time, the snake king met at that time, although the frogman was still dominated by the occupier, the snake man was still able to let the human come in.
And the snake man lied, Wuquan couldn’t live forever, and the snake man wasn’t as bad as Chui Fu thought, so he didn’t give it to the snake king. Instead, he occupied a mountain and wanted to go back and report it to Qin Huang, and Qin Huang died.
They stayed here, or that sentence, if no one hits the outside from the inside, they can’t. This is the life of the female emperor, so don’t think about it. "