It makes people stunned. "This guy is too fierce."

The direct bulldozer seems to have pushed away the number of broken arms.
But as soon as the gas field was weak and the spiral gas disappeared, Pang Bo gasped and was tired there.
I shouted, "Don’t let them rush to help Pang Bo with other skills."
Zhu Yeqing jumped out with a whip, and there were two corpse eyes, zombies and dogs, and the bear also rushed out and rushed to the next floor.
Keep Pang Bo behind.
Cooperate very well.
He also grinned there. "It’s different to have company."
"You are too fierce. Take a break and watch us."
I immediately rushed to the first floor with Lin Weiwei and Ning Xi, not afraid of those zombies, but in these zombies came again "Ow!" "ouch!" call
There are zombie dogs in the face.
I said, "Don’t rush. It’s not fun to be caught between Scylla and Charybdis. Stay here until you rush. Don’t worry."
When we meet on the map, there is no green dot. Let’s say that we have entered the battle mode. The awakened one has us in the whole building.
Several women immediately held the formation as I ordered.
The first line is mainly two zombie dogs and a big brown bear. I also jumped at the bouncing effect and rushed in. A flash blade killed a large piece first.
It’s better to stay there and continue to chop and kill
The result is suddenly "silk!" "Silk!" A scream and a cloud of black fog came out, and there was a cold smell
The hotel is not completely broken yet. See clearly that a giant spider appeared on the stairs. Yes, it is a giant spider.
A big claw is mostly colorful and black. It’s bigger than a zombie dog with a corpse eye. It scares people to death. We are all stupid when we stay there. "How can there be such a Okumo? What is this?"
Tong also showed that "there is a B+zombie in front, black fog spider player Zeng Xiaofan, please be careful."
Chapter 51 Black Fog Spider
We all received this sign almost instantly, and we were careful to say that we were incompetent enemies.
B+level corpse eye zombie dog just+directly higher than a whole level.
Moreover, when the black fog is filled with cold, it makes us feel a little scared, and the skin is cold and the back spine is cold.
I can’t help cursing, "It was a pervert who quickly contributed to a small spider and contributed to the black fog spider. Be careful."
Back off, back off, back off.
Let the big brown bear and the zombie dog with two corpse eyes stand in front and see what it can do first.
Of course, zombie dogs have already appeared here, and one is two "Ow!" "ouch!" Descended with a cry.
Spiders with black fog are in a bad situation
I shouted, "Young Hee asked them to cancel each other out."
____ _w_w_w____ ___o_m
After issuing the order, two zombie dogs on our side quickly hit "Ow!" "ouch!" Cried don’t fall in the wind and the two bite.
The scene of rolling around was very bloody.
There are zombies in the past to help us. The two on our side are in the wind and may be eliminated.
I shouted, "Vivian, don’t worry about the others. Shoot those two zombie dogs and let’s win."
Lin Weiwei took aim at the crossbow and shot at once.
The green arrow and the life-promoting effect are good, scattering like raindrops. Those two injuries give us some advantages.
But here we are.
The stairs guard is a big brown bear zombie rushing wildly, not to mention that the main reason is that the black fog spider rushed over with a big claw and a big mouth "before!" "filar silk!" Shout
It was terrible, and it spewed black fog.
It shakes as soon as it touches the big brown bear.
And fucking toxic
Young hee said excitedly in the back, "Obaoni said that Mao Mao was poisoned by poison gas."
The movement is slow.
Zombies bite and let him die.
I shouted, "Take it. It’s meaningless. Let’s fight."
I still have the skills, but I’m not afraid to bite my teeth, so it’s not good to let them rush, and it’s even less fun. The big brown bear is meaningless.
Young hee took back a big brown bear.
The zombies and black fog spiders descended, and the black fog spiders also spewed black gas all over the sky and floated down the corridor.
Makes people slow. How can that work?
I didn’t even dare to rush. I stepped back and said, "Do something quickly."
Zhu Yeqing took a step forward and the flame whip was thrown out directly. "I’ll control the situation first and you continue."
Ning Xi will be invisible behind, but you can’t touch those black fog, which leaves you in a hurry
Lin Weiwei gave up and helped the zombie dog shoot at the black fog spider.
As a result, the effect is not very good. The big claw root can’t penetrate other parts, and the black fog spider will stop it, and even spit out spider silk.
"filar silk!" Big eyes looked at us and descended directly.