Although Lin Tian-xie retorted that if someone attacked 100% of the newly-built cities, they would have to be burned, but the vice president took the words and surprised them.

There is a kind of magic called turning stone into gold, but turning stone into gold is not something that ordinary people can practice. Only a misguided’ magician’ can practice, and this kind of magician is called’ alchemist’!
Just vice president is an alchemist. I heard that I can turn stone into gold, but I was so excited about Lin Tianxiao that I didn’t know what to turn stone into gold until I listened to the vice president’s explanation. It’s all nonsense. The so-called turning stone into gold is to change one material into another.
And vice president is the kind of wood can make * force into steel, although it is not a touch of gold, but it is enough to make Lin Tianxiao horrified. Immediately, I will make a decision according to this plan, but this plan requires too much manpower, which will help Liu Heng and the demon pull water.
After saying everything again, Liu Heng and the goblin were also surprised, but they were also surprised for a while, because it was normal for them if Lin Tianxiao appeared in the place.
Before the action, Lin Tianxiao made Liu Heng accept Xiao Li Fei’s food, making it a core person to enter the first guild. Immediately, he made Xiao Li Fei’s food excited and immediately took out the two thunder wristbands and thunder rings and presented them to Liu Heng Liu Heng. Suddenly, he showed a shocking look, while Xiao Li Fei’s food was in front of Liu Heng, and Lin Tianxiao also told Liu Heng and the goblin about his previous decision. They didn’t care about everything and let themselves make decisions.
And magic dragon City Qi shocked everyone’s hearts, especially those old players with blood. You know, when Blood Qi just launched magic dragon City, it was definitely a paradise for many players, especially the major guilds gathered together to compete for that piece of land to achieve fame.
The thunder column, the flame column and the light column definitely attract the attention of many high-end players. Once a thunder suit was finished, a soldier became famous. At that time, one dollar could buy two ice creams, which was enough for a person with a thunder suit to live a relatively rich life, such as a gold ingot businessman.
However, as time goes by, it’s even crazier when you can buy an ice cream for ten dollars now, not to mention billions or billions. They may all take it out to buy such a set of equipment, but those are all rich people’s gadgets.
The wind is light, the clouds are light, and the boat is as slow as a splash!
Beechcraft City is an ally of Cangyue Island in the province, and all players are looking for it. Although magic dragon City is closed, Lin Tianxiao can’t enter what they can enter. If they find the location and find the secret point, they can gain huge benefits in the previous step. In addition to looking for the entrance, many people are tracking the guild staff in Liu Heng.
However, after more than ten days of hard work, let alone the entrance, even Liu Heng and the goblin guild people are like people who have evaporated and can’t find their roots.
Magic dragon city is not magic dragon city at this time. Although magic dragon shanzhai was still there, it has undergone earth-shaking changes.
A huge cottage covering an area of tens of thousands of kilometers has appeared in the periphery of magic dragon City. If it can be found in half, this huge cottage is a towering giant wood to build the city. It is a store deacon’s hall or a high wall. The stairs of the city gate are giant trees surrounded by more than ten people.
Hundreds of millions of players are constantly busy in charge of the command, while Liu Heng and the demon Yu Tianxiao have taken up the leisure work of the commander in chief.
The towering giant trees around the original magic dragon City have already disappeared, because they have become walls. If you continue to look at the department, you can also see that players are constantly coming in and out of Donglin Resort and Xilin Resort. Every time you return to the city, you will throw huge trees from the ring.
Speaking of being able to put towering giant trees into the ring, it is still a small Li Fei dish. However, the fact that ordinary ring can put five giant trees shows that it is already in the process, even the Buddha ring can put twenty at this level.
However, these players who are in charge of transportation don’t feel relaxed. In fact, they are more tired than those who cut down trees, because if they install three giant trees, they will appear to be overloaded. As a result, they are very inconvenient to move, although they can’t be compared with turtles, they are not worse than those who have the level of Buddha’s ring. That is to say, they are struggling.
In fact, this kind of thing is not inevitable. It’s Lin Tianxiao. They really can’t afford to pay for a scroll back to the city. Even if it’s 10 billion people, the consumption will be 2 trillion. This is simply to kill Lin Tianxiao. Otherwise, it’s been two weeks since the original ten-day construction period was completed.
It was not until thirty-three days ago that when the last stake was nailed into the ground, a dragon and a phoenix was hung up and a few characters of "the first city in heaven" were written, which marked the complete completion of a huge city that took thirty-three days and consumed hundreds of billions of giant trees.
"Please welcome our vice president, we’ll touch the stone and turn it into gold!"
As Lin Tianxiao yelled, the vice president of the Freedom Alliance, the wind automatically rose and Ran Ran didn’t stop until it was 100 feet high.
And his place is exactly the deacon hall planned by Lin Tianxiae. This deacon hall is magnificent, magnificent and magnificent, with a height of 300 feet, which is built by the tallest trees in Donglin resort and Xilin resort. The whole area is 30,000 square meters and can accommodate 30,000 people at the same time.
The vice president came to Baizhang and stretched out a finger. In the crowd’s expectation, he gave off a dazzling golden light. The whole world suddenly turned pale, and even the sun quietly covered half of his face.
At this time, the vice president pointed out to the deacon’s office that everyone’s look changed from expectation to surprise, and then from surprise to horror
When I saw that the place ordered by the vice president changed dramatically in the golden light, a gray color turned the whole deacon’s hall into gray in an instant, and it was not over yet. The gray color dispersed around like a ripple.
What kind of building is it? Even if the wall is made of towering giant wood, it will turn gray. When the last towering giant wood turns gray, the vice president will take back his finger.
Lin Tianxie immediately flew to the vice president Fang, probably the vice president, driving the ghost dragon Xiaosi. The energy was so great that the body could no longer hold on to fainting.
Lin Tianxiao fell to the ground with the vice president and gave it to the deacon with shame. After the deacon left with the vice president, he turned to look at his city.
All the giant trees in the heart have turned gray. Lin Tianxiao casually walked into a root and stretched out his hand and flicked it!
A crunchy all over the city, everyone showed a look of horror and stared at Lin Tianxiao. They already had a definite guess in their hearts!
Chapter 32 Steel magic dragon City
With Lin Tianxiao’s only one shot clanking all over everyone’s ears, they looked horrified and the waves in their hearts. They didn’t believe that their eyes were all cut to Lin Tianxiao.
Lin Tianxiao’s fingers are clashing!
The ringing is getting louder and louder, and finally everyone can see that the deacon’s office is soaring into the sky with a gray light. There are tens of thousands of giant generals. All the white clouds are scattered and dozens of kilometers around are gone. The white clouds have the blue sky and huge gray beams there.
This is definitely a steel city!
Although they saw that the towering giant wood turned gray when the vice president turned the stone into gold, their hearts faintly guessed the original end of the matter, even if Lin Tianxiao played it just now, they still had a little shake in their hearts.