Not only is this group of ordinary players in front of a team, the situation is amazing, but it is also dull at this time. What does he see? It’s so hard for Sun to attack 15w damage at a time! !
What the fuck did he just say? "Chop a man with three knives" doesn’t take a knife to cut him. That man didn’t lie to himself …
Alone Jian yu cried at this time. He also said that he was waiting for the other party to cut with his neck stretched out. What can I do? It’s not enough to cut with his neck stretched out! Wait … Apologize. I hope I don’t get killed. Otherwise, the lone sword group is probably abused by him alone!
Yang Ye belongs to the deep heaven occupation is not much, in addition to the previous release of two remaining "chop emperor type? "Break" and "chop the emperor"? If you solve it, you can’t experiment, but you can still break it.
"Broken" has now become a "beheading emperor"? Broken deep "added a word seems to sound more severe.
Take two steps back, Yang Ye. Will Xia Ge? Aidijian holds the blade horizontally, bypasses the left arm, and the left leg is level with the armpit, and takes a step forward. After the right leg is slightly withdrawn, the center of gravity is ensured, and then-
"Cut the emperor type? Broken deep! "
Through the sword, a golden sector of shock waves surged out and rushed forward. Even the ground was overturned in the past. If you look carefully, you will find that the skill range of the former "broken" is more than that of the "broken deep", and the sector has three unclear golden dragon heads, and the dragon head goes forward with the sector …
"boom! ! !”
The "Broken Deep" shock wave touched the ground fog beast boss in a moment’s flight. Its superb attack and impact directly cut off a piece of blood of the ground fog beast boss, and at the same time pushed it away from its original position. The body was out of control and retreated, and its damage was called the surrounding player language-
3w! The original 15w is amazing enough. This Nima has another 3w damage, and it seems that this skill is not a single one, but an aoe. What is this? Cutting grass doesn’t make hay cutter!
What’s even more surprising is that the fog beast boss has been nesting in that small place for many years, but this guy has a skill to directly push the huge fog beast boss away from its original position. How powerful this power is!
But the battle is not over. Although Yang Ye attacked the bunker, the boss of this fog beast is not a vegetarian. It moves the fortress, the monster defense and the blood volume are eating guys. Although the level is a little 30, the blood volume is as high as 11w, which is quite amazing.
This is also the reason why players are not very keen on this guy.
And that’s why Yang Ye chose it.
"Cut the emperor type? Forbidden dragon! "
Right-handed sword forward refers to five small swords cruising behind the golden dragon, and immediately flies out of the most right one along the fog beast boss pointed by Yang Ye-
"poof! !”
The powerful effect of Xiaojian’s entry into the body, even though the body is as huge as the boss of the fog beast, is still no match for the short-term flying effect of "Forbidden Dragon", and it flutters up from the ground in six strides.
At this time, Yang Ye immediately flew before the general attack and forbidden the dragon … A set of coherent skills was connected and then after the last general attack, the evil eye hit two attacks on the ground fog beast boss, and the instant company has cooled down the skills "to cut the emperor’s style?" Seven flashes!
Yang Ye’s attack didn’t go haywire, and the boss didn’t stop. Although he had the opportunity to fight back, it was a minor injury to Yang Ye. Instead, the boss’s blood volume fell wildly to 1% in an instant, just like dealing with the lone sword group. The fog beast boss summoned up his body and prepared to shoot several small needles to attack the surrounding enemies. But did he have the preparation and see his blood volume again? Yang Ye opponent?
A general attack followed by the evil eye and then instantly launched the "broken deep". When the small needle was about to touch his body, the "seven flashes" skill was thrown forward and rushed to the ground fog beast boss to draw a six-pointed star …
This six-pointed star is also the last tomb of boss, the land fog beast …
"Ow-"The screaming fog beast failed to release more needles to kill the enemy in front of it after all. It died …
[The unified team killed [Ground Fog Beast (Gold Level)] and you gained 7122 experience! 】
Familiarity is shown in Long Huang and Moonlight Waltz. From now on, they can’t believe it …
The players around are even more shocked and wonder who that person is. ! to be continued
Chapter 26 Who is that man?
Who the hell is that man!