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Chapter 22 Hot-blooded three kills
Shortly after the fire girl and Xiaohei were sent back to the spring to count seconds, Natural Disaster Road made a counterattack.
Quiet as a wild dog.
That is to say, the crypt has shrunk very well and it is also very obscene. With the full-speed movement and low damage, the axe king played a very strong game after the second tower of the road.
The warlock who guards the road hesitates to intervene in the early stage, and the economy has not yet recovered. There is really nothing that SVEN can do to face the thirteen-point FW.
Sorrow in a tower warlock and SVEN can barely resist a wave of natural disasters by virtue of warlock’s blood-returning skills.
However, SVEN and the warlock have become old men who have run out of oil, light, ammunition and food after being lit by FW for several waves.
Shadow devil and shadow devil in the middle, you come and I go to the usual prestige. The shadow devil is still a little taller than himself in the face of slender and long-legged attacks. The dog glanced at his right corner. Whether the money can be made black and yellow is really a problem. The shadow devil can’t make a rescue at this time.
The besieged warlocks and SVEN are like the rocks hit by the sea. They are barely able to resist, but an old tree is about to burst when it sees the interdependence, smoking black smoke.
The warlock and SVEN have a bad idea when they see that they are blue.
Sure enough, FW, with a face of under-sampling, took the crypt pants behind him after breaking a wave of soldiers and went to the nearby Weiyi Tower to gather together.
There’s a name in front of FW, and it ends with "Come and hit me".
Although FW doesn’t write sarcasm on his face now, people who have been playing DOA for a long time know an ironclad fact.
The man who blushed to his feet felt that it was unusual for him to be domineering and mean.
At this time, FW and crypt are naturally domineering.
Relying on the line of soldiers to have a view in the tower
Crypt and FW rushed to SVEN.
SVEN was at a loss when he saw this posture. I couldn’t help it. When people tried to flush their faces, they hit SVEN outside the tower. A tower of trees around them couldn’t control this matter. It was very happy for FW to hit SVEN.
Even though SVEN was put on a yellow domestic condom by the warlock, it was not as good as the knight of the western justice teenager. This is not the instant blood that came back once. SVEN’s blood approached red blood in FW’s face-beating.
Only level 6 SVEN took a cruel look at one side and turned a blind eye to a big tree. When it roared loudly, it went to kick the foot and hit the goods. After that, SVEN ate a tree beside him with determination and rushed to FW.
SVEN is bad, or SVEN is poor.
I was sent back to the spring by FW’s elimination blade before I shot it …
SVEN’s heart was wronged. At least he had been brewing for a long time, and he was eliminated before his courage came and he played a game.
After FW sent SVEN away, he shouted at the warlock who wanted to go around the tree and return to the city.
The warlock, an old man who looks like the leader of Thunder Cliff, waved a P to the guards and went back to the spring to write a review with SVEN.
Although it didn’t make the natural disaster crypt gain too many advantages, FW actually got an evil spirit of being ambushed
FW, the red face, occupies the near-field point, and at the same time makes the way out for the line of soldiers to quickly equip the gradually developed crypt.
Along the way, FW and an invisible fire girl who ate the road after the resurrection formed a temporary dog man-woman combination.
Around the near Weiye point, I went to the middle of the road.
Shadow devil players are very depressed now. Come and the five ghost team members are sitting in the rear area of the competition area, and it is intuitive to see the status of Nv team members.
Shadow devil is tired of spitting at the end of the dog’s saliva, and his fingers crackle on the keyboard. Lin Feng looks at the player’s state from a few meters away and frowned. That’s the mentality when he was at a disadvantage when he was playing WCG.
But the truth is that things will never go according to the established track
There are always exceptions, so that life will be full of unpredictable charm.
The original Invisible Fire Lady wanted to give strength to deal with the shadow demon, so she went directly to the weak side of the right hand of the guards tower to prepare to stun the shadow demon first.
But at this time, the shadow demon consciousness found the little map and the red dot flashed.
Years of vocational training can make the shadow demon consciousness take a Z-line.