Chapter 14 Debut Show 2

Club I’s tactics of encircling the point for aid were a complete failure, and ibye and the rash advance disrupted the whole plan. The captain’s cold-blooded second decision-making made another mistake and ruined the team’s victory. The last glimmer of hope was that the team besieged Point A and finally left a sniper meteor, while the other team left a gunner and a sniper.
At point A, the machine gunner jumped out of the pit. He knew that the pit where the other sniper was left was a wise choice. He retreated to the greenhouse. At point B, the sniper also quickly came to reinforce, but the meteor didn’t dare to go to Dayuan at this time, and he didn’t know which way the other side would come from.
Meteor’s ability to deal with the mess is not outstanding. He is hesitant in the middle of the road, and his leaves are a little anxious. He hurriedly said to the meteor, "Dude, it seems that your Grenade hasn’t been thrown at your own feet yet. Save trouble!"
The meteor suddenly said that he ignored Ye Qing but made up his mind to rush in toward point A. At this time, Guangyu competitive snipers had already reinforced from the defender base, and the gunners joined together and they were ready for battle.
As soon as the meteor appeared, it was locked in the camera by the sniper rifle of the other side. When the gun rang, the meteor even came to the mirror and was killed by the sniper. Club I lost one point again in the first leg of half-time. The total score of both sides has become seven to one, and it takes another round to win.
Everyone in club I has become depressed and cold-blooded. It seems that the whole person is going to give up the game. Their self-confidence has completely collapsed. No one has the idea of winning the game. Of course, apart from Ye Qing, he behaved more calmly than these old professional players in the last round and blew up the other two machine guns, but he failed to save the defeat in the end.
Ye Qing looked at his teammates dejectedly. "I said we can’t play like this, but you don’t believe that if we play as I say, maybe we can win the next round."
Cold-blooded metal gray face turned to look at Ye Qing’s eyes and looked ferocious. He said, "Are you the captain or am I the captain?" Are you in command or am I in command? "
Ye Qing nai waved his hand and said, "Good, good … you are the captain and you are the conductor …" Ibye was depressed when he heard Ye Qing’s words, but he couldn’t help but sneer at the place name. "Are you not awesome? Why didn’t you see you change the game situation?"
"I killed two people less, and you?" Ye Qing calmly asked ibye, who was suddenly speechless and unreasonable. "I … I didn’t kill anyone, but I always played better than you when I hit you one-on-one!"
"It is very pitiful for a person to live in the past forever because he dare not face the reality!" Ye Qing Gherardini tunnel ibye more angry can’t help but get up a face of anger to Ye Qing way "fuck what I dare not face the reality? You give the old clear "
Ye Qing met his eyes forcefully and unyieldingly. "The reality is that you are weak in front of Guangyu Jing and you don’t even have the ability to fight back. I can fight back in front of them and kill both of them. What did this say?"
"It says you are lucky! Smelly shit has the guts to fight with me again and see if I don’t abuse you to death! " Ibye hurriedly pulled him to his seat in cold blood and shouted, "What are you doing in the game now!" "
Ibye snorted, "How dare you?"
"Give me a month, and then we will fight one-on-one in a month, ok?" Leaf tilt erected a finger is very calm tunnel
"Line will give you a month when waste is always waste to you no matter how long! If you lose at that time, give me a mistake! "
"Then you lost?" Ye Qing scornfully said that he had found the trick of playing ak, but he could not master it skillfully. If he practiced hard for a month, he would definitely improve his strength. It should not be difficult to win ibye then.
"It doesn’t matter if I lose!" Ibye gnashed his teeth and waved his hand in cold blood. "All right, don’t even say it. Let’s play the game first. I don’t think tactics can save the defeat now, but we can’t give up. I can’t afford to lose this person and let everyone play freely."
Ye Qing is noncommittal about cold-blooded words, but he likes to play freely for a round. He has to give orders from cold blood, which makes him unable to fight according to his own intentions. Now he gives up the command in cold blood. It seems that he has recovered the feeling of freedom in Julong Internet Cafe. In fact, to put it bluntly, this guy just doesn’t like being bound by others. He is a lone ranger with a lack of team consciousness in his bones. Huang Qiusheng has already given comments when interviewing Ye Qing, and Ye Qing waited until his teammates are almost dead before performing alone.
Ye Qing is the first time to participate in a team battle after joining a professional team. He is somewhat uncomfortable, and his teammates are not very friendly to him. The captain does not listen to his opinions and wants to maintain his captain’s majesty.
In the second round of the half-court, Ye Qing rushed from the middle lane and then jumped into the vip room. The rest of the club entered the B channel from the slope. Obviously, Ye Qing was deliberately excluded from other teams.
Ye Qing doesn’t mind, but he is happy and relaxed. He killed the other party from the vip room. Naturally, he was very confident that he could keep the blasting point. Ye Qing stepped in the middle of the road and waited quietly. He was not waiting for the enemy to attack from the blasting point, but waiting for the B channel to start fighting, so as to judge how many people in the other party can know how many in the B point, and then he can calculate how many people in the A point know the number of the other party. Ye Qing can determine how to fight.
Cold-blooded people find that the other side has not been ambushed outside the arch after entering the B channel. Of course, it does not rule out that the other side is behind the outer box of the arch, so they all stepped slowly and touched it outside the arch. They ruled out the danger that the other side did not fortify outside the arch.
Having occupied such a great advantage, Guangyu Jing still played very cautiously. This is the accomplishment of a strong professional team. Cold-blooded people threw two flashes at the arch, and then three machine gunners rushed in together. The meteor was behind the mirror.
As soon as they entered the arch, the three men flashed quickly and then rushed to the blasting point as quickly as possible, only to find that one man was at the blasting point. At this moment, a shot startled them. The gun was a sniper rifle from outside the moon gate.
He shouted in amazement, "The other sniper is outside the moon gate!" Cold-blooded and ibye suddenly flashed behind the box in fear, and the meteor rushed into the arch quickly, but did not dare to flash to the door of the moon to confront the sniper.
After waiting for more than ten seconds, the three men didn’t hear the machine gun sound. They suddenly realized what was wrong. "Their machine gun hands are at point A!"
Ibye couldn’t help laughing when he heard this. "Ha ha ha … that’s enough for that bastard to drink a pot!" " Leaf to listen to two people can’t help but sneer at a and then said, "you really have a team spirit. No wonder you are eliminated in the first round every time! Am I not your teammate? Are you so gloating? But captain … I appreciate your little information and let me know how many people are defending at point A. "
Ye Qing spoke and ignored the others. He went straight back to the vip room, then drilled a dog hole from the vip room and entered the corridor on the second floor of the trail. Probably because of the battle at point B, the defenders at point A noticed that the corridor on the second floor of the trail was unguarded.
Ye Qing’s footsteps soon reached the corner. He looked out at the door at the other side. A machine gunner was watching on the balcony. Ye Qing did not say that the direct gun was a gun shooting at close range. He needed a 7-shaped gun shooting method to be able to hold down the gun and kill the other side.
Ye Qing didn’t rush out directly after killing the defender because he knew his position was exposed. At this time, at least three machine guns were aimed at the balcony outside. Once he rushed out, he would be blown to pieces.
Ye Qing thought quickly, and then threw a flash bomb to the balcony. At that moment, he turned and ran back, just like the way he came. He got into the vip room and went from the vip room to the middle road, and then he rushed over from the left side of point A.
Smoke bomb is a smoke screen to attract the other side’s attention, and he quickly killed it from the left, just in time to see a machine gunner at the entrance of the greenhouse. The machine gunner pointed his gun at the second floor of the path at the door. When he found Ye Qing, he couldn’t turn his gun. Ye Qing’s steady shot had blown his head off.
This clean headshot is quite like an ak gun god in Julong Internet Cafe. Just as he killed the machine gunner at the entrance of the greenhouse, there were also casualties at point B. The Guangyu competitive sniper killed two players in the I club continuously, and finally the meteor seized the opportunity to kill the Guangyu competitive sniper.
Club I suffered heavy losses at point B, although it occupied point B, but no one dared to say that they had breached the defense of the other side. After all, one of the other side made them pay the price of three people being killed. The Guangyu competitive sniper created fruitful results, which can be described as a cold-blooded death. Waiting for people to look at the death information in the right corner and check the record list, it was found that Ye Ye picked four at point A and actually killed the other two machine gunners. At the same time, he was surprised and ashamed of himself.
Chapter 15 Debut Show 3
Due to Ye Qing’s outstanding performance, Guangyu Jingyi has created a number advantage, but there are two people left on both sides, and the situation is somewhat unfavorable for Guangyu Jingyi, because they are both machine gunners and are still at point A, they dare not make a move, for fear that they will be ambushed by the other side as soon as they go out, and there is a sniper in Club I, and now they don’t know where he is.
Ye Qing at point A also relied on the elusive attack on the other side and neglected to guard against Renye Fang. Otherwise, he would have been blown to pieces by four machine gunners. He looked at the radar and found that the meteor was not dead. He couldn’t help laughing. "Dude, it’s good. Since it’s not dead, why don’t we unite?"
Meteor smell speech shrugged his shoulders, "what not? I respect powerful people. I apologize for calling you a rookie. I admit I was wrong! Let’s win this round together, buddy! "
"You are much cuter than some people! Come on, I’ll kill from the right side of point A to attract their fire. Is it okay for you to sneak out of the greenhouse? "
"Good idea! If you create an opportunity for me, I won’t miss it. I am a professional player and not an amateur passerby! " Meteor talk has entered the greenhouse from the defender base.
Ye Qing smiled with a gun and killed him from the right side of point A. Instead of rushing into the blasting point to find someone, he ruthlessly wore half a bullet to the blasting point box. The purpose of this was to attract the attention of the other side without exposing himself to the other side. After all, he is still afraid to face each other head-on.
Although the other two gunners didn’t show up, at least one of them paid attention to Ye Qing’s side. When Ye Qing’s strategy was successful, suddenly a figure shook in the pit. The m4 gun was big, but the gun came to an abrupt end as if it had just been grabbed by someone as soon as it was loud. Because a meteor appeared outside the greenhouse, he killed the pit enemy with one shot.
Ye Qing saw the meteor figure and couldn’t help but appreciate a smile. At this time, the gunner lurking at point A finally burst out. Ye Qing’s firepower swept the gunner to a standstill, but the other side’s marksmanship was better than his, and Ye Qing broke his head in the middle of mutual shooting.
Ye Qing lost, but he pinned down the other side and created a good opportunity for the meteor, and the meteor didn’t let him down. Just as he fell to the ground, the meteor shot the gunner and Ye Qing suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.
Have lost doubt cold-blooded and others are not excited to shout at top of voice "beautiful! !” The meteor reached out and slapped a palm with the leaf and said, "Happy!" Ye Qing smiled slightly. "In their view, the last two people were killed by you and certainly not with me! So they must admit that I didn’t help. "
"Come, there is no help! If it weren’t for the meteor button that killed the gunner in the pit all the time, you would have been dead. "ibye sneered, and Ye Qing shook his head slightly naively to the meteor." See … "