There is an extra cocoon made of flesh and blood in their position.

The third volume Chapter 30 Horror Wolf
Chapter 30 Horror Wolff
The war ghost’s hot fist bombards the growing cocoon, but it seems to hit cotton. Instead of inspiring flame power, it is humbled by heavy shooting down and wants to vomit blood.
"Let me do it."
Leona took a demon knife in the hand of a war ghost and cut it in the cocoon with a rare arc. The strength was better than that of a war ghost, but not the same as that of a war ghost. She was also bounced back with a knife.
"Be careful" zhaojie is very careful to aim his double shadow at the cocoon and make a sign to his companions around him.
The little girl some surprise "what is this thing? Is it a variant of Dr. William in Resident Evil 3? "
Jeremy also frowned. "Maybe, but I haven’t heard of such a disgusting monster as two people in one. This kind of thing has never appeared in all games."
The grimace of war is full of ferocious excitement. "We didn’t want to know that we should kill him."
The cocoon quickly grows a slender tentacle like a huge sea urchin, but instead of attacking zhaojie and others, this tentacle is dazzling, woven together and tightly wrapped around the cocoon, so the speed of reciprocating the cocoon is visible to the naked eye until it is more than two meters high. At this time, the shell has changed from blood red to dark black, like steel. Through this black shell, you can clearly see that a curled-up body is flickering in bursts of red light.
A light sound came from the cocoon shell, followed by a scratching crack. The cocoon burst like an eggshell, and a handsome man with long black hair on his knees came out wet and red.
His body is as tender as a newborn baby, his skin is smooth and white, and he can’t see any muscle and hair all over, but he doesn’t look thin at all. He stepped on the sharp fragments without showing any pain, but crushed them to pieces.
"It turns out that the ultimate point of human evolution is still human."
The red luo man stretched out his finger and gently rubbed his skin and smiled gently.
Red luo man looked up at zhaojie gently smiled "Kyle? No, I’m not Kyle anymore. I’m the latest birth god of the Wolf family. You can call me Wolf. "
"Woyou, B" The war ghost roared, striding forward behind Wolff, and the whole cave was trampled by his footsteps.
"Worm …" Wolff gently returned his hand as if waving flies, and the ghost immediately flew like being hit by dozens of tons of trucks.
Zhaojie binocular fine mans shot shooter crossbow quickly raised and shot.
In the face of such a horrible enemy, how can a ghost suddenly attack without zhaojie’s signal? His aim is to create an offensive opportunity for his partner.
The lightning bolt flashed in front of Wolff, but suddenly stopped less than three centimeters from his eyebrows.
Wolf smiled sarcastically at the corner of his mouth. "Can you still touch my body?"
"Of course not" zhaojie corners of the mouth also with a smile.
A bolt grows into a beautiful flower in a second, but the bud doesn’t bloom.
"Give me flowers?" Wolff was puzzled.
Zhaojie sneered at wearing a pair of sunglasses in the 1900s.
Buds bloom instantly.
The whole cave was immediately enveloped by a strong white light, and Wolff’s painful sound echoed through the cave with the light explosion.
When zhaojie shot this bolt, Leona several people had already worn’ K sunglasses’ worth 2 crystal coins bought from the mall.
K sunglasses D-level props with skills 1. Instantaneous increase of mental/physical strength after breaking out 5. Duration 5 seconds, cooling time 3 hours, with skills 2. Covering and wearing can completely resist a stabbing eye attack, and cooling time 3 hours.
Except for the little girl, several others were found behind Wolff, but the little girl was cut behind zhaojie, and her body was completely blocked. Wolff found it even more.
K sunglasses shielding effect makes several people not hurt by the sun’s burning eyes for one second. Leona has already rushed out quickly. When Wolff hastily retreated, she cut the ghost demon knife in her hand and started to pick up the skills to make you stumble back. Wolff was immediately provoked forward and flew up in a mess.
Just as Wolff’s head was about to hit the top wall of the cave, a round golden magic circle suddenly appeared on his head. This magic circle appeared so suddenly that everyone felt that the magic in the cave was instantly drawn.
The golden array roared with a huge fireball with a diameter of more than three meters. It will be provoked like a meteor. Wolff will hit the ground again and boom with a loud noise. The whole cave will follow and sway for two times, but the five-meter-high, seven-meter-wide cave will instantly become a sea of fire.
A huge roar sounded. In the sea of fire, the giant bear Persia proudly set up a huge bear’s paw and slapped it on his head with great power. When the sign of dizziness appeared, Wolff immediately flew out with his resistance ability.
Four shattered fireballs hit Wolff’s body accurately, but they didn’t stop him. The dizzy man continued to fly.
Waiting for him is zhaojie’s knee bump.
Unexpectedly, when zhaojie’s knee bump was about to kick Wolff in the face, the man woke up, and his right hand suddenly separated from zhaojie’s knee and his cheek. However, although the knee bump was reduced, Wolff was still hit and flew to the sky, so that the US * female team often ended up recruiting, because the man had climbed a five-meter-high rock wall with the help of zhaojie’s knee bump.
"Damn it, it’s controlling skill resistance."
Just this moment, zhaojie’s brain spun rapidly.
(Xiao Fan was dizzy for 5 seconds, but actually only when he was less than 3 seconds, that is to say, the man’s resistance to control skills was reduced by 4.)
If I can’t attract him to attack, I’m afraid he will directly attack Xiaofan who caused the most damage.
When Wolff was adsorbed on the ceiling of the cave, Gatling machine gun force appeared in zhaojie’s hand, and the Gatling machine gun fired at the past at a 50-degree angle.
His feet clung to the ground of the cave as if rooted, and his recoil did not retreat after the Gatling machine gun was strong, which made Kyle look in his eyes.
Kyle wanted to directly kill the little girl who was the biggest threat to himself, but when he saw zhaojie move, he immediately realized that it was a good opportunity to kill this guy, so he slammed his feet on the rock wall and shot at zhaojie like a sharp arrow.
"no way"
A roaring war ghost flew up with his whole body piercing, and thick footprints immediately kicked the man out on Kyle’s chest, but he himself quickly stepped back like a tramp in the Himalayas. He was surprised to see that Wolff was climbing up from the ground with a hey hey smile.
At a time when several people in zhaojie have gathered together and watched this S-class wave SS with vigilance.
"His strength is 300 points less than mine and his physical resistance is 200 points less."
Spirit of war ghost some new said
Jeremy: "He’s faster than me and Hubby."
Leona: "He is more resilient, and the blinding light is strong enough to make a traveler blind in three minutes, but he can see things in less than ten seconds."
Little Lori: "He is very strong in spell resistance, and my two moves only made him lose 2 points of physical strength, while his physical strength only lost less than 10 points. He said that he had less than 20,000 physical strength."
"From now on, when he is under control, he will be reduced by 4. Whether it is magic or skill, first entertain his limbs, and others will be rescued when he attacks the Italian."
Zhaojie quickly responded to these.
Wolf, hey hey, got up with a smile, and the footprints on his chest exploded, but after the smoke dispersed, his chest was just blackened, which didn’t affect him at all.
"Why? Did you despair as soon as the battle started? "