Ye Qing looked back at Big Honey as he ran and then said with a smile, "Honey, do you still feel exciting now? If we can’t run away, we will be miserable! "

Big honey usually lacks exercise, but she is panting at this time, but she is not afraid at all and happily tunnel "Sting … exciting … you graduated from track and field … you … your physical strength is much better than theirs. Wait until they all run out of energy … and clean them up later!"
"So this is your idea. In fact, I won’t wait until they run out of energy to clean them up. Now I can clean up a few punks and show me what I can do!" Ye Qing is very domineering tunnel. After all, his abnormal physical quality is really incompetent.
"Then you can clean them up. Anyway, this is not Chengdu. We will go back after the fight. Where will they find us?" Big honey stopped and smiled. She is also a fearless person. Ye Qing also stopped and turned to big honey. "You are brave, but I am not a runaway. It feels bad to be chased."
The aggressive young men saw Ye Qing and Da Mi both stopped to face them, and they couldn’t help but hesitate. They also slowed down and looked around warily. There would be an ambush around them, but soon they found that the men and women had no foreign aid, so they became bold again.
A man has no confidence when he is unarmed, unless he is a martial arts master who has practiced martial arts. When he has a weapon in his hand, even a wooden stick will make his guts grow bigger. That’s how these young people feel that they can turn Ye Ye, a muscular man, to the ground with weapons in their hands. They rushed in waving steel pipes.
Ye Qing pushed Big Honey behind him and said, "You have to stay away from them to threaten me!" Big honey stamped her feet discontentedly. "I’m not that weak, okay?" I’m not your burden. Don’t underestimate me, but if you want to be overbearing, I’ll be you! "
"You are not weak compared with other girls, but now your opponent is a man!"
"I was already a black belt in Taekwondo when I was in college!"
"Black belt? Have you ever fought anyone outside? I haven’t practiced in actual combat, and I haven’t practiced hard! " Ye Qing is very disdainful of Dami Taekwondo Black Belt.
As soon as his words were finished, two young men rushed to the front of him. Almost at the same time, they smashed the steel pipe in their hands and the leaf tilted to the right for a flash. Then they grabbed one of the steel pipes and pulled the man to his front. Directly, they printed a straight punch on that guy’s other.
"ah!" The man screamed, a nosebleed splashed, and stepped back a few steps. Then he cried with his hands over his nose. The steel pipe in his hand was left in Ye Qing’s hand. Ye Qing waved the steel pipe for two pairs. Several other humanitarians said, "Now I have weapons, too. How about one-on-one or together?"
Ye Qing’s expression is very calm, and there is no fear. This aura is not what ordinary people can have. Those guys all backed out, but they are still worried that they can’t explain that guy who was badly beaten by Ye Qing is a rich second generation with a little background. If they don’t do something, that rich second generation will definitely deal with them!
Several people hesitated for a while and rushed together. Obviously, these people still often act as the thugs of that guy. They spread out from several directions and attack Ye Xie, so Ye Xie can take care of several directions, unless he can shadow hands.
Ye Qing’s eyebrows a wrinkly to reveal a wry smile. Look, even if these guys are put down, they have to get a few steel pipes. Fortunately, his muscles are hard to carry a few problems. At most, it’s just a little blue pain, not much pain.
He took the initiative to rush forward without waiting for the men to come around, then waved the steel pipe of the man in front and directly kicked it in the man’s abdomen, so that the man stumbled and fell to the ground and slipped out for a distance. Several other steel pipes had rained down on the leaves, and the muscle collision of the steel pipe constantly frightened the big honey watching from a distance.
"I depend!" Ye Qing didn’t expect these guys to make moves very quickly. In an instant, he got several painful teeth. With a wave of his hand, he directly pushed the men back and touched his face and found that his right face was swollen. This was the first time he fought, and the consequences were very serious!
"Bastard, do you have any quality? Don’t you understand the truth of hitting people without hitting them in the face? I know you are jealous of my handsomeness and even of myself, so you have to pay the price for hitting me in the face, which is very painful! " Leaf tilting holding steel pipe is very angry tunnel
"Hum! We just like to hit our faces. Why don’t you just grow stronger? I want to see what price we will pay! " One of the young people is very disdainful of the tunnel. Just now, Yuzryha didn’t strike back. He thought that Ye Qing’s fighting ability was just so untenable. His bravery became bigger and his arrogance showed up again.
"You seem to be very disdainful of physically strong people? Why do you look down on strong people? Are you discriminating against us strong men? "
"mental derangement!"
"Do you have any manners to call names! I won’t fight with people with no quality. Go home and correct your shortcomings and come to me again! " Ye Qing finished and ran towards the big honey. Those people couldn’t help but froze Nima. What is this? At this moment, they suddenly heard a noise behind them. Several people turned around and looked at it and found a group of dark people rushing behind them.
A few people were scared and scared. Ye Qing’s reinforcements came. They started to run. One of the young people suddenly saw a familiar figure among the group and quickly shouted, "It’s Brother Lei! It’s one of our own. Haha … Here comes our reinforcements! It depends on how those guys die! "
Ye Qing had already discovered the arrival of a large group of people. He ran to Big Honey’s side and took her hand. "Let’s run! A big wave of enemies is approaching! "
Big honey glanced in the direction behind Ye Qing and suddenly gasped. It seems that this time she provoked people in the sea and was still a very powerful person. She immediately ran away and both of them ran towards the road. It was also lucky that a taxi came just after they arrived at the intersection.
Ye Qing hurriedly waved and stopped the taxi. Then the driver asked Ye Qing where he was going, and Ye Qing said that he would go to the Bund. He was afraid that the other party would come after him, and he dared not go directly back to the hotel. He had to bring Dong Laoer and others into trouble. It was safer to go to the Bund first and then go back.
After the car started, the group of people rushed to the intersection and saw the taillights of the taxi drifting away. The man called Lei Ge was very annoyed. He took the steel pipe from one of them and threw it at the road and scolded, "A group of waste can’t deal with a man and a woman! No matter what you do, I must know where they live! "
"Brother Lei, what if those guys are big?"
"Big fart didn’t you listen to their accent is a foreigner? Since you are from other places, how big can you be? You are not afraid of them if you want to grow old in this acre of sea! "
"On a good day, we must give Brother Lei an explanation!" One of them clap breast guarantee way
After driving for a long time, Ye Qing breathed a sigh of relief. "This time it’s really a hornet’s nest. Honey, don’t you like excitement? Cool, right? "
Big honey smiled slightly. "It’s cool. It would be even better if there was another motorcycle. It must be very beautiful to have you running away!"
"You are playing Dreamcatcher!" Ye Qing is very authentic
"Wow, you have seen the film? I remember that Andy Lau and Jacklyn Wu played my favorite scene of Hua Zi eloping with Jacklyn Wu on a motorcycle. They smashed the window of the wedding dress shop. Jacklyn Wu wore a white wedding dress and sat behind the motorcycle. Hua Zi was nosebleeds while riding the motorcycle. I was moved to tears at that time. I felt so romantic! I think that scene should be the most moving scene in the film, don’t you think? " Big honey is a little excited and a little sad tunnel
"End in favor of! At that time, the theme song was still Ka Kui Wong singing "Gray Track", which was memorable, and the song "Dreamcatcher" written by Tayu Lo to Sanmao was sung by Yuan Fengying, which was particularly tasteful and the picture was really impressive! " Leaf tilt is very sigh with emotion tunnel
Chapter 294 Kill here!
A taxi slowly stopped at the hotel building in the middle of the night, and Ye Qing walked into the hotel hand in hand with Da Mi. Tonight, life was really wonderful. I ate dinner, drank wine and sang songs, and finally I had a fight, which was a bit wild and frivolous.
Generally speaking, I like fighting in junior high school and high school. After college, I always feel that fighting is a kind of childish behavior. Ye Qing has already graduated from college, and obviously has passed the stage of fighting and making trouble. Besides helping Su Yanbing teach those bastards a lesson, he has never touched anyone or been hasty.
Tonight, he went crazy with big honey, and it felt like he had regained his youth. It was really exciting. His age was not very big, but his personality was too calm. He was a little old in his psychological age, so he always felt that his youth was no longer there.
In the car, he told Dami about the movie "The Dreamcatcher", which reminded him of many things before. He couldn’t remember many things when the passing day was a beautiful primary school, even the appearance of those classmates.
Ye Qing remembers the things in junior high school and senior high school most clearly. At that time, he was a bit overbearing and arrogant. He beat him when he saw who was not pleasing to the eye. From junior high school, he was stronger than the average child. The foundation was that he was called a bully by those students.
Looking back now, Ye Qing felt that he was really naive at that time. To ask others to be afraid of you was to respect you. In fact, others were afraid of you just because they were afraid of being beaten. They didn’t respect you at all, but they hated you terribly in their hearts.
After watching the Dream Catcher, he felt very shocked and understood the meaning of sentient beings and righteousness for the first time. Since then, he has changed a lot and is determined to be a sentient and righteous person, so his friends have increased and he is less afraid of others.
When we got to the corridor, Ye let go of Big Honey’s hand and said, "It’s enough to fool around once. We can’t take any more risks like this. We have ideal people. It’s not worthwhile if we get hurt by those bastards. Our lives are much more expensive than theirs, don’t you think?"
Big honey nodded. "There are not many opportunities for this kind of nonsense. How many times can there be in life? Well, I’m going back to my room to sleep. I’m very happy tonight! "
When she finished speaking, she went to the outside of her room. When the door was blocked, she waved at Ye Qing. Ye Qing smiled at her, and then she closed the door. Ye Qing didn’t go back to her room immediately, but she leaned over the corridor guardrail and looked at the night scene outside. She habitually reached for her trouser pocket and found that she had forgotten to buy it.
He ran upstairs and bought a pack of Chinese professional players who can’t smoke too badly, but he doesn’t smoke very often. It doesn’t cost much to smoke a pack of cigarettes for a week every month. At the moment, he is not sleepy at all. That guy should be a very well-connected person tonight. If he doesn’t return to Chengdu as soon as possible, he may be in great trouble.
What if Su Yanbing calls him to make an appointment if he goes back to Chengdu early in the morning? Wouldn’t you have missed the opportunity then? Although it may not be that meeting Su Yanbing will make Su Yanbing love herself, he just can’t help but want to meet Su Yanbing again and say a few words to her.
He lit a cigarette and took a drag. He felt that the smoke filled his mouth and nose. At that moment, he had a very trance-like feeling. He gently vomited a cigarette turn. After the cigarette turn dispersed, it was somewhat illusory, just like Su Yanbing’s face. When he reached out and touched it, it vanished.
He can’t remember how many times he has calmly thought about things, but there are certainly not many such moments. Apart from F, his most annoying thing is emotional things. Although he has big honey now, it is enviable, but he clearly knows that there is another person in his heart, which makes him feel guilty.
He needs to sort out this relationship with Su Yanbing well, maybe meet each other once in a while, and make it clearer to each other. Maybe he can completely cut off this love thread and then treat Da Mi Su Yanbing with his heart. This kind of thing is hopeless, or even if he can get back together, he will not promise that it will hurt Da Mi deeply.
After a long time, he pressed the cigarette butt hard on the railing and then turned to go into the room. As a result, he suddenly heard the brakes coming from the building. He looked curiously at the building and stopped at the roadside. Three cars, a Jinbei and two black off-road vehicles hit the door, and many people rushed into the hotel door.
Ye Qing felt that something was wrong. Those guys probably came at them and planned to leave the day. I didn’t expect the other person to find them so soon. It seems that he beat the man who was bigger than they thought. It’s not as simple as a rich second generation. It’s probably * * * * *
Ye Qing can guess that if the other party knows that they live here, they must have called the taxi company to find out which taxi he and Dami took, and then asked the driver about their car location. Although it seems simple, it takes a lot of effort to do it.
At this time, Ye Xie didn’t think much. He immediately rushed to the door of Da Mi’s house and knocked on the door. Da Mi just came out of the shower and was still wrapped in a bath towel. Her hair was wet and her chest was suffocating in the air. A pair of long legs walked briskly to the door and reached for the handle and asked, "Who is it?"
"I’m leaning!" Ye Qing’s foreign language is very fast at the door, and he is very anxious to knock at the door. Honey also realized the seriousness of the matter. She immediately pulled the door and took her hand and ran to the other end of the corridor before she could speak.
"Hey, what are you doing? I haven’t dressed yet! " Big honey was ashamed and anxious. Ye Qing pulled her and said as she ran, "Before we can come, those people will find the door. Let’s escape this robbery first!" When I arrived at Dong Laoer’s door, Ye Qing also knocked on the door in a hurry and shouted, "The second child is gone and killed!"
Dong Laoer wore a pair of boxers, apparently out of bed. He knocked on the door and asked blankly, "What’s killing you?"
"There are many people who clashed with you in kv. We have to get out of here!" Ye Qing was very anxious, and then he knocked on the meteor. After several of them ran out, they rushed directly to the other end of the corridor, then took the stairs there and took the stairs to the first floor.
This is Ye Qing’s tactic. He is the command post of the team. Everyone is used to listening to him. In reality, the other person will definitely ask them on the first floor of the hotel what floor their room is on, and then they will go directly to their room to find them. When they find that they are not in the room, they will definitely run to the building, because ordinary escapers will consciously run to the first floor, while Ye Qing runs to the building, and they take the stairs from the building to the first floor, which is just the wrong person.
Meteor and others are very cooperative with Ye Qing’s strain capacity. At this moment, there is still such a clear head. Others have already panicked and don’t know what to do. After they entered the ladder, Dong Laoer looked at the number of floors and kept falling. He felt guilty. He felt that everyone was forced to leave the hotel because he was too impulsive.
If he hadn’t whistled at that chick, he wouldn’t have provoked a great figure. Honey was still wrapped in a bath towel, her face was red, and her hands were tightly holding the bath towel for fear that the bath towel would suddenly fall. Ye Qing immediately reached out and took her into her arms when she knew her recent situation.
After the ladder reached the first floor, Ye Qing put his head out to look at it. After the danger was eliminated, they came out of the ladder and then hurried outside the hotel. When two sisters at the front desk saw them going out, they all agreed with each other. "A group of people were looking for you just now!"
Ye Qing went straight out of the hotel without looking back. The night was dark and the wind was cold. Big honey couldn’t help sneezing when the cold wind blew. Ye Qing hurriedly hugged her more tightly and covered her with a tight coat. Although the situation is very bad now, Big honey feels very safe and warm in Ye Qing’s arms.
The three cars on the side of the road left a driver who saw Ye Qing and they rushed out. All three drivers immediately got out of the car and then yelled at Yuzryha to dump them. One of them also pulled out a wrench from the cab.
"An idiot will live! The second child, you run quickly and take a taxi if you have a car. We are in the Oriental Pearl Tower! " Ye Qing spoke very quickly to Dong Laoer’s way. Dong Laoer froze and didn’t move. "Let’s go together, boss. Let the big boss go with them first!"
"You silly honey wrapped in a bath towel to walk with them? She must stay with me. Don’t worry, I’m fine! " Ye Qing yelled and then gave Dong Laoer a push. "Let’s go!" Dong Laoer bit his teeth and said to the meteor, "Let’s go first!"
The meteor glanced at Ye Qing and said, "Are you sure?"